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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2544

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Chapter 2544

The man nodded. “Yes, sir.”

After he left, Nollace picked up his phone and called Colton.

Soon after, Colton’s voice could be heard. “Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?”

“Something happened. I need you to get to the hospital now.”

In less than 20 minutes, Freyja and Colton showed up together
while Nollace waited for them in the corridor. “What happened to Daisie?”

Nollace said, “She’s fine. Mia is the one hurt.”

Freyja was confused. “Mia?”

Nollace told them what happened, and Freyja’s face dropped after listening to him. “It must be the fema
le steward. I thought something was wrong with her since the first time I saw her.”

Colton walked to Nollace.
“Knowles, you should be glad that Daisie is fine because I wouldn’t let you off if

she weren’t.”

“I know.” Nollace was very calm. “I’ve found the culprit, but I need you to look after Daisie.”

He then left without looking back.

At Blue Valley Manor…

All the helpers congregated in the living room, including Madam Ames. She didn’t
dare look up because she never thought that Mia’s issue would have
caused such a big commotion. How was she going to get out of this?

Nollace sat
on the couch and drank his tea. He was silent the entire time, and after a long pause, he asked the ste
ward to place the medicine bottle on the table. “Who does this belong to? If you admit it now, I’ll consid
er letting you live.”

The helpers were all very nervous, but they didn’t know anything about this, so they shook their heads.
” We’ve never seen this before…”

Nollace looked up with a cold expression. “No one is going to claim it?”

Someone whispered, “This… This was found in Mia’s room. It must have been her.”

“If my wife were the one hurt, I would believe that she was behind it.” Nollace leaned back into his chair
, his eyes sharp. “This was added to my wife’s dinner, and Mia ate it. Who
would eat food that they’ve drugged? Would you?”

They looked at each other because nobody would.

“Madam Ames.”

Madam Ames‘ heart dropped when she
was called out, and fear slowly rose in her heart. “Sir, it’s my fault.” She fell to her knees. “I didn’t manag

Nollace picked up his cup
and blew at it. “If you are bad at managing this place, there is no reason for you to stay.”

Madam Ames was stunned. Was he trying to fire her?

But it wouldn’t be good for
her if she continued staying here. She lowered her head and compromised. Alright, I’ll hand in
my resignation.”

Madam Ames quickly packed up her things, looked at the helpers still being interrogated, and breathed a
as she left. She had planned this well enough. The person who would take the blame was just unlucky.

When she walked out of the garden, she saw
the steward waiting in front of the car. “It’s getting late. Mr. Knowles asked me to drive you home.”

Her face froze. “There’s no need for that.”

“It’s an order from Mr. Knowles. I’m just doing my job. Are you going to turn him down?”

Madam Ames didn’t want to make it too obvious to avoid suspicion, so she agreed and got into the car. W

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