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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2564

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Chapter 2564

“I can understand that you want to help your friend.” Professor Merlin put on his glasses and started to
sort out the documents on
the desk. “But I’m worried that it might bring you some unwanted trouble if you poke your nose in it.”

Freyja nodded. “I understand. Only someone from a powerful family can kill an inmate in prison with poi
son. And this powerful family is a threat to the prince and to the entire royal family.”

The prison was tightly secured. Even if they had someone in prison, an ordinary person would never
be able to pull out such a feat.

Besides, if they killed an inmate, it would also bring them a lot of trouble.

However, since they had the guts to do it, they must be capable of getting the trouble out of their way.

Professor Merlin crossed his fingers and placed his hands on the desk. He sat with his back straight an
d said, “So, have you made up your mind?”

Freyja said sternly, “Yes, professor. Even if I can’t find out who the mastermind is, at the very least, I ca
n figure out why they want to do it.”

Professor Merlin pulled out a document and put it on the desk. “This is the report from the police and th
e prison.”

She was stunned. “How did you get it?”

He said slowly, “The police
department has approached me before and asked for my advice. I met the suspect the day before yest
erday and had a conversation with him. However, he didn’t have the time to commit the crime.”

Freyja was dumbfounded for a few seconds. She looked at the document in her hand and said,
“He didn’t have the time to commit the crime?”

Professor Merlin
nodded. “The food the inmate ate was poisoned, and the duty officer in the kitchen that day became th
e first suspect. After all, he was the only one who had touched the food. But the food in the kitchen goe
s through strict testing every day, and he stayed in the kitchen all the time. Even if he had the opportuni
ty to put the poison in the food, there is no way the machine couldn’t detect it.”

“Could it be that the person only put the poison in the food after testing?”

“Impossible. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in prison. Besides, all staff members have to
go. through a body search every day before starting their work at the prison. If he really brought any poi
son into the prison, people would know about it.”

Freyja frowned.

The prison was strict, and everything had to go through a series of tests. The staff members were not a
llowed to bring any dangerous items on them, let alone a bottle of poison.

So how did he do it?”

Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door.

Professor Merlin said, “Come in.”

The man who came in was a police officer. He had a handsome face and nodded at Professor Merlin.”
Mr. Merlin.”

Freyja rose to her feet and said, “I’ll be going out first, then, Professor.”


Just when she was about to leave, Professor Merlin stopped her. “You can stay here. Don’t you want to

She was slightly surprised. Was she really allowed to hear something so important?

The man observed Freyja for a moment before walking toward Professor Merlin. He stopped in front of t

Professor Merlin said, “Well, this seems a bit tricky.”

The man lowered his eyes and said, “Yes. And this incident has something to do with the prince. The pri

Freyja’s pupils constricted, and she pressed her lips thin.

The man continued. “Mr. Merlin, we’re ordered to investigate these two cases. Since it might involve
the aristocrats, we hope that you can step in.”

The Merlins indeed had the right to step in. Besides, this case was related to the prince. If they wanted t

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