Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2523

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“Could that boy be her brother?” asked Leia.

Freyja looked at them and didn’t reply.

Mia wheeled the boy next to the table, helped him up, and sat down. She said something to him and
went to get the food while he waited there.

Freyja could notice something was wrong with the boy’s eyes. “Is he blind?”

Norman got up and walked over.

Leia whispered, “Hey, what are you doing…”

Norman sat across from the boy, who noticed it but thought his sister was back. “What are we having

Norman sat in front of him and waved his hands, but the boy didn’t react. “You really can’t see.”

The boy was curious. “You are?”

“Hey, stay away from my brother.” Mia saw Norman when she walked over and immediately looked
upset. She slammed the cutlery on the table. “If you want revenge, come to me.”

Freyja and Colton quickly got up and walked over. Norman crossed his arms and wasn’t afraid. “I just
wanted to say hi to your brother. What are you afraid of anyway? That I would tell him that you’re a th-


Leia covered his mouth.

The boy asked, “Is he your friend?”

“No.” Mia looked annoyed and was obviously spooked by what Norman said. “I don’t know them.”

Freyja could tell that Mia didn’t want her brother to know what she did, so she walked over to the boy
and leaned down. “Are you Mia’s brother?”

Mia’s alert went up.

The boy nodded and asked, “Did my sister do something again?”

Mia bit her lip and was going to explain when Freyja smiled and said, “No, your sister was just worried
that we’d harm you, so she was being defensive. She seems to be very protective of you.”

The boy smiled. “She’s a great person. Even though she makes mistakes, she does them for me, so if
she did something wrong, I would be angry.”

Mia looked down and didn’t speak.

Freyja gently touched his face. “Don’t worry. She promised you she wouldn’t, so you have to trust her.”

The boy nodded. “Yes, I believe her.”

Mia immediately felt ashamed, especially at that moment.

Freyja left the dining hall with Colton and the others, but Mia ran after them. “Wait.”

Freyja turned around, and the others stopped. Mia walked toward them and stood there awkwardly,
then bowed. “I’m sorry!”

The sudden apology shocked Freyja, but Norman smiled. “Oh, you know how to apologize?”

Mia clenched her jaw as her ears turned red, but she held back and didn’t stand up straight.

Freyja looked toward Colton, who said, “You decide.”

She nodded and then walked to Mia. “We accept your apology.”

Mia looked up with a surprised expression.

“You stole our wallet to help your brother see again, right? You approached this the wrong way. You’re
physically fit, so you could work for it.”

Mia frowned. “I know I can, but I’ve asked the doctors, and they said that a cornea replacement surgery
would cost $30,000.”

She looked down, then continued. “I have no education, so getting a well–paying job is impossible.
Even though I could do odd jobs and work four jobs at the same time and spend as little as possible
since the nursing home provides food and shelter, the hospital informed me that they’ve found a cornea
that could work for him, so I need to get the money in a month, or I’ll miss the chance. There’s no way I
could get it in time, so I had to steal. You don’t need the money anyway.”

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