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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2600

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Chapter 2600

Cameron lifted her eyelids and said, “Not bad. It has only been a while, but you’re getting better at admi
tting your own mistakes. It seems to me that you’ve learned your lesson well.”

Conroy grinned and said, “Of course, I’ve learned my lesson well.”

Cameron put the glass of juice down, and Conroy
hurriedly asked his men to fill it up for her. “All of you will be rewarded handsomely if you can treat her

Cameron rolled her eyes around in the sockets and looked at Conroy.

Conroy did not know why she was looking at him that way, so he asked, “What’s wrong, Cam?”

Grinning, Cameron said, “Are you familiar with the location of the martial arts center?”

He replied without any hesitation, “Of course.”

Cameron stood up and walked forward to pull Conroy up from the floor. Then, she patted his shoulder a
nd said, “Very good. Mr. Selfridge, I need you to help me do something.”

Conroy was stunned.

The landlord looked at Conroy’s contract and pushed his eyeglasses. After a short while, he raised his
head and looked at Conroy, sitting on the couch in front
of him, and Cameron and Harold, who were behind him.

Conroy cleared his throat and said, “If you’re not satisfied with the price, you can just say it.”

“Are you sure you want to buy that lot, Mr. Selfridge?”

“Do I look like I’m joking with you? Of course, I’m going to buy it.”

After all, he had enough money to buy the lot.

The landlord said, “But I don’t plan to sell that place.”

“You’re not selling it?” Conroy leaned forward and said, “Why not? Don’t you want money? Could it be t
hat you’re not satisfied with the price I offered you?”

“That’s not what I meant, Mr. Selfridge,” said the landlord. “That place is my private property. I’m planni
ng to take it back to do some business after the lease term expires. Besides, if you’re interested in buyi
ng a store, I can introduce you to another place…”

Conroy turned his head around to look at Cameron. “Cam, what do you think?”

Cameron rested her chin on her hand and fell into thought.

‘I see. No wonder he doesn’t want to sell it. So it’s his private property.‘

“Sir, you said that their lease term will expire after 15 years, right?”

The landlord looked at Cameron and replied respectfully, “Yes.”

“Since it’s your private lot, we won’t force you to sell it to us. But you mentioned that you have
other places as well, right? Can you show them to us?”

The landlord smiled and said, “Sure. I’ve bought another two places for rent. They’re both in the same l
ocation, and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.”

The landlord led them to a store with its doors closed. The store was a three–
story building. It was close to the business district on the east and to the financial street on the west.

The subway station was not far away, so the accessibility was convenient.

After opening the security door, the landlord turned on the lights and led them inside the store.

The lot was spacious and looked new. The first floor
was noticeably larger than the martial arts center. Other than the parlor, there were three larger areas.

There were also elevators inside the hall, and the stairs were just next to the elevators.

There was a receptionist desk and a few more rooms on the second floor.

Conroy walked up to Cameron and said, “This place is good, Cam. It’s a three–
story building, and it’s very spacious. I think you should take it.”

Standing on the second floor, Cameron looked around and realized that most decorations were new. Wh

The landlord replied,
“It used to be a beauty salon. But after they got a new store, they moved downtown, so I bought it from t
since then. If you’re considering buying it, I can help you with all the formalities at any time.”

Cameron smiled and nodded. “Sure. Please reserve it for me. I’ll give
you an answer in another two days.”

“Okay. This is my name card. You can contact me at
any time.” The landlord handed his name card to Cameron.

After all of them came out
of the lot, Conroy and Harold walked behind her and said, “Cam, I think this store lot is going to cost a lo

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