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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2561

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Chapter 2561

Nollace’s face sank. “It seems like she still hasn’t learned her lesson yet.”

Cecelia might have already succeeded if he hadn’t had some bodyguards to protect Daisie around the


“Well, she’s a Taylor, and her father is her biggest supporter. Do you
think she’ll have any respect for other people? Even the most powerful capitalist is raised by the Taylor

Hedeon could see the whole picture better
than anyone else. After all, there were countless plutocrats or rich kids in Haniston who took advantage
of their family background to get everything their way. As long as their families remained standing, they
could do everything they wanted to, and nobody could stop them.

That was unless their families went down the hills or fell from grace.

Nollace was playing with the pen between his fingers when he received a message from Edison.

Edison was chasing after the two men on the street, but he soon lost sight of them.

He clicked his tongue and gnashed his teeth tightly. He went back to the scene and checked on Bart, w
ho had been shot earlier. The bullet had gone through his chest, and his pupils were already dilating.

Bart was dead.

Edison pulled his phone out and made a call.

After that, he went to the police station to give his statement. When he came out, Nollace had already a
rrived. He lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Knowles. It was too late by the time I got there.”

“Don’t worry. It isn’t your fault.” Nollace said, “Even if they’ve killed Bart, we still have another way to ge
t what we want.”

Edison suddenly
remembered something and raised his head. “I found that Bart has a family member in the
city. It’s his brother, but they rarely contact each other.”


“Yeah. I feel it’s strange too. Both of them are brothers, but they rarely contact each other. His colleagu
es in prison said they never heard him mention anything about his brother.”

Nollace fell deep in thought for a moment before asking, “Did they have any grudges against each othe
r?” Edison shook his head. “Nope. I heard from prison that Bart admires his brother very much.”

He admired his brother, they did not have any grudges against each other, and they rarely contacted ea
ch other.

Nollace chuckled lightly and said, “It seems like his brother is living a good life. He must have gotten so
me relationship with an aristocrat.”

Edison asked, “What makes you think so?”

“You’ve been to Bart’s house, right? Did you notice anything?”

Edison thought for a while and replied, “I didn’t see anything special in his house. It’s just a normal hous
his furniture is old.”

After he finished speaking, he noticed something. “Are you saying that his older brother had little contac

with his younger brother because he didn’t want people to know about his brother’s situation?”

Nollace looked into the distance. “Don’t forget that Bart has never served in
the military before. I’m sure that it must be his brother who helped him to get his job in prison. Bart would

“I think his brother is working for an aristocrat. There are only two reasons he rarely contacts
his brother. One is he wants to protect
his brother, and the other is that the person he serves doesn’t allow him to do


Edison saw the light and said, “I see. People might get suspicious if this man has a close relationship wi
he didn’t tell anyone
about his brother because even if he failed his mission, he wouldn’t bring trouble to his brother as well.”

The person that Bart’s brother served was cautious. He knew his man had someone working in prison, a
protecting Bart. He was forced.

Otherwise, Bart wouldn’t have been killed.

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