Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2528

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In the administrative office…

A flashy–looking woman received the text message and hurriedly deleted it. Nobody would have
expected that Madam Ames was a mole she placed around Daisie.

‘The royal bride–to–be in the rumor? Well, I can’t wait to meet her anymore.”

As soon as Daisie came out of the elevator, a woman came up and stopped her. “You’re the royal
bride–to- be, right?”

Daisie lifted her head and squinted. She had never seen the woman in front of her before.

“Do I know you?”

The woman stretched her hand toward her and said, “I’m Cecilia Taylor, His Highness‘ assistant. My
grandfather is an Earl, and my father is a minister in the cabinet.”

Just when Daisie wanted to hold her hand, Cecilia retracted her hand and smiled. “I’m sorry for telling
you so much. But His Highness is still in a meeting. He’s very busy, so I’m afraid he won’t have time to
entertain you.”

Daisie’s hand froze midair, but she soon returned to her senses and retracted her hand. With an
indifferent face, she said, “Then I’ll wait for him to finish his meeting.”

Cecilia looked at her and raised her brows. “I didn’t know that you’re so clingy, madam.”

“What?” Daisie frowned.

“Do you know that His Highness has been very busy lately? As his wife, you shouldn’t act so

Cecilia crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked down at Daisie with a condescending gaze
since she was taller. “As his wife, you should help him to solve his problems. If you can’t do anything,
then you should just stand back instead of giving him more problems.”

Her words were sharp and pierced into Daisie’s heart like blades. She clenched her fists tightly.
Honestly, she felt Cecilia was right. It was true that she knew nothing about Nollace’s company.

Did this mean that Nollace thought she was acting unreasonably too?

She turned around and left.

Cecilia let out a cold smirk.

‘This is just the beginning, and she already can’t stand it anymore? There’ll be more in the future, and I
wonder how she is going to take it.’

Suddenly, Daisie stopped in front of the elevator and turned around to look at Cecilia. “Oh yeah, I’d like
to tell you about something.”

Cecilia looked at Daisie emotionlessly, and the latter said calmly, “It isn’t that I can’t do anything. It’s just
that he doesn’t allow me to do anything. Since he doesn’t need my help, as his wife, I can only trust
him that he’ll do better. So if you think you can sow discord between us, you’d better drop the thought,

After she finished speaking, she harrumphed and walked into the elevator.

Cecilia’s expression changed, and her entire body was shaking from anger.

‘What did she just call me? Did she just call me madam? D*mn it! Who does she think she is? She’s
just a Goldmann and an actress from Zlokovia. Does she really think she has what it takes to become
his wife? You can behave like this because you’re pregnant. Let’s see if you can marry into the royal
family once you lose your kid!‘

Daisie went back into the car, and her face was dark. She told the driver to bring them back home, and
Madam Ames seemed to have realized something. She did not dare to ask Daisie, but she assumed
that she must have run into Cecilia.

Cecilia came from an aristocratic family. Her family, the Taylors, had been serving the royal family since
a long time ago. Although they were not as wealthy as the Hathaways, they had more connections in
the cabinet than the Hathaways.

The Taylors had a lot of influence in the cabinet. Now that the queen had just succeeded to the throne,
the cabinet was not happy with an outsider becoming the princess, so they all pinned their hopes on

This was what those nobles and ministers thought as well.

Meanwhile, Nollace came out of the meeting room after he was done with his meeting. Hedeon hastily
walked up to him and whispered, “Nolly, your wife came just now, and Cecilia stopped her.”

Nollace’s gaze turned cold. “What did she say to her?”

Hedeon shook his head. “I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. You asked me to keep an eye
on her, but I couldn’t let her find out that I’m watching her. All I saw was that your wife’s face was dark,
and I’m sure that Cecilia had told her something.”

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