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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2548

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Chapter 2548

“You did nothing when your daughter was harming a royal descendant, and you tell me that’s loyalty?”
Nollace asked, his face sank.

Lucius looked at him and said, “We’re very sorry for your loss, but you’re the prince of Yaramoor. Your
marriage will influence how other countries look at us. Even though the Goldmanns are a powerful
family, their daughter just doesn’t match your status…”

Nollace smashed the cup on the table to the floor, causing Cecelia to yelp out in fear and stunning

Nollace slowly rose up to his feet and continued. “You keep saying that you’re doing this for the good of
the royal family, but in reality, you just want your daughter to be the princess. You’ve been manipulating
the cabinet ever since my grandfather passed away, so of course, everyone would support you. Since
you wish to get your daughter to be the princess, I’ll renounce my status as the prince.”

Cecelia was stunned. She found it hard to believe that he would go to the extent of renouncing his
status as the prince.

Did he not want to marry her so much?

Lucius was equally dumbfounded as he jerked up to his feet. “Your Highness!”

“You know very well what will happen to you if I renounce my status as the prince, right?” Nollace
loosened his tie and looked at him menacingly.

The Taylors abused their power and forced the prince to cut ties with the royal family-the act in itself.
was testing the bottom line of the royal family and forcing the queen to hand down judgment on the

This was something that the Taylors did not wish to happen, as this would also show that they intended
to turn against the royal family. At that time, would those in the cabinet and aristocrats close to the
Taylors really help them?

Understanding instantly dawned upon Lucius. “Are you forcing me now?”

“Aren’t you forcing me now as well? I’m just teaching you a lesson in the way you least expect. I’m a
person who can do anything if I’m pushed to the corner. Don’t ever try to test my bottom line. Or else…”

Nollace picked up the cup on the table and released it, allowing it to smash into pieces on the floor.

He was telling Lucius that if they did not behave, this was what would happen to the Taylors.

Lucius was infuriated. Veins were bulging from his forehead, but he was intimidated by Nollace.

“Oh yeah, I need to do something before I leave.”

Nollace dusted his suit, and a bad feeling rose in Lucius’s heart. “What are you trying to do?”

Before they knew anything, a few bodyguards rushed into the living room and approached Cecelia.

Cecelia tried to push them away but to no avail. “What are you guys doing? Let go of me! I’m a Taylor.
You’re not allowed to touch me!”

“Stop this, Your Highness! You’re in the Taylor household right now, and you can’t do whatever you
want here!” shouted Lucius.

However, Nollace ignored him and walked toward Cecelia, who was pinned to the floor by the
bodyguard. “You don’t want to punish your daughter, but as the father of my child, I have to do justice
for both my wife and my child.”

He stopped in front of Cecelia.

Cecelia’s pupils constricted. Nollace had always been a good-looking young man in her vision.
However, he looked just like a demon crawling out of hell right now, and it terrified her to the core.
“What are you trying to do, Nollace? You can’t do this to me! I’m a Taylor!”

“Hah, I don’t care who you are. I just want you to have a taste of your own medicine.” He took over the
same bottle of medicine from the bodyguard, grabbed Cecelia by her chin, and forced the medicine

her throat.

She tried to spit it out, but he did not give her the chance. He grabbed her again and forced a cup of
water down her throat again.

Lucius wanted to stop Nollace from doing what he was doing to his daughter, but the bodyguard
stopped him. “Cecelia!”

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