Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2524

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Freyja looked at her. “But stealing isn’t a great way. Even though you only target people who don’t need
it because you think they won’t be worked up with a small amount of money, not everyone who has
money will be fine with that.

“You should be glad that you targeted someone who wouldn’t mind, but you might not always be lucky.
You might get thrown into the lockup for a few days. If someone finds out that you’re a thief, you might
be beaten up and humiliated in public. They might even sell you off. Have you thought how your
brother would survive without you?”

Mia had nothing to say because she had never thought about that.

“When is his surgery?”

“January 28th.”

Freyja felt around her pocket, pulled out a pen, and wrote down the phone number of the villa on Mia’s
palm. “Call me in two days, and I’ll give you the address. Come see me then.”

Mia froze for a few seconds, then curiously looked at the number in her palm.

Freyja took a few steps, stopped, and turned around. “It’s best to come in the afternoon. If you miss this
chance, you won’t get another.”

Mia watched as they walked away. Her instinct told her that she couldn’t miss this chance. “Alright, I
won’t be late!”

Leia walked close to Freyja. “Are you really going to help her?”

Freyja’s eyes darted around. “I feel sorry for that boy. He’s only ten and should be in school, enjoying
his childhood, but he’s living in a nursing home instead.”

Norman rested his arm on Colton’s shoulder. “Brother, I think you should start a charity foundation with
your wife.”

Colton looked at him. “Is your arm comfortable?”

Norman moved his arm away. “Petty.”

“Charity foundation?”

Freyja thought about it, and after a moment, she turned toward Norman. “That’s not a bad idea.”

Norman was surprised. “Would you really consider doing it?”

He didn’t really mean it.

“Just like Mia said, the nursing home doesn’t charge anyone for food and lodging. Don’t you think that’s
strange? All the nursing homes we know charge quite a big fee. No nursing home would make a loss
by taking care of the people for free.”

Leia frowned. “Maybe this is a welfare organization?”

“I thought about it too, but if they were a welfare organization, the foundation would help improve the
place. Besides, the facilities here are old, and most of the food is vegetarian. There are only a few care
workers here, including the manager, but so many elderly to take care of. We know they can’t receive
any income from this.

“The manager took in the elderly without charge, which shows that this is all charity. Are there really
people who really work without expecting anything in return?”

Freyja’s words made Norman and Leia think. If this were a welfare organization, there would be funding
to help maintain the nursing home, unless this wasn’t a welfare organization but a private nursing
home. In the city, a private nursing home could cost an arm and a leg. Only the rich would be able to
afford to stay there.

There was no reason for the rich to send their elderly to this place in this town. The inhabitants here
were most probably just old people who had no one.

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Chapter 2524

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