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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2594

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Chapter 2594

Sally Hathaway was pleased to hear that. “You’re always so sweet.”

Titus was happy. “Well, your son was the one who took care of her. Of course she’s sweet.”

Sally glared at him in annoyance and wanted to ignore him. She looked toward Diana and Nollace, who
were standing, and smiled. “Nollace is getting more and more
handsome. He looked more like Your Majesty now.”

Diana held her hand and leaned down because Sally was shorter. “Thank you. Nollace does look more

like me.”

Nolan and Colton weren’t very happy about that. She only said Nollace was handsome. Was he the onl
y good–looking one?

Titus was even unhappier. He
used to be very charming and handsome when he was young. Why did she not compliment him?

Maisie and Freyja looked at each other as the men standing next to them were treated ‘unfairly‘.

Dinner was ready when evening crawled in.

The table was about 25 feet long and covered in food–western, oriental, fruits, and dessert.

Diana gave the seat at the end to Sally, who was older. Next to her was Titus, the Goldmanns, and Yorr
ick. On the other side sat the Knowles, Brandon, and Freyja.

The helpers brought the dishes to them, and everyone had wine except Daisie, who had lemonade.

They all enjoyed their drinks and chatted. It was a lively scene.

The week after
the dinner party, Diana invited Nolan and Daisie to the palace a few times and was caught by the medi
a visiting the museum.

The online media speculated that Daisie was going to be the next queen.

After what happened to the Taylors, the aristocrats and the cabinet members didn’t dare speak about th
e royal family.

Daisie’s belly started showing more, and Nollace was pretty much at home with her most of the time.

Meanwhile, Freyja received some good news. A famous director in Dorywood was going to use her scri
pt and had spoken to Rory Lancell about the rights.

Rory had invited her to the office, and that was when she found out.

“Filming rights?”

“Rory poured a cup of tea and nodded. Yes, they’ve offered $400,000 for the filming rights of your script
since you’re the screenwriter. If this sells well, you’ll greatly benefit from it.”

That meant that the crime thriller that she had written would be made into a film and penetrate the
market. She would officially be in the industry.

Freyja suddenly smiled. That was the best news she could have gotten.

“Have you properly considered it?” Rory looked up. “This is your pathway to becoming a golden


She nodded and smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Lancell. I’m ready.”

After leaving Tom’s Films, she got home and saw Colton when she opened the door. She jumped at him

Colton took a few steps back to counter the sudden weight on him and hugged her. “What’s this?”

She smiled and hugged him with teary eyes. “My script is going to be made into a movie.”

Colton hugged her back. “Really? Congratulations!”

He noticed
that something was off, so he let her go and raised her chin. He saw that her eyes were red and seemed

“I am.” She looked down, smiled, and wiped her tears away. “I finally feel like I’ve achieved something.”

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