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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2571

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Chapter 2571

The old man invited him in.

The old man’s wife poured a hot cup of tea for Edison and placed it in front of him. The old man asked
her to go take a rest and asked, “What would you like to ask?”

“Mr. Bart Duval was shot to death a while ago. I’m here to investigate that.”

The man heard that and was shocked. “What? Bart is dead?

Edison nodded.
“I heard that he used to be your neighbor, so I’d like to ask if you know much about him. Does he have
any relatives?”

The rain started pouring.

After a long while, Edison said goodbye to the old man and walked to his car. He then stopped because
he noticed that something was off.

A few men in black approached him in the rain.

The light of the study in Taylor Manor was still on. Lucius stood in front of the window, looking solemn a
nd treacherous.

His phone that was on the desk started ringing, and he picked it up. The person said something to him,
and he grasped his phone tightly.

After a long pause, he said, “Okay. Send someone to follow the people in the cabinet. Whoever leaks in
formation will die.”

If that woman was going to disregard the loyalty of the Taylors, he had to do something about it.

The next day, in the meeting room of the palace…

The cabinet ministers gathered in the room and ‘protested‘ against Diana for protecting Nollace, who w
as a suspect. They
even put in a word for the Taylors and thought that Diana should learn from the late king and not do as
she pleased, which disappointed the ministers and aristocrats.

Diana listened to them with no expression and didn’t say anything.

It was tense.

Soon after that, the doors to the room opened.

Yorrick and Nollace walked in while everyone watched and whispered to each other.

They both took their seats, and Yorrick smiled. “Why
are you so angry? Are you unhappy about Her Majesty’s decision?”

A minister said,
“Your highness, we’re doing all this for the royal family’s sake. The prince is a suspect and should be co
operative with the investigation. Releasing him shows how lightly you are taking this


“If the people of the other countries find out about this, that the prince doesn’t have to face lawful punis
hment, how will they see us? Won’t the people think that the royal family disregards the law?”

Diana frowned.

Yorrick was still smiling. “Well, can I say something that you might not like to hear?‘

Everyone listened.

Yorrick calmly
said, “You think that Her Majesty is protecting His Highness, but does anyone have evidence that he is g

Another minister said, “His Highness started investigating the death of the woman who tried to harm his
Highness already knew who the killer was. It looks like he was just trying to kill that person to shut them

Nollace looked up but didn’t speak.

Yorrick chuckled before shrugging. “This is a motive, but I need evidence.”

Everyone was silent.

“Even the police need evidence before arresting someone, but they don’t have evidence, so why do you

Someone said in a quiet tone, “But he has the biggest motive…”

“Are you talking about the inmate causing the princess’s miscarriage?” Yorrick placed the report from the

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