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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2556

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Chapter 2556

Edison paused because he was trying to guess what was on
Nollace’s mind, then after a while, he finally answered. Thaven’t informed anyone, but I can’t be sure if
nobody found out.”

After ten minutes, they both waited in the hall, and the section chief walked out with the autopsy report.
” You’re here, Your Highness”

Nollace looked at the report “What did you find?”

He replied. “We found some amatoxin in her body. This toxin is found in poisonous mushrooms. Consu
ming too much of it can cause heart failure.”

After that, he flipped a page. “But what we found weird is that the food in prison is
strictly prepared, so it shouldn’t just show up in the food. We didn’t find any of the poison in her cell eith

Edison whispered to Nollace. “Someone was bribed?”

Nollace squinted but didn’t reply.

After they left the Bureau of Justice, he rested his arm
on Edison’s shoulder and smiled. “I have a mission for you.”

Edison nodded “Sure.”

Nollace blocked the news about Clover’s death in prison from spreading. However, her death was still l
eaked to the media after a few days.


The lobby of Yanis Tech was flooded with reporters. When Nollace showed up, they all rushed forward
and asked, “Mr Knowles, Clover Finlay used to work for you, and we had a tip–
off about her death in prison.”

“Since she caused your wife’s miscarriage, did you really kill her while she was incarcerated?”

“Was her death really connected to you?”

Nollace was silent when faced with all the questioning.

Hedeon rushed forward and pushed the cameras away. “What are you talking about? How would her d
eath be connected to Mr. KNowles? Who hired you to spread b’llshit like this?”

The reporters frowned. “We just want the truth. Besides, we know that the night she was poisoned, Mr.
Knowles paid a visit to the prison. Why did he try to block the news if he’s not related to her death?”

The other reporters looked at each other. They found out that Clover was dead for a few days prior to t
hat, and it was obviously a cover–up.

Was this really not related to him?

Hedeon’s face dropped, and he still wanted to argue with them, but Nollace grabbed his shoulder and s
hook his head

Hedeon contained his anger and stopped speaking.

Noliace looked into the camera, tidied up his shirt, and said with a calm expression. “I did block the new

The reporters looked at each other again.

Nollace rested his finger on his watch and looked up without a change in expression. “I was investigating

The place fell silent.

Hedeon pointed at the reporter who questioned them the loudest. “Exactly Tell us, where did you get the

The reporter was put on the spot. “We We just got the information, but we don’t know who it’s from.”

Everyone else got curious because they couldn’t tell if the information they got was legitimate If it were,

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