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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2541

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Chapter 2541

“Awesome.” Hedeon walked over and pulled up Cecilia.

She yelled, “Nollace, you’re going to treat me like that? You’re declaring war with the Taylors, Nollace K

No one paid her any attention, even when she was yelling.

She was thrown out of the building, and after the doors closed, she got up and glared
at the building. No one had ever treated her that way before. She was not going to let them off!

She said furiously, “Nollace Knowles, I’m going to make you beg!”

Meanwhile, at Blue Valley Manor…

Mia made dinner and brought it upstairs. She opened the door to the bedroom. “Dinner is ready.”

Daisie saw the dinner spread
and started feeling nauseous. Mia looked at her. “Are you still nauseated? I added lemon.”

She leaned back into the couch. “I still don’t have an appetite. I don’t want to eat.”

“Should I make some spaghetti for you then?”

Daisie smiled sadly. “That would be an even bigger waste. You made all of this.”

“Don’t worry about it. You can’t be left hungry, can you?” Mia got up to leave, but Daisie grabbed her. “I’
m not feeling hungry yet. You can make me spaghetti later.”

“Alright, I’ll bring this out then.”

“Have you eaten?”

Mia paused. “I… can eat any time.”

“Don’t waste it. Have it here.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Mia didn’t think that having the dinner she prepared for her employer i
n her employer’s room was a good idea.

Daisie made her sit next to her. “Don’t worry about it. Go ahead. You’ve been working for the entire day,
and you made this. Don’t you want to try it?”

She didn’t feel like eating, or she
would have it all. Being pregnant was a punishment. She couldn’t have food that she loved anymore.

Mia said, “Don’t worry. I heard that you’ll be better when you’re in your second trimester.”

Daisie nodded.

Mia cautiously asked, “So… I’m really going to eat this?”

Daisie smiled. “Go ahead. You’ll have the energy to make me spaghetti after you eat.”

Mia smiled, then started eating. “You’re just like Ms. Pruitt. You’re both so nice.”


Madam Ames walked into
the kitchen and saw that Mia had brought the food upstairs, so she started feeling uneasy. She assume
d that Daisie probably had eaten the food by now.

Mia would be the one who got into trouble because she had made the food. That was killing two birds

with one stone.

She avoided the cameras and everyone before walking to Mia’s room and placing the bottle of poison

under her bed.

When Nollace returned, Mia walked down the stairs with the dishes and cutlery. When she saw him, she

She moved aside and lowered her head. “Hello, sir!”

He frowned. The person Freyja had introduced didn’t seem to be very clever, but his wife loved her, so h

Mia sighed in relief after he went upstairs.

Madam Ames walked over
and saw that the food was all eaten up. “Did Mrs. Knowles finish everything?”

Mia was
going to say that she had eaten it, but if she did, the woman might start nagging. Naturally, Mia wouldn’t

She then ignored Madam Ames and went into the kitchen to clean up.

Madam Ames looked unhappy, but since the plan had been carried out, she didn’t think it was necessary

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