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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2601

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Chapter 2601

After saying that, he continued. “Don’t worry. I can pay half of it.”

He then looked at Harold immediately. “Aren’t you going to do something to show your sincerity?”

Harold sounded very generous. “I’ll help split the share too. I might still be able to put $750,000 to $ 1,0
00,000 into the pot.”

Cameron heard that the two people behind her were already
thinking about sharing the cost of purchasing the store and laughed out loud. She then crossed her arm
s and looked back at the two of them. “I didn’t expect you two to be this generous.”

Conroy responded, “I’m already
addressing you as my sister. How can I not be generous with my share?”

Cameron smacked him on the arm. “Nicely said, brother. From now on, let us leave our enmity behind
and let our brotherhood shine for the days to come. Just pretend that nothing has ever happened. From
now on, you two will be placed under my protection.”

Conroy and Harold exchanged gazes and said in unison, “Alright, sis!”

Back at Blackgold…

Waylon was sitting in the office, flipping through some documents. He then received a text message on
his cell phone, so he picked it up and took a glance at its content.

At that moment, Leonardo opened the door and entered the room, and the man who came in with him
was the landlord.

The landlord nodded and greeted Waylon. “Mr. Goldmann.”

Waylon placed his phone back on the desk. “Have you brought her to visit the store?”

“Yes, Mrs. Goldmann brought Mr. Selfridge and a man over to take a look at the place, and she seems
quite satisfied with the place.”

Waylon interlocked his fingers and rested his chin on his knuckles.
“She didn’t find out about anything strange, did she?”

“Of course not. I was worried that Mrs. Goldmann would doubt my words at first, too. After all, the store
is new. However, even if Mrs. Goldmann were to ask me
about the place, I’d still be able to convince her.” Waylon responded with a faint hum. “Good. You don’t
have to offer her any discount for my sake. You can charge her according to the market price of such a
location and store. My wife will start to suspect things of it’s too cheap to be true.”

The landlord nodded. “Understood.”

After the landlord left, Leonardo was a little confused, so he asked, “Mr. Goldmann, if you want to give t
he storefront to Mrs. Goldmann as a gift, why do you have to go through such an indirect route to achie
ve that? Can’t you just give it to her, and that’s it?”

Waylon fiddled with the pen in his hand. “You should be well aware of her temperament well enough no
w to know that she won’t take it if it comes from me. Not to mention that I’ve promised her not to interfer
e in her affairs.”

Cameron had a bold personality and had gotten used to doing things her own way. She could not bear i
t when someone treated her like an ordinary lady. If he were to ask her to do what he wanted her to do,
she would feel that she was being bound.

has never wanted to be someone else’s doll, let alone someone else’s Barbie doll. She’s the most vivid
version of herself when she’s out there sailing freely.

‘As for me, all I have to do is be her harbor.‘

At night, at Emperon…

Cameron passed by the study and saw a beam of light gleaming through the crack of the door. She sto
pped, slowly opened the door, and entered.

Waylon was still sitting in front of his laptop, working. He was wearing a pair of gold–
rimmed glasses,* giving him a more refined and elegant demeanor.

Cameron tiptoed in quietly.

Although Waylon did not take his eyes off the screen, he seemed to have spotted her a long time ago.
” Haven’t you gone to bed?”

“You haven’t slept either.”

She leaned forward and lay on the edge of the desk, resting her chin on top of the back of her hands, an
on his computer screen. “Are you working overtime?”

Waylon took off his glasses, turned to the side, looked her in the eyes, and chuckled. “Are you complain

Cameron choked on her own words. “Since when did I say that? Don’t try to twist my words.”

Waylon stretched out his hand, pulled her into his arms, and placed her on his thighs. “How have you be
me any more trouble?”

“No… Hey, you
can’t consider what I did back then as me causing you trouble.” Cameron crossed her arms and stared b
is this considered a problem that I caused?”

Waylon stroked the tip of her hair and smiled. “It really doesn’t count, but even if you bring home trouble

Cameron approached him all of a sudden. “By the way, I encountered a very strange thing today.”

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