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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2589

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Chapter 2589

Daisie wrapped the coat around her and gave off a grin. “I’m fine. I’ll wait a little longer.”

‘Mom and Dad are coming today, and I really miss them so much.’

Not long after, three limousines drove into the manor slowly and stopped in the courtyard. The moment
Maisie got out of the car, Daisie dashed toward her. “Mom!”

Maisie hugged her and could not help but laugh
out loud. “You’re someone who’s about to become someone else’s mother, so why are you still running
around like a 10–year–old?”

“But I missed you so much.” Daisie leaned against Maisie in her arms.

Maisie stroked her hair as usual. “I missed you very much too. Knowing that something happened to yo
u, your dad and I have been very worried about you.”

At that moment, Nolan got out of the car with Nollace and cleared his throat–
that was when Daisie walked over and hugged him, “Dad.”

Nolan pinched her cheek.
“You’ve gained quite some weight. It seems that someone is taking good care of you.”

Nollace, the “someone” who got pointed out, chuckled. “You handed Daisie’s hand to me, so it’s only na
tural for me not to want to let you down.”

Maisie took the suitcase from Nolan. “Alright, it’s cold out here. Let’s go inside.”

The butler and Mia walked up to them and grabbed the luggage from them, and Nollace
invited them into the manor.

In the living room, the maid brewed tea and brought it to the table.

Nolan held the ear of the cup and tasted the tea while Maisie looked around.
“This place looks very clean.”

Sitting beside her, Daisie explained with a smile, “This is Nollace’s grandmother’s manor. Nollace said it
’s suitable for a pregnant woman.”

Maisie scratched the tip of her nose and said in a reprimanding tone, “It may be suitable for pregnant la
dies, but it still won’t be able to house you if you go around risking your own life. Don’t you know that it’
s dangerous to do what you did?”

They naturally knew that Daisie had almost lost her baby. But they were far away from her, living all the
way back in Zlokova. They could not be by her side, and it was even more impossible for them to get h
ere immediately if something were to happen.

When Maisie heard
the news, she was terrified, for fear that something bad would happen to their daughter.

Daisie pursed her lips and whispered, “I’m sorry to have made you worry.”

Nolan put down his teacup and stared calmly at Nollace. “Has everything been resolved?”

Nollace nodded. “Of course. I wouldn’t feel at ease keeping Daisie here if this matter hadn’t been resolv

Maisie smiled happily. “I still want to thank you for protecting Daisie so well. Daisie grew up around us a
nd has been spoiled by everyone from the Goldmanns, so she’s never seen just how cruel this

world can


“However, it’s fortunate that she was able to learn very quickly when she was growing
up and has become the independent woman she is today. Now that she’s married to you, I’m very glad
that you can take such good care of her.”

‘Daisie has always been
the princess of the Goldmanns throughout her whole childhood and adolescence. Back then, Nolan didn
felt that

Nollace’s background was way too complicated.

‘What’s more, Nollace is from Yaramoor. So if Daisie were to be wronged in Yaramoor, we, as her paren
show her support in time, and if Nollace were to treat
her badly and make her sad, we wouldn’t know anything about it either.

‘But now, I can see that Daisie does have an eye for the right man. At least Nollace is indeed worthy of m

“Mom, you’re flattering me now.”

Nollace looked at Daisie with a hint of doting affection flashing across his
eyes. “I knew she was the woman I wanted to marry and protect for the rest of my life ever since she ch
never let her down.”

Daisie turned and stared at Nolan and Maisie. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. Nollace treats
me so well that I’ll never leave him, no matter what happens.”

Nollace protected her continuously, and in return, she continued to stay by his side. It was just that simp

However, although it might look simple, it was still a remarkable thing to achieve.

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