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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2540

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Chapter 2540

Nollace narrowed his eyes as if thoughts were flashing across his mind. “She met a woman?”

Hedeon rubbed his chin. “I don’t know what those two women were talking about, but their actions look
ed mysterious, so it’s definitely not something good.”

There was a knock on the door, so Hedeon got up and opened it.

It was Cecelia.

Cecelia ignored Hedeon and walked in with some documents. “Your Highness.”

She handed Nollace the documents, but he did not take them from her. “Just place them on the desk a
nd leave us.”

Cecelia smiled, leaned over, and approached Nollace with her upper body. “Your Highness, must you b
e so unfeeling to me? I admit that I shouldn’t
have used my father to restrain you. It was my fault, and 1 apologize.”

Hedeon, who was standing by the door, shuddered.

‘This woman is giving me goosebumps when she speaks so coquettishly.‘

Nollace lifted his unconcerned gaze and did not react to anything that she did.

Cecelia hooked his tie with her long finger. “Your Highness, do you know
that the more indifferent you are to me, the more possessive I’ll be? I’m bound to win your heart. By the
way, I wonder if you want to have a private session with-”

“I wonder what Lord Taylor would think if I were to send this video to him?” Nollace turned his computer
monitor toward her, and it showed Cecelia that what she was doing was being captured by a surveillan


Cecelia’s expression changed instantly, and then she noticed that there was a camera
on Nollace’s desk and froze for a moment.

“I liked this tie very much.” Nollace
took off his tie and threw it into the trash can. “It’s a pity that someone else has touched it, and I dislike
getting my attire filthy.”

Facing his humiliation, Cecelia
straightened up and tried to hold back her emotions. “Your Highness, are you sure you want to do this t
o me?”

“My attitude depends solely on your actions. The whole country knows that I have a wife, and the Taylo
rs actually have the guts to send you here to
seduce me. It turns out that this is how the Taylors get things done.

“Ms. Taylor, could this be the ladylike character that you’re known for? All you do is try to
lure a man into cheating on his wife? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can handle someone like you.”

Cecelia clenched the hands that were hanging by her side. “You’re not married!”

“The absence of a wedding ceremony doesn’t mean she and I aren’t husband–and–
wife legally. If the Taylors insist on meddling in my family affairs, that’s fine by me.” Nollace stood up an
d approached her, giving off a devilish smirk. “But don’t let me find you doing anything unfavorable to th
e Taylors. Otherwise, I don’t mind turning you into another Donald Matthews.”

Cecelia was startled. “Are you threatening us?”

Nollace’s expression looked stern and determined. “If you think this is a threat, then it’s a threat.”

Cecelia scoffed and said with a presumptuous attitude, “Do you think that’s possible? Your mother has ju
to show my grandfather some respect. But you- Ugh!”

Nollace grabbed her by the neck and strangled her–
apparently, his patience had already been depleted.

Hedeon saw this scene and hurried in, “Bro…”

Cecelia’s face flushed from being strangled, and she was about to suffocate. She could not see any emo
an abyss as if they could engulf anything. “Lord Taylor is such a shrewd man, yet I really didn’t expect hi

He shoved her away. Cecelia was wearing high heels, so she
lost her balance and fell to the floor in embarrassment.

The commotion attracted the staff outside, but no one dared to say anything.

Nollace looked down at the gasping woman on the floor. “Since you aren’t taking
what I said last time seriously, we’ll wait and see. Hedeon.”

Hedeon stepped forward. “Yes?”

Nollace straightened his suit. “Throw this woman out. If the Taylors
come here and create a scene, tell them to come to me directly.”

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