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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2581

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Chapter 2581

The Tibetan Mastiffs behind Daisie crashed into the iron cage, and the sudden clank scared her into los
ing her balance and staggering a few steps before bumping into the man standing behind her.

The man took advantage of the situation and hugged her. “Don’t worry. We won’t hurt the baby in your

A hint of coldness flashed across Daisie’s eyes, but she held back the feeling of disgust and tried to sta
y calm. “Wait, this isn’t exciting enough.”

The three men were startled. “Yo, you actually have a fetish for something more exciting?”

Daisie turned around, stared at them, raised her eyebrows, and gave off a seductive smirk. “Ms. Taylor
has always wanted to see my downfall with her own eyes, hasn’t
she? I can only give you guys my best performance when she’s around.”

The three men did not expect her to be so bold and wild. Anyway, she was alone and could not run awa
y from them anymore, so three of them decided to send one of them away to report this situation to Ce

Daisie wrapped her arm around one of the men’s shoulders and
asked with a slightly coquettish tone, Will these two dogs break out of the cage and come out to ruin th
e fun later?”

The man sniffed her hair and could not help but feel a slight itch deep down. “Of course not. Don’t worr
y. This cage has been properly locked.”

Daisie took a glance at the iron cage, and the corner of her lips curled
upward coldly. “Glad to hear that.” At this time, Cecelia came in with the man that went out earlier. “Ms.

Vanderbilt, I didn’t expect you to be such a savage. You actually invited me here to witness your happy

‘I was originally worried that this b*tch would lead someone here, so I hid
elsewhere first and left these three dudes here to entertain her.

‘However, if Daisie has really come alone, she’s no match for these three men. So, as long as they’ve c
onfirmed that she’s not brought anyone else here, then I can show up and take videos and pictures of
what’s about to happen. I’ll even send it to Nollace for appreciation.

‘But who would’ve known that she’d be so proactive?‘

Seeing that Mia was not by Cecelia’s side, Daisie narrowed her eyes. “If you can show me that Mia is s
afe and sound, we can start at any time.”

Cecelia snorted unconcernedly and glanced at one of the men.

The man went out of the room and brought Mia in not long after. Mia’s hands were bound, and her mou
th was sealed with tape. Seeing that Daisie had actually come for her, she cried and whined.

Cecelia looked at her. “How does she look?”

Daisie nodded and wayed. “Bring her out. After all,
I don’t want her to witness what’s about to happen. I only want to make sure that she’s still alive.”

Cecelia motioned the man to bring Mia out of the room.

Daisie took off her coat unhurriedly and pretended to remind her
out of kindness, “By the way, Ms. Taylor, if you don’t want to stain your eyes, you can leave too.”

Cecelia sneered. “You’ve invited me here to watch, so how can I say no to that? Besides, you’re the on

who’s asked for my presence, so you can’t blame me for being here now.”

She walked up to a chair, sat down, and crossed her legs. “It’s time to start. Why are you three still stan
ding there in a trance?”

Seeing that Daisie had thrown her coat on the ground and was giving off such firm determination, the sli
that they had felt deep down disappeared, and they approached her while rubbing their hands. Daisie sl
latch of the iron cage, and the door of the cage was opened in an instant.

The famished Tibetan Mastiffs rushed straight toward the men.

They were caught off guard as the dogs pounced, mauled, and bit them. They screamed at the top of th

Daisie took the opportunity to get into the cage, closed the door, locked it, and watched the scene in hor

Cecelia screamed in terror, got up from the chair, and ran out!

She was kicked back into the house when she reached the door.

It was Nollace.

But before she could react, one of the Tibetan Mastiffs rushed toward her and bit into her cheek. She str

Nollace stared at her indifferently, and after a while, he raised his pistol and
fired. After the loud gunshot, the Tibetan Mastiff let off a sharp whine and fell to the ground.

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