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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2592

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Chapter 2592

The former that Madam Hathaway mentioned was Titus.

Titus glared at Nolan. “She’s talking about you, coming uninvited.”

Nolan chuckled and looked toward the old lady. “Gran, I finally know
why you didn’t marry my grandfather. You’d probably never find peace.”


Titus was so angry his hand shook. He was such a bad grandson!

He walked to Madam Hathaway and was going to sit down next to her, but she glared at him. “Did I say
you could sit?”

Titus felt annoyed but couldn’t say it.

He had to get up and sigh. “Sal, don’t listen to this rascal.”

“Rascal?” Madam Hathaway chuckled and put her hands on her walking stick. “All you Goldmanns are
rascals. Your son, this kid, and especially you.”

He raised his voice. “Yes, I’m a rascal. Can I sit now?”

Yorrick turned his face away, his shoulders shaking.

Nolan was used to that. The Goldmann men were always shameless in front of their women.

Titus took a jewelry box out of his pocket and slowly opened it in front of Madam Hathaway. There was
a lotus carved from a diamond in the intricate box. It looked crystal clear. “For you.”

Sally took it and placed it on the couch. “If you have nothing better to do, don’t lurk outside someone’s
home. If I knew that you were there, I’d ask someone to throw you out.”

Titus looked awkward and mumbled, “Can you let me keep my dignity in front of the kids?”

Nolan got up and tidied up his suit. “Alright, I’ll leave you to it.”

Soon after Nolan left, Yorrick felt weird about sticking around, so he found an excuse and left.

It was snowing in the garden, and the flowerbed was covered in white.

Yorrick walked over from behind and stood next to Nolan. “How long do you plan to stay here?”

Nolan said, “Before the end of December.”

He smiled. “Missing your daughter?”

Nolan looked at him. “Wouldn’t you?”

Yorrick looked out at the white–
capped surroundings. “Of course I would. If someone wants to marry her, they’ll have to tive–in.”

Xena was a child they got after years of trying, and Xyla was at a higher risk at her age.

Even though she was his only daughter, he loved her to bits.

Life was never the same after Xena came into their life.

Yorrick turned to Nolan. “Because she’s my only child.”

Nolan patted his shoulder, “Do you think it will be easy to find someone who will be a live–in husband?

Even if you can find someone, how do you know that they won’t be after your family fortune?”

Yorrick moved his hand away and rested his elbow on his shoulder. “What are you thinking, Nolan? I’m n
my family fortune. What I meant was that they must have a home in Yaramoor, a listed company, and liv
in Yaramoor after they’re married.”

Nolan didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know live–in could mean that too.

“Don’t be jealous. We don’t have a throne to inherit.“.

Yorrick looked cheeky while saying the last part. He
meant Nolan wouldn’t have the chance to bring Daisie back to Zlokova
because he was the only heir to the throne.

In the palace…

When Diana found out that Daisie’s parents were in Yaramoor, they moved to the estate temporarily and
plans or moved them to the next day.

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