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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2552

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Chapter 2552

‘Regardless of whether I want to fight for the position, everyone in the country will only think that I’m the
most suitable candidate to take over the position as the country’s princess. I want to fight over it only
because I want that woman to know her place and leave the prince.

“Why would I give her so much attention? At the end of the day, she’s just a daughter of the

‘However, Nollace actually did this to me because of that woman, and my mother is expecting me to
turn a blind eye to it!?”

Bianca knew what Cecelia was thinking and quickly tried to persuade her. “Cecelia, Nollace isn’t as
simple of a man as you think he is. Think about the fate of those who have offended him in the past.
Apart from being the son of Her Majesty the Queen, he doesn’t deserve you, my precious daughter.”

How could Cecelia listen to her mother at this moment? She sneered. “If there are other princes, then
I’ll choose to give up on him. But if you want me to give up now, you’re only turning me into a
laughingstock. Are you telling me that I, the daughter of the most powerful aristocrat in Yaramoor, can’t
compare myself to the daughter of a wealthy businessman from Zlokova?”

‘Nollace is not what I’ve always wanted. It’s the symbol of status and power! And Nolalce just so
happens to be the prince.’

Bianca did not expect such words to escape her daughter’s mouth-she was surprised. “What nonsense
are you talking about? Do you plan to sacrifice your happiness for such a pointless sense of

She replied indifferently, “I’m the daughter of the Taylors. For the sake of the family, such a sacrifice is

A hint of sadness flashed across Bianca’s face, and she fell silent.

‘I know very well that Lucius has always put his personal interests before anything else. But I didn’t
expect my own daughter to be exactly the same.

‘What else can I say?’

Two days later…

Daisie was discharged from the hospital after passing the pregnancy test. Nollace took her back to the
manor, and Mia, the butler, and the servants all stood at the door to welcome her.

Everyone was there except for Madam Ames. The only difference was that Mia had become Daisie’s
personal assistant. She basically did not have to do anything other than cooking occasionally and
spending most of her time with Daisie, which was a very relaxing job.

“Ma’am, welcome home.” Mia stepped forward, stretched her arms out, and gave Daisie a warm hug.

That series of actions made her look rather carefree.

Nollace frowned slightly.

Even the servants on the side were all shocked.

She was the most hyped and active person present.

Mia seemed to sense something was wrong too, so she let go of Daisie, who was stunned for a
moment, and scratched her cheek in embarrassment. “Sorry, ma’am, I’m just too happy to see you that
I lost

control of myself.”

Daisie did not mind her actions but laughed out loud instead. “Thank you.”

In fact, she was also very happy to see that Mia was fine.

Nollace wrapped his arm around Daisie’s shoulders. “It’s cold out here. Let’s go in first.”

The two then stepped into the house.

Mia patted her chest out of nervousness.

‘I only hugged Mrs. Knowles just now. What’s with Mr. Knowles’ glare? Will he deduct my salary becaus
of that?

‘How stingy can he be!?’

Meanwhile, in the Cabinet Council Building…

Lucius walked downstairs with Max, one of the members of the Parliament. “How is Her Majesty the
Queen doing recently?”

Max smiled and said, “Her Majesty has recently been busy receiving representatives from various
countries, so she can’t get away at all.”

Lucius did not say anything.

Max looked at him. “Her Majesty the Queen has just assumed office. To be honest, many people are
looking forward to the changes that the Queen can bring to Yaramoor. And I believe you’re also lookir
forward to it, right?”

“Of course.” Lucius nodded, and a hint of emotion flashed across his eyes. “After all, we from the Taylor
have witnessed the growth of all the previous kings, so I certainly look forward to it.”

After going out of the door, Max bid him goodbye, got in the car, and left.

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