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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2559

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Chapter 2559

Nonetheless, Daisie believed that Nollace would be able to get his name cleared.

After she walked into the room, Daisie looked up at Mia and said, “You can wait outside.”

Mia nodded, watched her go in, and walked around the corridor.

After 15 minutes, Daisie walked out.

Mia walked over and asked, “How did it go?”

Daisie handed her the pictures from the ultrasound.

Mia leaned closer and was shocked. “Oh wow, twins?”

Daisie shushed her. “Keep it a secret for now. Don’t let anyone know that we still have the babies.”

Nollace had announced that Clover and Cecelia had caused her miscarriage because he had plans. Sh
e had to play along to protect the children.

Mia covered her mouth and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Daisie and Mia walked out of the hospital and bumped into Cecelia walking toward them, seemingly the
re for a check–up too. It was probably because of the side effects of taking the medication.

When Cecelia saw them, her expression changed as she removed her sunglasses and glared at them.”


She took a quick glance at Daisie’s belly. She was wearing a loose dress with a coat, so it didn’t look lik
e. she was pregnant.

Daisie raised her brows. “Ms. Taylor, what a coincidence. What are you doing here?”

Cecelia’s face dropped when she remembered what Nollace had done to her, forcing her to take the m
edication and messing up her menstrual cycle. Her stomach ached very badly too, all for this woman!

She smiled through her teeth. “It’s none of your business. You, though, shouldn’t be walking around no
w that you’ve lost your baby.”

Mia was annoyed by that. “How could you say that!?”

Daisie raised her hand to stop her
and looked into Cecelia’s eyes. “I can get pregnant again. You, however, should rest after taking that m
edication. You might become barren.”

The mention of medication triggered Cecelia, and she yelled out loud, “How dare you curse me!?”

She raised her hand to slap Daisie.

The slap sounded crisp, but it wasn’t on Daisie’s face, but hers.

Daisie was faster than her and gave her a slap, which made Cecelia’s face swell
a little. She covered her face and was shocked.

Daisie rubbed her burning palm and smiled. “I did this for the child. You deserve it.”

“You b*tch! How could you-”

Cecelia rushed toward Daisie as she said that, but Mia quickly stood in front of her. Cecelia waved her n

Daisie’s face dropped when she saw them, and she gave Cecelia a kick.


But since she might have used too much force, her lower abdomen hurt a little. She took
a deep breath to avoid making it seem too obvious.

Mia noticed something and immediately went over to hold her. “Are you alright, ma’am?”

Daisie shook her head and took a look at Cecelia.

At that moment, Cecelia’s bodyguards rushed over, “Ms. Taylor!”

The bodyguards helped her up, but she pushed them away and shot daggers at Daisie. “You’re just a G

Daisie raised her chin. “Go ahead then.”

Cecelia looked at the bodyguards behind her. “Give them a good beating!”

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