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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2588

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Chapter 2588

‘I have no other choice but to grow up faster.‘

Cameron glanced in the rearview mirror and caught the slight disappointment on his face. “Frankly spe
aking, there’s no need for you to feel discouraged. You’re still young.

“How long have you
been learning martial arts? There are people out there who have been practicing martial arts for
more than a decade and still find it difficult to bring their opponents down when they get engaged in figh
ts or matches. So what do you expect to achieve in less than a year?”

Chadwick pursed his lips and remained silent.

Cameron smiled. “Why not just take me
in as your coach? I promise that I’ll train you well and shape you into whoever you want to be.”

Chadwick leaned back into the seat. “Then I might as well ask Coach Wickam to train me.”

Cameron’s expression became more restrained. “You’re so mean.”

Chadwick snorted and turned his face away.

The car arrived at the Boucher manor, and Chadwick got out of the car.

At that moment, the butler hurried out.
“Young Master, where have you been? Master Boucher went to your school and waited for you, but he
didn’t see you at all.”

Chadwick flung his bag onto
his shoulder and walked past the butler. “Instead of waiting for him to come and pick me up, I would ha
ve already gotten home long ago if I were to use the time to walk home.”

The butler was helpless and caught up to him in a hurry. “Young Master, please be more considerate of
Master Boucher. He’s been very busy recently…”

Cameron watched them step into the courtyard, sighed, and leaned back in the driver’s seat.

‘Jesus, kids nowadays are really a pain in the *ss. Is it so hard for me to find myself an apprentice?’

Her cell phone rang all of a sudden–it was Waylon.

At Emperon…

Cameron stood in the entryway and
changed out of her shoes. Dinner had already been prepared, and all the dishes were served on the ta

Waylon came out of the kitchen with a bowl of pumpkin soup at that moment. “What have you been doi
ng with Chadwick lately?”

Cameron was stunned for a moment. “How do you know that?”

He placed the soup on
the table and looked up at Cameron. “How could I not know about that? My wife leaves the house so e
arly in the morning and returns so late in the evening, and she often appears around the private elemen
tary school where Chadwick attends school. If that’s not suspicious, what is?”

She sat at the table with a slightly embarrassed expression and picked up a piece of braised pork with
her fork. “I want to know why the young heir of the Bouchers wants Nick

to be his coach. He’s a boy who’s born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is not in need of anything, s
o why drag himself through so much training? That doesn’t make sense, right?”

Waylon sat down at the dining table too and gave off a smug expression
as if he had seen through her.” You really want to take him in as your apprentice, huh?”

responded earnestly, “He has great potential and is not learning martial arts in order to overpower other
s. It just so happens that he’s doing so to protect the people that he wants to protect. It is a good thing t
o have such ambition at such a young age.”

She then thought of something and continued. “By the way, he almost got bullied today. Don’t the Bouc
hers arrange for a bodyguard to follow him around when he goes out?
Thank God that I was there. Otherwise, he would’ve- Ugh!”

Waylon picked up a piece of pork rib, stuffed it into her mouth, and smiled. “Eat your dinner first.”

Cameron chewed on the rib and spat the bone onto the plate. “Are Chadwick’s parents very busy with th
everywhere I go.”

Waylon’s hands stopped moving, and he lifted his gaze slightly, stared at the chattering woman for a lon

Cameron glanced at him suspiciously.

He picked her up before she had the time to say anything.

She was astounded. “What are you doing?”

Waylon sneered softly. “Seeing how
much you care about someone else’s son, why don’t we create one ourselves?”

Cameron choked on her own words and smacked him
repeatedly. “I didn’t say I want one! Wayne Goldmann, let me down!”

Waylon carried her upstairs.

Her desperate cry came from upstairs. “I haven’t even finished my meal yet!”

Back in Yaramoor, at Blue Valley Manor…

Daisie stood in the courtyard and stared at the gate. Mia came out with a coat and draped it over her sh
“Ma’am, why don’t you go in and wait?”

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