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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2595

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Chapter 2595

Colton cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes. “You don’t need to achieve anything. I can afford t
o take care of you. It would be fine even if you didn’t achieve anything. I can take care of you.”

“That’s what you think,” Freyja said through tears. “I don’t need you to take care of me. I don’t want peo

to look down on me.”

Colton pulled her into a hug. “Who cares what other people think? I think you’re good enough.”

Freyja rested her chin on his shoulder and smiled happily. “I think everything I’ve done is worth it.”

Her world was no longer dark with him and Charm by her side.

Colton kissed the top of her head and lowered
his voice. “Alright. We should share the news with your friends. They’ve been supporting you all this tim

“Yes, I should tell them.”

Freyja smiled and went upstairs, leaving him there.

Colton didn’t have to say that, but as long as she was happy.

At Bassburgh, at the martial arts center…

“This place. The b*tch mentioned that she’s here!”

A few female thugs brought a group of people there. The leader was in his 30s with a buzz cut with a d
esign and had a cigar in hand with a golden jade ring on his thumb.
He also had a small beer belly and looked chunky.

He looked at the men next to him, and they kicked the doors open.

Dylan, who was having a meal there, stood up with others. He saw that the newcomers looked angry a
nd seemed to be there to pick a fight. “Who are you? This isn’t somewhere where you start fights.”

The female thug walked over. “Who’s that b*tch called Cameron? My leader is here. Bring her out here!

Dylan was surprised. ‘Did Cameron bring trouble to the place?‘

The leader blew out smoke rings and glared at Dylan as he said in a husky voice, “The woman is quite
cocky for threatening my sister.”

Dylan smiled and shrugged. “You’re late. We’re closed, so she left already. If you want to see
her, come back tomorrow.”

The man frowned and wasn’t happy with Dylan’s attitude. He clenched his
jaw and flicked the ash from the cigar. He waved at his men.

A buff
guy with a snake tattoo on his neck walked forward. His biceps were almost as big as Dylan’s head. W
hen he noticed that they were going to fight, the people from the center walked over, not afraid of the th

They wouldn’t start a fight but wouldn’t back away from one, either.


Nick slowly walked down the stairs.

Everyone looked over. The man was in a silk night robe and was holding a flask, seemingly just done wi

Dylan walked over “They’re here to see Cameron.”

The girls were stunned when they saw him. The owner of the center was such a handsome man.

He had beautiful eyes and sharp features. Even though he wasn’t the usual good–
looking man you saw, he

would still stand out in a crowd.

Nick walked over to the middle–aged man. “What did she do?”

The man looked at him and clicked his tongue. “You’re the owner of this place? That woman named Cam
threatened my sister and said that we could find her here. That’s very cocky.”

He then looked at Nick’s men, who were behind him. “You people think you can go around being cocky j

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