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Chapter 2519

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The red–haired woman fell silent for a short moment but then turned her face away from all of them.
“I’ve lost it.”

Colton’s expression turned even gloomier and sterner. “What did you just say?”

“I said I lost it. What’s wrong? Are you telling me that you’re going to hit a feeble woman? Come on
now, hit me.” The red–haired woman moved her face closer to Colton.

Colton raised his hand.

Freyja stopped him immediately. “Calm down. Look around you.”

Colton looked around–many people from around town were watching.

The red–haired woman flung Norman’s hand off her arm and crossed her arms. “If you dare lay a finger
on me here, then I’ll tell the police that you’re deliberately causing trouble at a nursing home. We’ll then
see whether you or I will be the one who gets sent to the precinct?”

“What an arrogant wretch!” Leia could not stand her anymore and walked out from the group of four.
“It’s obvious that you’re the one who stole someone else’s wallet, so what do you expect us to do apart
from asking you to give the wallet back? What right do you have to say that we’re causing trouble?”

“Do you have evidence to claim that I’m the thief who stole your wallet?” The red–haired woman
sneered. “You-”

Just as Leia was about to say something, she was interrupted by Freyja’s eerily calm voice. “What if we
do have evidence?”

The red–haired woman was astounded for a moment, but she still refused to believe it. “Bullsh*t, I don’t
believe that you can come up with evidence.”

“I’m really sorry. We possess surveillance footage that captured your theft red–handed, and this
address was given to us by the police. Apparently, the police are already very familiar with you, and
they’re perfect witnesses for your criminal history.”

The red–haired woman was rendered speechless and tightened her hands that were hanging by her
sides. At that moment, the nun came over with a solemn expression. “Mia, is what they just said true?
Did you do it again?”

The red–haired woman, whose name was Mia, did not say a thing.

The nun stopped in front of her. “Didn’t you promise your brother and me not to do it again? Why would
you repeat the offense?”

She replied, “Sister, this is my business. I’ll take care of it myself.”

The nun frowned. “How do you plan to take care of it? And you promised me not to commit any crime
again. What if your brother learns about it?”

“You can’t tell him!”

“It’s never about whether I want to tell him about what you’ve done or not. It’s you. You have to admit
your mistake when you’ve done something wrong.”

After the nun finished teaching Mia a lesson, she turned to look at Colton and Freyja. “I’m really sorry.
Don’t worry. If she has taken your wallet, I’ll definitely get her to return it to you.”

Colton nodded.

The nun turned around, glanced at Mia, and stretched out her hand. “Where’s the wallet?”

Mia curled her lips and lowered her head. “I’ve gotten rid of it.”

“What?” The nun was so exasperated that she was about to curse. “Where did you get rid of it?”

“I only want the money. The other things in it are useless to me, so I just threw them into the trash can.”

Colton gasped, and his patience had reached its limit. “Which trash can did you throw it into?”

Mia was embarrassed. “The trash can in the nursing home. I guess it must’ve been taken to the

Colton left immediately.

Norman was dumbfounded for a moment. “Please don’t tell me that he’s going to the landfill now.”

Freyja did not respond and went after Colton.

Leia glared at Mia and caught up to them.

Seeing that they had all left, Norman could only follow.

The nun rubbed her forehead angrily. “Mia, you’re really a pro when it comes to causing trouble. Do
you know that passports are very important to tourists from other countries? You’d better pray to God,
asking Him to forgive you for your crimes.”

The nun left the scene in a hurry too.

The huge landfill was pervaded with a disgusting stench. Norman pinched his nose and stared at the
piles of garbage. “My God, please tell me that you don’t plan to dig into the mountains of garbage. And

just how long will this take?”

Colton took off his coat, shoved it into Norman’s arms, rolled up his sleeves, and went in without
uttering a single word.

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