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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2566

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Chapter 2566

Mia went to make tea.

Daisie approached Freyja. “Did something happen to Nollace?”

She froze for a split second. “Daisie…”


“Freyja, please at least give me something. Nollace hasn’t come back in two days, and when Edison he
re the other day, he only told me that there’s something
that Nollace had to deal with, but I know that even if something huge was up, he would still give me a c
all and update me personally.”

‘If he hadn’t run into some accident, how could he have only asked Edison to convey his words to me?
And he didn’t even give me a call or send me a text message in the past two days.‘

Freyja knew that she could no longer hide it from her, so she lowered her head. “I’m
sorry, Daisie. He probably didn’t want you to worry, but you should trust him.”

Daisie sat down. “You guys don’t tell me anything. How do you expect me to believe in him?”

Freyja took a deep breath and explained the matter slowly, “The police have detained Nollace for invest
igation. The police suspected that he was related to that woman’s death and that he tried to kill the sus
pect, only because he was the first to find
the suspect’s identity before the police. However, the suspect was killed by someone else, and Edison
was at the scene, and he was the one who called the police.”

Daisie was shocked. “What?”

“Daisie, at present, they suspect that Nollace has the biggest motive because Clover was the

housekeeper he hired, and she once tried to harm you. Apart from that, after she was poisoned to deat
h, Nollace was the first person to track down the murderer, but the murderer was coincidentally
killed after that. If we can’t present new evidence to clear him off his suspicion, then he…”

Freyja did not continue because the situation was already very obvious, and Daisie should understand i


Daisie was silent for
a moment. “If we can’t clear his suspicion, he’ll have to take the fall for someone else, won’t he?”

Freyja pursed her lips. “If Nollace is truly the
target of the person behind the curtains, then the results of all the police investigations are indeed agai
nst Nollace,”

Daisie sank deep in thought and did not utter a single word since then.

Freyja covered the back of her hand. “Daisie, don’t worry. Nollace will definitely come up with a solution
. And let’s not forget about me. I’ll try to help too.”

Daisie’s eyes rolled around as her gaze was all over the place. She then forced a
smile through the corner of her lips. “Thank you, but I need to do one thing too, and this might clear him
of suspicion.”

Freyja was slightly taken aback.

At the Taylor manor, in the study…

The butler reported everything to Lucius. After listening to his report, Lucius let off a long–
lost smile.” You’ve done well this time around.”

The butler replied, “He’s the one who forced me into doing so. Since he had gotten to where he was in h
follow suit.”

‘Although Clover’s death was indeed beneficial to Ms. Taylor, she was a criminal who almost caused the

‘He’s done this to himself. He’s so nosy that he had to look into Clover’s death, and he actually got very

‘I should thank him too, as he sent someone to Bart’s place to look for him on the day I got him. murdere

Lucius took a sip of tea from his cup and gave off a happy expression. “Cascade this news to the media

The news that Nollace
was detained by the police and designated as a suspect was finally released to the media. Some media

However, the royal family still had not released any official statement, and Queen Diana had refused to m

The turmoil this news had caused on the Internet overshadowed Cecelia’s matter. It was obvious that No

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