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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2567

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Chapter 2567

At the detention center…

Under Yorrick’s arrangement, Colton got a chance to meet Nollace. “What the hell
are you doing? Why did you get yourself in jail?”

Nollace leaned on the back of the chair and took a glance outside.
“Why have you come to visit me? Do you have too much free time on hand?”

“Who would be free enough to come all the way here just to visit you? I’m asking what you want. You’v
e got to the bottom of Daisie’s affairs and found out that it has something to do with the daughter of the
Taylors. At the end of the day, why would you insist on investigating the death of the housekeeper?”

‘By doing so, this ba*stard just dug your own grave with your own hands, didn’t he?”

Nollace chuckled.
“What you did to expose the recording won’t force the Taylors into compromising. Clover’s death has so
mething to do with the Taylors, but the witness is now dead, and I haven’t found any other piece of evid
ence. If I didn’t come in and lock myself here, who else would do so?”

Colton crossed his arms. “Then what do you plan to do?”

He laughed again. “Are you worried about me?”

“Keep dreaming. All I want is for Daisie to stop worrying. Of course, if you were to have to spend years
or even decades in prison for this crime, then I’d have no choice but to talk my sister into finding herself
another husband. After all, the Goldmanns will never accept a son–in–law who’s been in prison.”

Nollace narrowed his eyes. “Don’t worry. I won’t go to prison, but since you want to help me, then I shal
l ask you for another favor.”

“Nollace Knowles, you b*stard, you’re quite a pro when it comes to pushing your luck, huh?”

“Same goes for you too. So, will you help a brother out or not?”

Colton was at a loss for words.

Not long after Colton left, Cecelia arrived at the detention center and asked to see Nollace. The police
hesitated, but they gave her ten minutes to talk to him due to her identity.

Seeing Cecelia walk in, Nollace gave off a pregnant smirk. “What’s wrong, Ms. Taylor? Have you come
to ridicule me?”

Cecelia sat across from him. “I’m here to negotiate a deal.”

“And what’s that?”

“If you’re willing to divorce your wife and marry me, I can guarantee that you’ll be cleared of all suspicio

Cecelia looked extremely arrogant and full of herself.

‘Now that he’s in some deep sh*t, this happens to be the perfect time
for me to take advantage of this situation to offer him an olive branch. So why not give him a chance?‘

Nollace still looked as indifferent as ever. “You people
from the Taylors seem to be very competent when it comes to taking advantage of others.”

She looked a little displeased. “Nollace Knowles, are
you telling me that you still can’t see the current big picture and the sticky situation that you’re in? Even

if you’re the prince of Yaramoor, we’re talking about a murder investigation. There’s no way that you ca
n get rid of the crime that you’re being charged with right

now. No one can help you, not even the Queen.”

After saying that, she leaned forward and approached him. “I don’t think you want your mother’s reputa
tion to be damaged right after her succession to the throne, right?”

A hint of coldness flashed across Nollace’s eyes, and he lifted his gaze.

‘Damn, he’s terrifying.

‘But he wouldn’t dare to do anything here under the supervision of the police. What’s more, his reputatio

‘Even the royal family hasn’t
come forward to clear things up for him. He’s just a toy that’s been abandoned by the royal family. He m

Cecelia let off a charming smile. “I believe that you need me very much right now.”

Nollace leaned forward and propped his elbows against the table. His gaze looked very profound and gl

She was taken aback, and she could no longer conceal the joy within her. “Really?”

He narrowed his eyes and smirked. “As long as you tell me who your father sent to kill Bart and frame m

The smile on her face froze, and after a long time, the pure joy on her face turned into anger. “Nollace K

He laughed out loud, and a beam of sarcasm radiated from his eyes. “Otherwise, do you really think tha

“Nollace” She got up abruptly and roared, but she realized that she was being monitored at the moment

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