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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2543

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Chapter 2543

Daisie lost her balance and fell into Nollace’s arms, who immediately grabbed her.

After the doctor left, Daisie immediately went into the room. “Mia!”

Mia lay in bed with an IV drip in her arm, looking better but still weak. “I’m fine, ma’am…”

Daisie asked, “Mia, tell me, are you taking medication?”

Mia was confused. “Medication? No.”

Daisie looked at her. Mia didn’t look like she was lying. If she was taking medication, she would know w
hat she was taking, but if she wasn’t taking anything, how would she…

Mia slowly got up and leaned against the wall, “I started feeling terrible after dinner.”

Daisie’s expression changed. “My portion that you ate in the room?”

She nodded, then remembered something.
“I’m glad it wasn’t you who ate it, or I would have put you in danger. But it’s weird. I didn’t add anything
to the food, so why would it be a problem? But the food was prepared by the kitchen staff.”

Mia tried really hard to figure out what had gone wrong with the food that could make her stomach ache
so badly. If Daisie had eaten it, it would have had grave consequences.

Daisie held her hand. “Mia, just rest here. The bodyguards are here, so you don’t need to
worry about anything. I’ll find out what went wrong.”

Mia smiled and nodded. “Thank you, ma’am.”

After leaving the room, Nollace said something to the bodyguard. She walked over and fell into his arm
s. Nollace hugged her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nolly…” Daisie trembled and looked up with red eyes. “That medication was meant for me. Mia made
dinner, but since I wasn’t feeling hungry, she ate it instead. Someone did something to the food.”

The doctor’s words kept replaying in her mind. She would probably have lost her offspring if she had ea
ten the food.

Nollace looked shocked. “What did you say?”

Daisie was agitated. “If Mia hadn’t eaten the dinner, I would be the one in the hospital, and we would ha
ve lost our baby. Someone is trying to attack our child and me. I don’t want to go back-”

“Daisie!” Nollace grabbed her as she fainted and called for a doctor.

Daisie lay in bed, and after the doctor checked her, he said to Nollace, “It’s easier for pregnant women t
o be emotional, and that’s bad for the baby. She needs to relax and not have any negative emotions.”

Nollace nodded. “Thank you.”

After the doctor walked away, Nollace looked toward Daisie, who was sleeping, and ran his fingers over
her hair. “I’m sorry, Daisie. It’s my fault.”

The other steward walked over. “Sir.”

Nollace walked out of the room and closed the door. “Did you investigate?”

The man handed a bottle to Nollace. “We found this in Mia’s room, and I asked
her. She says she doesn’t know what it is.”

“If it was her, she wouldn’t have eaten the food.” Nollace took the bottle. “What about surveillance?”

The steward said, “The surveillance in the kitchen was switched off in the afternoon.”

Nollace curled his fingers tightly around the bottle. “The people who can access the surveillance camera

are me…”

The steward continued. “And me and Madam Ames.”

“I trust you.” Nollace handed the bottle to him. “Send someone to guard the manor
and bar getting in and out until I’m back.”

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