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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2575

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Chapter 2575

After a while, Cecelia ignored the
pain on her face and called her mother. “Mom, what happened? Did something happen to Dad?”

Bianca didn’t know what to do but still ended up telling her daughter.

When Cecelia found out the truth, fear flashed across her eyes. If her father had
really done all those things, their family would be… No, that couldn’t happen!

The status and power of the Taylors were all she had! What would happen to her if she lost all that?

She couldn’t lose everything that she had. She just couldn’t!

Meanwhile, Nollace visited Edison with Daisie.

Edison was showing no signs of waking up. The doctor said that he was too badly injured and waking u
p was up to luck.

Daisie turned
to look at Nollace, who looked gloomy, and grabbed his hand. “Don’t worry. He’ll wake up.” Nollace look
ed down, and his lips moved. “If it wasn’t because I was too confident that he’d be fine and overlooked t
he possibility that he would be attacked, he wouldn’t have gotten injured.”

Edison had been attacked because he was too confident in himself.

He had fallen into their trap when he was trying to trap them.

He shouldn’t have underestimated
the butler and forgotten that the person was working for the Taylors. The people that Lucius worked wit

h would be just as cunning. Benefits were very important to him, so he wouldn’t allow anyone to ruin his

If he could let the Home Minister take the fall for him, he would easily have sacrificed the butler.

When the butler was under his control, he would do his best to protect him and, at the same time, save

That was why he had to tie up loose ends.

Daisie turned to face him and said, “Nolly, no one could have expected that. Things won’t always go ac
cording to one’s plan. There are always ups and downs. No one would have expected Edison to be inju
red, but the people who were behind this are still out there!

“If you lose confidence because of one incident, Edison will have been hurt in vain. He wouldn’t wish to
see you like this.”

Nollace paused, then smiled and pulled her into his embrace. “You’re right. I can’t let him
get hurt for no reason. I have to remember my target.”

As the discussions online got more heated, many who knew the truth started protesting outside the

cabinet building. A lot of them were business owners who had been cheated.

The royals finally got involved. Diana gave a
decree that Yorrick would investigate the cabinet members.

The police also got involved in money–laundering cases.

Whoever was linked to these people would not get away.

Yorrick led the police to the Taylor manor.

Lucius calmly drank his tea in the living room and looked at them. “What is the meaning of this?”

Yorrick smiled. “All these exposés seem to link back to you. It’s Her Majesty’s wish
that you come with me to the police station to answer some questions.”

He scoffed. “You’re going to believe that hacker’s posts online?”

“There must be a reason this is happening. If
this is unrelated to you, I’m sure you won’t mind coming with


Lucius‘ face dropped.


Cecelia rushed downstairs and saw
Yorrick and some officers in the living room. Her expression changed. “My dad is
innocent. You have no evidence to take him away!”

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