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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2560

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Chapter 2560

The bodyguard approached Daisie.

Mia yelled, “Help!”

The bodyguards who came with them heard Mia’s voice and noticed that something was going to happ
en, so they rushed over. They surpassed Cecelia’s guards in numbers.

Mia pointed at Cecelia. “This woman wants to beat up our ma’am. What are we going to do
about that?”

Cecelia didn’t realize that they had brought their bodyguards too. She clenched her jaw and arrogantly
said, “So what? That’s my turf. Are your men going to touch me? I’m a Taylor. You’re not going to surviv
e in Yaramoor if anything happens to me.”

Daisie smirked and looked at the bodyguards. “Do It.”

The bodyguards didn’t care who Cecelia was and started beating her men up. All of them were professi
onal fighters, so they were able to easily subdue the others.

Cecelia backed away, looking pale. “Are you crazy? I’m a Tayl-”

Before she could finish, one of the men gave her a slap that made her fall to the floor.

Cecelia was disoriented as her ear rang. There was even blood from the corner of her lips, and her fac
e was badly swollen.

She was stunned because a lowly bodyguard slapped her.

Daisie walked over
to her and looked down. “You’re just a Taylor, but my husband is a prince. Do you think a prince would
be afraid to do anything to the daughter of an aristocrat? People might think the
Taylors are the royals if that were true.”

Cecelia trembled in anger–her arrogance was obviously slapped away.

Daisie crossed her arms and continued. “I couldn’t care less about you Taylors anyway. If you want to c
ompare status, my grandfather is a count in Stoslo. We’re higher in the social hierarchy than you Taylor
s, but I wasn’t being as arrogant. Why do you think you can do that?”

She then leaned down closer to her. “You ignorant woman. I can understand though. We Goldmanns
are in the business world, but it doesn’t mean you can bully us.”

Daisie stood up straight and walked away with Mia and the bodyguards.

Cecelia looked at her useless bodyguards and then at herself before fainting because she was too furio

When they were back in the car, Mia happily said, “So what if she’s a Taylor? She’s
walking around with an empty head. She thought we wouldn’t do anything to her. That’s too funny.”

She deserved that slap.

Daisie shrugged. “I’ve seen a lot of people who like to push people around. She’ll keep thinking she can

She had been
intending to give Cecelia a good beating for a long while. She was glad that Cecelia gave

her a reason to do it.

“Exactly. I
hate the aristocrats who bully people. All they did was be born into a good, family. That’s nothing to be p

She hated the upper class, who thought they were better than everyone, but Daisie and Freyja were diff

Daisie noticed the scratch Cecelia’s nails left on Mia’s face. I’ll give you some ointment when
we’re back. I don’t want it to leave a scar.”

Mia touched her face, smiled, and said, “Thanks, ma’am.”

Nollace found out that Cecelia had been slapped. When Hedeon heard it, he
clapped and cheered. “Good job, Daisie. That arrogant woman must have cried so hard.”

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