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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2553

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Chapter 2553

ius stared at the back of the car, and the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

uly person from the cabinet that Queen Diana
has seen recently is Max. She has refused to see anyone from the rest of the cabinet.

‘I originally planned to win Max over, but this fella is too rigid and upright. He’s not tactful
enough. It’s no wonder that Diana would choose him.

‘He’s only a young bird now, but it’ll be difficult for me to deal with him when he’s grown into a full
eagle.” On the other side of the city…

After sending Daisie home and confirming that she had settled down, Nollace went into the palace to m
eet his father. During the meal with him, Nollace took the initiative to tell his father about Lucius.

Rick lifted his head in surprise. “What? Then what about the baby?”

“The baby is fine. Because if I don’t say so, the Taylors will have a hundred excuses to set foot into the
palace and demand an explanation. Mom has just succeeded as the Queen, so I can’t make things har
der for her.”

Seeing that Nollace seemed very bothered, Rick sighed. “The Taylors‘ control over the majority of the c
abinet is really not good
news for your mother. In fact, your mother also understands this, and that’s why she plans to give some
outstanding young people a chance in politics in the near future. As long as the valued officials aren’t t
oo bad, they’ll have their chance.”

Nollace’s hand that was cutting the steak stopped, and he squinted. “Is Mom planning to decentralize p

“That’s right. Those old geezers in the cabinet have monopolized power for many years. They’ve been
arranging for people who are related to their own family to participate in politics in
order to consolidate their own position, while the other people won’t even have a chance at all.” Rick
sharply pointed out the inside story of the cabinet these few years.

“Your grandfather turned a blind eye and didn’t care about it at the time because he had a mutually ben
eficial relationship with them, and he still needed them. Now that your mother has
succeeded to the throne, she doesn’t even think about it at all.”

Nollace understood the meaning of his father’s words.

‘Mom doesn’t share the same interest with them, so it’s most reasonable for her to do these things bec
ause she doesn’t need to care about her relationship with them.

‘She can develop beneficial relationships with anyone at any time and promote anyone worthy of her tr
ust. She doesn’t need to be restricted by those people.

If they are loyal, Mom will naturally be willing to let them retain their original power, but if they disagree
with her ways, Mom will promote her own people, decentralize their power in the cabinet, and use it as
a counterweight.

‘This is equivalent to giving more people a chance to get into politics. As long as they have good abilitie
s, they’ll have the opportunity to take up positions in the cabinet.

‘This will constantly inject new blood into the interior of the cabinet, the cabinet members will change or
be replaced every three years, and the new members will take up new positions so that they won’t hav
e a chance to win each other over.

‘Perhaps my grandfather had already taken this into account when he decided to make Mom the queen
before he passed.”

Sure enough, after Diana eased the requirement of becoming a parliamentary candidate, she won the c
heers of many citizens. However, some cabinet members were not very content with her approach.

“Has Her Majesty lost her mind? What is she up to?”

“Who knows? Maybe she’s come up with this way just because she wanted us to keep each other in che

ministers were discussing the Queen’s decision in the corridor. When they saw Lucius approaching them

“Your Excellency, what is the Queen thinking? Is she giving us a warning?”

“A new broom sweeps clean. We’ve really underestimated her.”

Lucius remained sulky and silent. No one knew what he was thinking.

At that moment, Yorrick walked toward them. “Are you guys all talking about something?”

Yorrick had never been on their side, so it was natural for them not to talk about
the things they were discussing. At this time, someone deliberately asked, “Your Excellency, what do you

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