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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2545

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Chapter 2545

As Madam Ames was trying to figure out how to explain this to Cecelia, she noticed that the
car was driving further away from town. She realized something was wrong and asked, “This isn’t the w
ay to my


The steward who was driving didn’t speak.

Madam Ames started to panic and suddenly remembered something. She lunged forward and grabbed
the man. “Where are you bringing me? Stop the car!”

The car swerved as the steward stopped on the brakes, then pushed her away.

She fell back into the backseat, and the steward properly stopped the car.

She immediately jumped out of the car when the doors unlocked, leaving her luggage behind.

She didn’t see the man coming after her, so she assumed she
had escaped. However, a few cars blocked her from the front and shone their headlights at her.

A bodyguard in a black suit got out of the car, grabbed her, and pushed her onto the hood.

When Madam Ames snapped back from the pain, she saw the man who suddenly appeared behind the
bodyguard–Nollace Knowles.

Her pupils shrank, and her face turned pale. Fear spread in her heart and made her shudder. “S–Sir.”

“Did you really think I was going to let you leave?”

Nollace stopped walking.

The bodyguard pulled her in front of him and kicked the back of her knee, so she fell to the ground whil
e her arms were held down.

Madam Ames started shaking but pretended to be calm. “I… I don’t understand what you mean.”

Nollace coldly asked, “Who is behind this?”

Her spine froze as she tried to avoid the question.

Nollace signaled at the bodyguard next to him. He searched her, grabbed her phone, and forced
her finger onto it to unlock it. Madam Ames was silent throughout this.

They weren’t going to find anything even if they looked through her phone.

Cecelia’s number wasn’t saved, and Madam Ames had even deleted the call records and messages.

The bodyguard handed her phone to Nollace. The latter
went through it and threw it down in front of her. This is your final chance. Who sent you?”

Madam Ames tried her luck. “No one sent me, sir. I didn’t do anything. What do you mean?”

Nollace smirked. “Are you sure?”

She hesitated before nodding.

Noliace took out his own phone and played a voice recording. “Mr.
Knowles, Erika Ames‘ real name is Clover Finlay. She used to work for an aristocratic family, but someo

Madam Ames couldn’t believe her ears and started shaking violently.

It was impossible for anyone to find that.

Cecelia had promised that if Madam Ames agreed to help, she would
erase her past records, and no one would be able to find them!

fidgeted with his phone and handed it to the bodyguard. “I’m going to send this recording to the police.”

“No!” Madam Ames cried and begged. “Don’t send it to them. My life will be ruined if you do that. I’m sor

“That’s none of my concern.” Nollace’s eyes were cold. “When you tried to
hurt my wife, you crossed the line. Do you think I care about your life or death?”

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