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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2596

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Chapter 2596

Nick twisted the bottle open and
took a sip. Then, he said, “My people from the martial arts center will never cause trouble.”

“I don’t care. I want her today. Or else, I don’t know what I’ll do later.”

The middle–aged man approached Nick and patted
his shoulder. “I dare you to go around East Street and ask who Harold is. So what if
you’re very good at fighting? It means
nothing if this martial arts center of yours is gone tomorrow, right?”

Dylan was enraged and took a step forward, but Nick stopped him.

He looked the middle–
aged man in the eye and said, “We’ve been here for ten years. Do you think it’s possible to make us dis
appear by tomorrow?”

The middle–aged man turned around and exchanged glances with
the people behind him. As soon as they received his signal, they all charged at Nick.

Nick splashed the cup of hot tea in his hand forward and grabbed the man’s arm.

He twisted the man’s arm, and the sound of bone cracking could be heard in the air. The other two men
attacked him from the sides and raised their legs, trying to kick Nick to the floor. However, Nick had se
en. through their tricks and took two steps back.

After that, without giving them any chance to retaliate, he swiftly took them down in two or three blows.

The middle–aged man’s face sank, and he ordered his men to attack Nick together.

He had underestimated Nick. They were no match for Nick at all. They couldn’t even last for ten minute
s, and all of them were already squirming on the floor in pain.

The girls in the group had never seen something like this before. All of them were startled and took a fe
w steps back.

The middle–aged man felt humiliated. He pointed at Nick and said, “You wait here!”

He pulled his phone out and tried to make a call to summon more people. It was just that before he cou
ld make the call, a dagger appeared out of nowhere and knocked his phone out of his hand. The dagge
r zoomed across the air and stuck firmly on the dummy behind him.

The middle–aged man turned his head slowly to look at the dagger that
was stuck in the dummy and gulped.

When he turned his head back, Nick was already standing in front of him. He returned his phone to him
and said, “Take your men with you and go.”

The middle–aged man took the phone and kicked the man beside him. “Let’s go.”

The group of men then limped away.

Looking at them leaving with their tails between their legs, Dylan chuckled. “These people really have o
verestimated themselves.”

Nick walked upstairs and said, “Close the door.”

Two of his disciples went forward and closed the door as he instructed.

The next morning…

As soon as Cameron stepped into the martial arts center, all of the people turned around and looked at

her, especially Dylan. The way he looked at her made her feel like she might have killed his family.

She walked
forward and glanced at them. “Why are you all looking at me like that? I’m your investor. Is this the way

Dylan crossed his arms in front of his
chest and snorted. “Ms. Southern, you’re not at the East Islands. If you want to make trouble, go somew

“I make trouble?” Cameron scoffed. “What kind of trouble did I make? How come I didn’t-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Cameron suddenly thought of something she had done a week ag
instantly dawned upon her.

She clapped her hands and said, “Ah! Those girls! Did she bring her boss here?”

She had been waiting for them for a week. She had assumed they would not
come anymore, so she had not expected them to come here while she was away.

Dylan was infuriated by her reaction and said, “Now
you only remember what you did? We’ve been keeping a low profile ever since we set up our martial art

“It’s fine if you’re a troublemaker, but how can you lead them to our martial arts center?
In the end, it’s our boss who helped you settle the problem. Has it ever crossed your mind
that your action might bring bad effects on our reputation? What if we’re not allowed to rent this place an

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