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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2554

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chapter 2554

squinted and smiled “I don’t think the Queen’s decision poses any problem.”

The man asked angrily. “Don’t you mind if someone were to take your place in the cabinet?”

“If someone else has the ability, I’ll be happy to step down from my current position. After all, there will

a time when all of us will have to retire, isn’t that right?” Yorrick still had a smile on his face, and the me
mbers were unable to tell whether he truly meant what he said or if he was trying to mock them.

Those people looked dissatisfied but did not utter a single word.

Yorrick then glanced at Lucius I heard that your daughter was hospitalized. Is she okay?”

As soon as Cecelia was brought up, Lucius‘ gaze dimmed. “Where did you hear this from?”

I didn’t say anything about it I won’t even allow rumors about things that won’t do the Taylors any good t
o exist, let alone spread

Yorrick gave off a faint smirk. “I’m not very sure where I saw it. It’s from one of the media outlets, so it’s
a little surprising to me.”

Lucius’s expression looked extremely gloomy at that moment.

He then checked the news while he was on his way back and found out that his daughter had condemn
ed Nollace on a few social media platforms, and many media outlets had reposted it.

Lucius was so exasperated that his chest hurt.

“Did that idiot really think that public opinion is going to crush Nollace?”

When he got home, Lucius threw his phone at Cecelia. “Do you know what you’re doing? You’re to dele
te all these articles and posts now!”

Cecelia did not take it seriously.
“Why should I delete them? He has the guts to torture me, so why can’t I attack him through the media

Lucius scoffed out of wrath. “He has evidence of what you and that woman did. Do you really think thes
e public opinions alone can harm him?”

“She’s only a criminal who steals secrets. Who would believe in what she says?” Cecelia stood up look
ed directly at Lucius. “Dad, don’t worry. I won’t get you involved. I know what I’m doing.”

Cecelia turned around and went upstairs.

Lucius summoned the butler. “Where did Cecelia go today?”

The butler glanced upstairs and said in a low voice, “Ms. Taylor went to the prison and visited that wom

“She’s just messing around, and she’s not even afraid of being discovered!” Lucius gnashed his teeth.


‘It’s no wonder she dares to post all those bullsh*t on social media. It seems that she’s talked to Clover

Something came to Lucius‘ mind, and he whispered into the butler’s ear.

The butler then nodded. “Understood.”

At Blue Valley Manor…

Daisie took a nap, and when she woke up, she saw Nollace lying beside her with his eyes
closed, letting


her rest her head on his arm.

She took a closer look at his face and vaguely saw a trace of black on his eyebags.

She did not wake Nollace up and wanted to get up quietly, but an arm wrapped itself around her waist a
nd hugged her, and a face was buried into her neck and shoulder.

A hoarse voice sounded at that moment. “You’ve woken up?”

Daisie felt itchy and pushed him away slightly. “Rest if you’re really tired.”

He pecked her cheek. “I’ve already rested.”

Daisie pushed him back onto the bed, told him to lie down, and covered him
with the blanket. “Dark circles have appeared under your eyes, and you’re telling me that you’ve already

He smiled without saying a word.

She tucked him under the blanket. “I saw the news today.”

Nollace stared at her. “And then?”

Daisie snorted softly. “I know you don’t care, but since that woman dares to make a move on my husban

Nollace sneered and stretched out his hand to embrace her. “Then, did you scold her online?”

She leaned on his undulating chest. “I didn’t retaliate against her online. I only asked Colton to do some

Nollace narrowed his eyes slightly.

Just as public opinion on the Internet favored Cecelia, a new post was uploaded on all her social media


#Sure enough, they’re
only a group of stupid commoners. Did you seriously believe what I said? He’s only a prince. I couldn’t c

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