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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2599

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Chapter 2599

Harold glanced at the man behind Cameron. The man was getting up from the floor slowly. He drew a b
utterfly knife from his pocket and dashed toward Cameron.

Cameron performed a sidekick, hitting the man’s neck squarely and sending him flying across the room
before smashing into a pot.

Harold was stunned.

Cameron turned around to look at him. The corner of Harold’s
lips quivered as he just wanted to cry right


“1… I…..”

Cameron grinned, and her
face sank. She stepped on his leg, causing him to scream out in pain. “I’m sorry!”

She leaned forward while looking at Harold with a devilish smile tugging at the corner of her lips.
“I heard that your supporter is Mr. Selfridge, right?”

Meanwhile, at a private swimming pool…

“Mr. Selfridge, over here. Come and catch meee!”

“Mr. Selfridge, over here!”

There were a lot of things going on in the pool.

Conroy was wearing a blindfold while playing hide–and–
seek with a few beautiful Internet celebrities. However, he couldn’t catch any of them. He was tickled by
their laughter and grinned. “You guys are really good at hide–and–
seek, but it doesn’t matter. As long as I catch you, I’ll give you $50,000.”

When those girls heard what he said, all of them gathered around him. “Mr. Selfridge, I’m here! Come a
nd catch me!”

Just as Conroy got one in his arms, a noise rang out
in the air, and then Harold’s voice wafted into his ears. “Mr. Selfridge! Mr. Selfridge!”

Annoyed, Conroy took off the blindfold and shouted, “D*mn it! Can’t you see that I am-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Cameron kicked Harold into the pool. “Get out of my way.”

She walked inside, and when Conroy saw her, his expression changed. “It’s you!?”

Harold flailed his arms wildly in the pool and shouted, “Mr. Selfridge, save me!”

Cameron glanced at him and said, “Stop it. The pool is shallow. I’m sure your feet can touch the ground

Harold stopped flailing his arms and looked at Conroy.

Conroy waved his hand and told the girls beside him to back off as he got up and walked toward

Cameron with an aggressive look on his face.

When Cameron looked at
him, his knees went weak, and he plopped to the ground in front of Cameron. Cam, I didn’t cause any t

Harold was stunned and knew he was a goner this time.

After a short while, both of them knelt in front of Cameron. None of them dared to say anything.

was sitting with her legs crossed on a chair. Holding a straw while drinking juice, she said, “I’m

a reasonable person. I can accept your apology, but I need to see your sincerity.”

Conroy stared at Harold, who was kneeling beside him.

Harold shuddered and forced a smile on his face, “I… I’m sorry, Cam. I know I did something wrong. I ho

Conroy then hurriedly chimed in and said, “Cam, it’s this guy who’s causing trouble using my name. It ha

Harold looked at him. “Mr. Selfridge, didn’t you say you’d support us?”

Conroy took a deep breath and
rolled his eyes at Harold. “Did I ask you to go to the martial arts center? You guys don’t even know who

His father had told him that he would disown him if he dared to cause any trouble again. If he was kicked

It was not that he couldn’t bear to live a poor life for a while. At the very least, he could still go home. Bu

After all, Cameron was the future daughter–in–law of the
Goldmanns, and there was no way they could fight against the Goldmanns.

Harold lowered his head in aggravation as he realized that whatever he said was wrong.

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