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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2551

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Chapter 2551

Nollace did not hide any detail from Daisie and told her everything. When Daisie heard that the
mastermind behind everything was Cecelia, she was stunned for a moment and did not say anything.
Nollace took her hand. “The Taylors placed her next to me by force because they want to create
opportunities for the daughter. However, I’ve already seen through their scheme and kicked her out of
the company. As for what she instigated Madam Ames to do, I’ll get back at them slowly but surely after
this.” She remained silent for a while and then asked, “Nollace, are the Taylors a pain to deal with?”

He explained, “The Taylors hold a solid status among the aristocrats, and they have a lot of
connections in the cabinet and business circles. For political candidates, the Taylors’ votes are the
most important. Although the Hathaways and the Taylors are now on the same level, uprooting the
Taylors won’t be an easy thing to do.”

‘The Taylors have indeed contributed a lot to the royal family. The royal family can’t even deal with

normal aristocrats so casually without a strong reason, so dealing with the head of the cabinet’s family
would be a pain in the *ss.”

“But don’t worry.” Nolace rubbed the top of her hair, with a glimmer of amusement beaming from her
eyes. “I might not be able to get rid of the Taylors, but I’ve come up with ideas to deal with them.
Cecelia has lit the fuse between the Taylors and the royal family this time, so they won’t dare to act
rashly for

some time.”

Daisie gazed at him. “Then I’ll accompany you throughout this battle.”

He was dumbfounded.

She snorted. “I don’t care who Cecelia is. Since she dared to make a move on my baby, I won’t let her
get away with this so easily.”

Nollace stroked her cheek and laughed. “Look at you. You look like you’re about to go into a ring for a

“I’m not joking here.” Daisie said seriously, “Since the Taylors are shameless enough to want their
daughter to become your mistress, then how can I, your legal wife, not be allowed to say something
about this? What makes her think that she’ll succeed in snatching my husband away from me?”

Nollace’s smile intensified, and he pinched her cheek. “She’ll never succeed. Other than you, I won’t

fall for another woman.”

Meanwhile, in a private hospital…

Lucius and Bianca stayed in the ward for a long time.

When Bianca saw her daughter lying on the bed, she could not stop crying and complained to her
husband, “This is all your fault! All you see are benefits and numbers. You clearly know what Nollace
Knowles is capable of! Do you really have the heart to watch our daughter continue to walk down this
path and ruin her life?”

Lucius frowned and did not say a word.

Cecelia slowly opened her eyes at this time, and Bianca rushed to the bed. “Cecelia!”

“Mom…” Her voice sounded hoarse and dry.

Bianca caressed her slightly pale cheek. “Thank God, you’ve finally woken up.”

Cecelia thought of something and forced herself to sit up. “Dad, Mom, I’m here suffering all because of

Nollace! Why would he treat me like this? I won’t make myself suffer for nothing. I want to see Her

Bianca froze upon seeing her daughter’s borderline hysterical emotions, and her eyes turned
bloodshot. ” Cecelia, this won’t do you any good. You’re at fault in this incident. Do you really think Her
Majesty the Queen will help you seek justice?”

Cecelia stared at Lucius. “Dad!”

Lucius clenched his masseter and closed his eyes. “We’ll talk about this sometime in the future. During
this period, you’d better stay low and don’t cause the Taylors any more trouble.”

He then turned around and walked out of the ward.

Cecelia was trembling with rage.

‘No one has ever said no to me. I’m Cecelia Taylor, the target of admiration for the other noble ladies.
Even if Nollace has a wife, how could the position of the princess be handed over to a foreigner!?’

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