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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2573

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Chapter 2573

“It was raining too heavily, so I didn’t get a good look. But based on their movements, I guess they’re m
ercenaries. They had no regard for their own safety.”

Nollace looked in the direction of the room, and after a long pause, he said, “Stay here and keep an ey

on him.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Nollace left the hospital, got into the car, and slammed on his steering wheel. The veins on the back of
his hand popped up. However, he could be sure now.

All these were linked to the Taylors.

Now that Edison was in a coma and they had no evidence, the police wouldn’t be able to detain anyone
for questioning.

He covered his face with his hands as the light shone through the gaps between his fingers.

a few days, a voice recording was leaked by an anonymous hacker. The ‘dealings‘ between the Home
Minister and Lucius were exposed and shocked the world.

Even after they spent a lot of money trying to cover it up, the magazines printed 10,000 copies overnig
ht and were all sold out. Some were even shipped overseas.

When Lucius found out, he was furious. “Who did this!?”

The butler started sweating. “I… I don’t know. We’ve sent someone to investigate.”

“Bunch of trash!” He stormed out of the study.

His wife Bianca was holding a tray when she realized that something was wrong.

Since the public was very vocal about this, protesters and reporters crowded outside the office of the H
ome Minister.

The cabinet members tried very hard to avoid them.

When Lucius‘ car stopped outside the building, the reporters rushed forward but
were blocked by over a dozen bodyguards.

“Lord Taylor, is the recording real?”

“Are you really involved in money laundering? Did you let the cabinet members do that?”

He avoided the cameras and didn’t give a comment.

He barged into the office of the Home Minister, who immediately stood up. “Lord Tayl-”

Before he finished, Lucius punched him to the floor.

The minister was in shock and didn’t feel the pain on his face. “Lord Taylor, it wasn’t me. This has nothin

to do with me!”

Lucius grabbed his collar and dragged him up. “Why would the media find out if it weren’t you? You mad

The minister didn’t know how the recording had been leaked. His voice was hoarse, so he just said, “I ha

“So you betrayed me?” Lucius clenched
his jaw, his gaze burning a hole through him. “I hate it when someone has leverage over
me. If something happens to me, none of you
will get away unscathed. Think, or you’ll have to face the consequences!”

The minister was alarmed.

He knew that it wasn’t possible to get out after he started working with him, and he would never be able

“I… I know what I should do.”

“Good.” Lucius patted his cheek. “We’re all in this together. Don’t worry. If you take the fall for this, I’ll fin

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