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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2565

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Chapter 2565

Freyja felt that he was indicating something. She looked toward Professor Merlin and said, “I can assur
e you that this has nothing to do with the prince.”

The man frowned but did not say anything.

Professor Merlin smiled and said, “Captain Burke, meet my student. She’s interested in this matter
as well.”

Captain Burke frowned and asked, “Is she related to the deceased?”

“Nope. But she’s related to the prince. He’s Brandon’s daughter.”

Captain Burke nodded. “I see.”

Freyja looked at him and asked, “Can I ask you a question? What makes you think that this incident ha
s something to do with the prince? Just because the prince’s man was around the scene when the sus
pect died?”

Captain Burke fell silent for a moment before saying, “Although we can’t confirm
whether or not this has something to do with the prince, he was the first one to know that Bart might be
the person who put the poison in the food. And Bart died
because he knew too much. Only those who were involved in the poisoning would do something like thi
s. And the deceased has worked for the prince before as a housekeeper hired by His Highness and wa
s the culprit who caused his wife to lose her baby.”

Freyja took a deep breath.

‘So this is the reason they suspect Nollace?‘

She asked again, “If we can’t get any more evidence, we can’t prove the prince’s innocence, right?”

Captain Burke nodded. “Yes.”

Meanwhile, Nollace went to give his statement at the police station. He had become a suspect in Bart’s

Edison went with him and got angry when he learned that the police suspected Nollace. “This has nothi
ng to do with His Highness. You guys must have gotten something wrong!”

“Sir, we also hope that we’re mistaken. But at this point, Clover and Bart’s death have a strong connecti
on to His Highness. Although we can’t prove that His Highness is the murderer, he’s one of the suspect
s at the moment. So, I hope that His Highness can cooperate with our investigation first.”

Edison was stunned and froze.

It was Nollace who had gotten to Bart first. When he went to confront Bart, the latter was killed.

Could it be that someone found out that he had called the police and made a statement at the police st
ation, so they went along with it and pushed the blame onto Nollace?

And all of this happened after Nollace went to the Taylor manor.

Nollace looked at him and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll cooperate with the police in the investigation. But I wan
t you to help me keep it a secret from Daisie first.”

“But this obviously has nothing to do with you!”

Nollace looked straight at him and said, “I trust you, Edison.”

Edison soon understood what Nollace was trying to tell him through his eyes–he had his own plan.


After that, Edison said, “Okay.”

Two days later, at Blue Valley Manor…

Daisie came downstairs and found a maid. She asked, “Nollace hasn’t come back yet?”

The maid was stunned for a moment and replied, “We haven’t seen him in the past two days.”

Daisie lowered her head and fell deep in thought.

She had a bad feeling about it. She felt that something must have happened to Nollace.

“Ma’am!” Mia came back from outside, and Freyja followed behind her. “Ms. Pruitt has come to see you.

Daisie went up to her with a smile. “What brought you here today?”

Freyja wanted to say something, but she did not say anything in the end.

Daisie asked, “What’s the matter?”

She walked to the couch with a smile and replied, “Nothing. I just came to see you.”

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