Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2527

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“Alright,” replied Daisie.

Seeing how disappointed she was, Nollace landed a kiss at the corner of her lips and said, “Be a good
girl. After I’ve settled all my affairs, I’ll be free to keep you company.”

Daisie did not say anything.

Nollace went downstairs and summoned Madam Ames. “If Daisie wants to go out later, you go with

Madam Ames replied, “Yes, sir.”

After Nollace left the villa, Madam Ames went into the kitchen. The maids in the kitchen were preparing
lunch for Daisie. When they saw her, they greeted her, “Madam Ames.”

Madam Ames nodded and said, “Is the lunch ready? I’ll bring it upstairs now.”

The maid handed Daisie’s lunch to Madam Ames and went away. Madam Ames glanced at the
nutritious meal on the tray and brought it upstairs.

She knocked on the door and waited for a while. After getting Daisie’s approval, it was only then she
pushed the door and entered the room.

Daisie was sitting on a couch next to the window right now. A ray of light diffused through the window
and landed on her–the scene was so pretty that it looked just like a painting. She felt that this rumored
royal bride–to–be was truly a beauty, and it was only now she understood why Nollace liked her so
much. Now that she was pregnant, she believed that no one could affect her position as the royal
bride–to–be anymore.

She placed the lunch on the table and said, “Ma’am, it’s time to eat your lunch.”

Daisie did not have much appetite recently. She just took a few sips of soup and placed the bowl down.
“I want to go out and have a walk later. Why don’t you come with me?”

Madam Ames lowered her head and replied, “Sure, ma’am.”

There were two cars following behind the car that Daisie was sitting in. Nollace had ordered the
bodyguards to follow Daisie around whenever she went out.

They stopped in front of Freyja’s college. After receiving her call, Freyja came downstairs to meet her.”

Daisie turned around and waved at Freyja with a smile on her face.

Freyja walked up to her and grabbed her hand. Glancing at the bodyguards and Madam Ames
standing not far away from them, she chuckled, “It seems like Nollace is really worried about you.”

“You have no idea how bored I am. Ever since I got pregnant, he hasn’t allowed me to do anything at
all. I’m worried that I might get crazy one day,” whispered Daisie.

Freyja chuckled. “Well, that’s because you’re pregnant. The first few months of pregnancy are
essential, and he’s just worried about you.”

Both of them walked to the side, and Daisie asked, “Oh yeah, I heard that you and my brother are
setting up a charity foundation?“”

Freyja nodded. “Yeah.”

“Why do you suddenly want to start this charity foundation?”

“Maybe I just want to help those people. Besides, I have to do something useful with all the money my
grandfather left me, right?” replied Freyja.

Daisie nodded. “You’re right. After all, you’re rich now. By starting a charity foundation with the money
your grandfather left you, you’ll become a famous philanthropist in the future.”

Freyja laughed. “Well, I’m doing this for Charm’s sake as well.”

Daisie left after chatting with Freyja for a long while. However, she did not return to the Blue Valley
Manor. Instead, she called the driver to bring her to the Yanis Group.

Madam Ames was stunned, and her heart jumped into her throat. “Ma’am, we’ve been out for a very
long time. We should go back now.”

Daisie smiled, “Don’t worry. I don’t have anything to do either if I go back. I just want to go visit my



“Just rest assured, Madam Ames. I’m the one who brought you there. He won’t get angry at you.”

Madam Ames did not say anything anymore.

Soon, they arrived at the Yanis Group. Daisie asked them to wait for her in the car and entered the
building. Madam Ames hurriedly pulled her phone out and sent a message to someone. [Miss, she’s

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