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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2557

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Chapter 2557

The reporters left. Hedeon walked into the main hall with Nollace. “Nollace, what’s going on? Madam A
mes is dead?”

He didn’t know anything about that.

Nollace stopped in front of the elevator and calmly nodded. “Yes.”

Hedeon suddenly understood. “So, the reporters were here to frame you? Who would be dumb enough
to paint themselves as a suspect?”

Nollace had–
blocked the news, so only the people who worked in prison and the bureau knew. Once the news got o
ut, it would mean that people from these two places were the ‘problem‘.

He looked at Hedeon and tapped his shoulder. “You’re quite clever.”

“I have to be if I want to hang out around you.” Hedeon flashed a big smile.

Nollace nodded. “I orchestrated the entire thing.”

Hedeon’s smile faded as he followed him into the elevator. “Are you joking?”

“Do you think I am?”

“No, but the reporters today… You arranged for them to come over?”

“They didn’t know that.” Nollace looked at him and squinted. “Now that you know, if you let this slip…”

Hedeon clicked his tongue. “Alright, you can trust me. I’m not a snitch. Don’t worry. I’m going to pretend
this didn’t happen.”

He finally let his curiosity run free. “But why did you do this?”

Nollace walked out of the elevator and toward his office, with Hedeon following close behind.

They walked into the office, and Hedeon closed the door after looking back to make sure that no one w


Nollace removed his tie and sat down on the couch. “The prison found Clover dead. If the media went t
here and her cause of death was exposed, the people behind this would surely start panicking.”

Hedeon sat across from
him. “You let the reporters know that she’s dead, so they suspect you just to make the culprit think that
someone else leaked the news?”

“Something like that.” Nollace looked at his watch. “I guess that person should have gotten the informat
ion by now.”

In the Taylor manor’s study….

Lucius threw the newspaper at the butler. “What did you do? Didn’t you tell me that Nollace Knowles blo

The butler picked the newspaper up, looked at it, and immediately looked anxious.
“I… Sir, I don’t know what happened, but they did tell me that His Highness blocked all the news from ge

The veins in Lucius’s neck surfaced, and he looked furious.

The butler remembered something and immediately said, “The media is suspecting that this is linked to

“Pin it on him?” Lucius clenched his jaw. “Is your brain filled with sh*t? He’s investigating this as the

prince. The people in the Bureau of Justice can vouch for that. How are you going to pin it on him? Do y

If Nollace dared investigate Clover’s death at the bureau and block the news, if someone tried to attack

If he wasn’t dumb, he would have guessed the problem was in the prison department. He had assumed
anything after the latter’s death.

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