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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2555

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Chapter 2555

Not only that, Cecelia even exposed all the call recordings and text messages between her and Clover.

The netizens were taken aback by such a turnaround and were obviously irritated by Cecelia’s remarks

#Is this b*tch very proud of her own status?#

#Are the Taylors really a thing? Aren’t they just another pack of dogs that the royal family raises as pets
? Are the dogs actually looking down on their owner now?#

#We’re just some stupid commoners, so we shouldn’t sympathize with her, should we?#

#Is there something wrong with this woman?#

#It turns out that she’s failed to seduce the prince, so she
now holds a grudge against him and has started defaming him. This is ridiculous.#

Public opinion once again set off a huge wave on the Internet and pushed the topic up to the number o
ne most discussed topic on Twitter and multiple other platforms.

At the other end of the post, Cecelia was dumbfounded when she saw such remarks on the Internet. H
ow is this possible? I didn’t even post this!”

When she wanted to log
into her social media accounts, she realized that her account and password had been changed!

“Cecelial” Bianca opened the door, hurried into the room, and stared at her in shock. “What
did you post on your social media this time around!?”

She had been asked to behave for some time and leave everything to her father.

But she had actually managed to cause an even greater uproar online.

Cecelia scratched her hair frantically, smashed her phone on the floor, and yelled, “I didn’t post it! Som
eone is trying to frame me!”

Bianca stepped forward. “Cecelia, public opinion is against you now. Listen to me, we’ll organize a pres
s conference, and you’ll apologize to the public…”

“I won’t do so!” Cecelia pushed her mother away and shouted viciously,
“Why should I apologize? They don’t even deserve an apology from me!”

Looking at how stubborn her daughter was, Bianca hesitated but did not speak in the end. Seeing that t
he situation was spiraling out of control as time passed, she was afraid that it would have a great impac
t on their family.

At Blue Valley Manor….

Daisie was in the study on a video call with Colton.
“Colton, did you hack into her social media accounts and steal them?”

Colton crossed his arms and leaned against the back of the chair. “What’s there to worry about? Do yo
u still not trust my skills?”

Daisie laughed out loud. “Trust, I certainly trust you.”

Nollace appeared behind Daisie at some point and looked at the man on the screen. “You actually did s
omething to counter such a trivial matter. I do owe you a thank you.”

“Nollace Knowles, stop being an eccentric brat over there. You’re to handle the rest of the matter

yourself. If you let Daisie get hurt along the way, I’ll—”

Before Colton could finish speaking, Nollace had already closed the lid of the laptop.

Daisie turned her head backward and stared at him. “Colton hasn’t finished yet.”

Nollace looked down at her. “I know what he’s going to say. I’ve heard it so many times that I’ll vomit if
I listen to it another time.”

Daisie raised her chin. “Oh really?”

He leaned over and gave her a peck on her lips. “I’m to protect my wife and not let her get hurt anymore

Daisie raised her hand, rubbed his hair, and grinned. “Then you
must protect yourself when you go out too, especially when you’re so good–
looking. Other women will surely target you.”

Nollace scoffed out of a slight rage and pinched her cheek. “Sometimes, I think I’m really helpless when

As soon as Nollace left the manor, he received a call from Edison while he was on his way.

Edison reported, “Mr. Knowles, Clover Finlay died in prison.”

Nollace’s expression dimmed instantly. “When did it happen?”

“Just this morning. I’m now at the Bureau of Justice, waiting for her autopsy report.”

Nollace ended the call, turned around, and went to the Bureau of Justice.

Edison could be seen lingering at the
entrance when he arrived at the bureau. Seeing that Nollace was getting out of the car, he hurried forwa

Nollace loosened his tie. “Is the autopsy report out yet?”

“No, but probably soon.”

He stopped and looked at Edison. “Is anyone else here?”

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