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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2539

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Chapter 2539

The bowl of noodles looked very good and smelled great. Considering that Daisie had been having a p
oor appetite during her pregnancy, Mia had specially placed two slices of lemon on the noodles.

She walked up to Daisie with the noodles. “Ma’am, look.”

Daisie smelled the fragrance of the ingredients contrasting with that of the lemon, picked up the fork, an
d could not wait to taste it.

The lemon offset the greasiness of the soup, and its sweet and
tangy taste blended well with the rich and aromatic broth.

Daisie’s appetite was stimulated, and the
cooked noodles all looked al dente and did not break, making the dish look and taste very refreshing.

Daisie took a big mouthful while Mia stood aside and watched her eat.
“How is it? Does it taste good to you?”

Daisie nodded and gave her a thumbs up. “This is great. I don’t feel sick now. How did you do it?”

Even the servants could not believe it.

After all, the chefs Nollace had hired were head chefs who once worked in hotels. However, Daisie had
been having a poor appetite because of her pregnancy, so no matter
how delicious the food was, she would always vomit after eating only a few mouthfuls.

But she actually finished the whole bowl of noodles that Mia cooked, and she did not even let the broth
go to waste.

Mia replied with a smile,
“I realize that you like to eat sour food, so I was wondering if adding a few slices. of lemon to your food
would improve your appetite, but I’m very glad that you like it.”

Daisie stared at her.

‘It seems that Freyja does have an eye for a fabulous employee. This girl isn’t only smart but also very

“Madam Ames, you’ve come back.” Only then did one of the servants notice that Madam Ames was sta
nding behind them.

Madam Ames returned to her senses and walked up to Daisie’s side.
“I’m very sorry, ma’am. I’ve neglected my duty this time around.”

Before Daisie could speak, Mia had already responded to her apology. “Oh wow, the housekeeper actu
ally knows that she has neglected her duty. I thought you had given the kitchen crew the day off on
purpose in order to starve your employer.”

She deliberately emphasized the second half of the sentence.

Madam Ames‘ expression slightly changed, but it was not obvious enough for others present to discove
r it. “You have my word that this won’t happen again.”

Daisie got up slowly. “Since you’re already here, the kitchen crew won’t be in charge of my meals from

now on.”

Madam Ames was astounded.

Daisie then glanced in Mia’s direction. “You’ll be in charge of my meals, and for that, I’ll double your
pay.” When Mia heard that her wage would be doubled, her eyes lit up. She was very excited, but at th
e same

time, she must not let her employer down. “Don’t worry. You can leave it to me!”

Daisie turned around and went upstairs.

Mia started to clean up the bowl and silverware and went into the kitchen, whistling a tune.

Madam Ames told the servants to get back to their respective chores. She then went back to work
on her own while staring at the person moving around in the kitchen.

‘Since you’re the one who started it, don’t blame me for what’s about to happen to you.‘

At Yanis Tech…

Hedeon looked out the office through the blinds, then walked to Nollace’s desk and sat down. “Bro, that
b *tch hasn’t done anything ever since she came here to work in the company. The only two things she’s
done throughout this time are drinking the company’s coffee and sitting at her desk like a statue as if she

After Cecelia joined the company, all she did was reassign all the tasks that were delegated to her to so
here to serve her.

Nollace flipped through the documents without even lifting his gaze. “If you were the son of the Taylors, y
ask the others to do everything for you too.”

Hedeon clicked his tongue. “I don’t think I’ve done enough good to deserve her. She’s just another
one of those spoiled daughters of an aristocrat, isn’t she? Sooner or later, she’ll still have to get married

Nollace raised his gaze. “So, do you plan to marry her?”

“Bro, that’s not funny. I can’t handle such a profligate woman.”

“Okay, let’s get down to business.” Nollace put the documents down and leaned back in the chair. “You f

leaned forward and whispered, “She seemed to have gone out to meet a woman who’s about 30 years o
were guarding outside the private room, so although I pretended to be a waiter who wanted to deliver
them their food, I wasn’t allowed to bring it in. So I only took a look into the room through the door and s

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