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Chapter 2529

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Nollace massaged his nose and fell silent.

When he visited the palace the other day, his father came to him and told him about the cabinet
meeting. Then, Cecilia came to the company and became his assistant. He knew that this was all done
by the Taylors.

The Taylors told everyone that they were loyal to the family by mentioning their many contributions to
the royal family. However, in fact, they just wanted to control the royal family.

When his grandfather was alive, the Tayiors had done something behind everyone’s back because they
were dissatisfied with Yorrick being made Minister of Finance.

At that time, his grandfather kicked a minister close to the Taylors out of the cabinet to tell them to
behave themselves. Therefore, the Taylors had been keeping a very low profile since then.

Now that his grandfather had passed away and his mother had succeeded the throne, they started to
become active again.

Not only did they get Cecilia to his side, but they even started to gather up a group of people and tried
to stop Daisie from becoming the princess.

When he was not the “prince,” these people were not like this at all.

Hedeon felt a chill down his spine when he looked at Nollace’s face. “Nolly, are you sure you don’t want
to do anything about her? She’s so cocky.”

Nollace squinted and said, “Do you think it’s that easy to uproot an aristocratic family? Besides, the
Taylors are special. When my grandfather was still alive, he couldn’t get any evidence on the Taylors,

and this means that Elder Master Taylor isn’t someone we can easily deal with.”

Hedeon scratched his cheek and mumbled, “I can never understand the fight between the nobles.”

Nollace patted his shoulder and said, “Alright. Just keep an eye on her. I’ll handle it.”

When Nollace was leaving the company in the evening, Cecilia came down from a Lamborghini and
took off her sunglasses. “Your Highness.”

He stopped in his tracks and looked at Cecilia coldly. “Yes?”

Cecilia stopped in front of him and smiled at him confidently. “Do you have time now, Your Highness? I
wonder if I could have dinner with you?”

Nollace smiled at her and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time.”

When he was about to leave, Cecilia continued. “My father hopes that we can have dinner together.
Your Highness, it’s okay if you reject me, but can you reject my father?”

Nollace’s face sank.

At the Blue Valley Manor…

Daisie came downstairs and walked toward the table. She sat down, and just when she picked up the
fork, Madam Ames came forward and said, “Ma’am, Mr. Knowles said he’ll be eating outside and told
us to inform you that you don’t have to wait for him.”

Daisie picked up a cherry. She did not know why but she felt a little bit annoyed when the things that
Cecilia said this afternoon surfaced in her mind. “You don’t have to purposely tell me about it. I know
he’s busy entertaining his guests.”

Madam Ames was stunned for a moment and lowered his head. “Mr. Knowles is indeed entertaining his
guests. You should try to understand him…”

“Do all of you think that I’m an unreasonable person as well?”

All of the maids were stunned, and Madam Ames smiled awkwardly, “Of course, we don’t think like

“If you don’t think like that, then you don’t need to tell me anything. Can I force him to come back for
dinner if he doesn’t want to come back? I can eat dinner by myself as well.”

Daisie took a few bites and felt nauseous. She got up, rushed to the bathroom, and vomited all of the

food she had eaten.

Madam Ames’s voice came from outside the door. “Are you all right, ma’am?”

Daisie flushed the toilet and opened the door. “I’m fine. I don’t have any appetite, so I’m going upstairs.”

At the restaurant…

Cecilia gently swirled her glass of wine and lifted her eyes to look at the handsome man sitting across
her. She had heard of him when he was the young heir of the Knowles.

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