Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 256

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The dart, which should have dug into its brain, bounced off. The strength of a physical blow was determined by the impact administered per unit area rather than the total force.

For example, picking up a 500-won coin on the floor only to have a passerby step on one’s fingers could end with a slight frown. On the other hand, if the passerby had been wearing heels, one would be met with the misfortune of having to rush to the hospital. It was because while mass and gravitational acceleration remained the same, the narrow surface area of the heels caused higher stress.

The titanium dart’s stress force, along with Black Mamba’s physical abilities, could pierce an iron plate. It meant that the black leopard’s hide and skull were more durable compared to an iron plate. No wonder Black Mamba was so surprised. Black Mamba failed to see the small electric flash that flickered from the black leopard’s targeted area.

The black leopard tumbled across the ground before standing up nonchalantly. The creature, which was larger than the Siberian tiger, moved like a cat practicing aerobatics. Its fluidity, which was expected of a feline creature with a flexible spine, and its powerful upper and lower muscles graced his eyes.

“That…you…damn! I knew you were a monster, you leopard lookalike.”

Black Mamba grew nervous. There were monsters like Ocelot. It was a world where Kronosaurus roamed around. He knew very well that what he saw wasn’t all there was.

The black leopard shook its head from side to side as though it wasn’t just a small impact. No one in the world would be happy after a slap to the cheek. Its image, which had been calm like water, flared up like fire. The black leopard opened its mouth wide.


A majestic roar, which was incomparable to a tiger’s growl, erupted. The concentrated sound waves were directed toward Black Mamba without a single scatter. The roar, which had a strong ELF [1] of seven hertz, crashed into Black Mamba.


The ground rumbled in the place where the ELF passed.


Black Mamba flew into the air and landed on the bedrock. His vestibular system vibrated. Sky and land reversed. Stars filled his eyes, and his head started buzzing. His organs protruded as though it would burst. It was the kind of shock that would place the shock of Kaparja dam’s explosion to shame.

The black leopard was capable of two types of ELF attacks. Its weaker attack was a frequency wave that exploded out in a spiral. The bend of a strong ELF with a seven-hertz attack could shake the water molecules of a living organism. Organs were twisted with the weak attack, and cell membranes were destroyed with a strong attack. Black Mamba received a low-level attack. The attack was effective against living organisms. It couldn’t break through concrete walls or iron plates, which lacked moisture.

A high-level attack raised the ELF and rotated it in a double spiral. The compressed air trapped in the spiral’s vibration acted as a grinding particle that would pierce the target. It could break living things or inanimate objects, regardless if water molecules were present or not. It could even drill through diamonds with a reduced attack range. Organisms would be smashed into cells. No matter how large or strong the opponent was, it meant immediate death.

The black leopard, which disabled Black Mamba instantly, jumped up and sat on a crystal rock 30 meters away. It stared at the swaying intruder with burning eyes. It shook its head from side to side as if it didn’t understand. It was a unique creature that acted no differently from humans.

Black Mamba suffered a great loss. He was attacked by a cannon as a payback for the slap. He’d underestimated the black leopard as a simple creature. He hadn’t imagined a long-distance attack. He’d gained sufficient internal damage. His insides felt queasy, and he almost wanted to vomit. He felt as though his brain had turned into mush.


Black Mamba stood up with a bleeding nose. It was quite a sight. His skin had turned blue with blood pouring out from all seven holes of his face. With a strong will, he stood up but staggered, unable to regain his balance.

About 70 percent of the human body was made up of water. A low-level ELF attack shook the water molecules that made up the human body. When a fundamental component of the body was damaged, the destroyed cell membrane would affect all the organs. A Paranthropus had 10 times more cells than an average human. The cells, which had excellent tensile and shear strength, endured the impact.

“Om mani padme hum!”

He relaxed his stiff muscles and quivering organs with breathing chants while keeping an eye on the black leopard’s movements.


Shiny particles flowed out of his spinal cord and returned the damaged organs and muscles to its original condition.

The Paranthropus’ nervous system quickly registered and cleared away the shock. Macrophages poured out, accumulated the damaged cell membranes, and redistributed them. Black Mamba’s physical recovery speed was on an entirely different level from when he’d been active in the Sahel. It was Asura’s nature to become stronger on the battlefield.

The origin of the ELF weapons dated back to World War II. It started when Austrian inventor Dr. Zippermeyer had invented the “Whirlwind Cannon.” It created an explosion within a combustion chamber that produced ELF and launched a man-made whirlwind from a nozzle. The whirlwind frequency was said to have shattered a thick wooden board 183 meters away during an experimental test. Since then, ELF weapons were neglected due to technical problems with direction, pressure, absence of grinding particles, and miniaturization.

The most lethal frequency for living organisms was around seven to eight hertz. It had the same frequency bandwidth as the resonant frequency of flesh. With enough pressure, it could crush the human body. The French weapons development division was secretly developing nonlethal weapons with those features.

Black Mamba instinctively knew that he’d received an ELF attack. The creature had exuded intense energy since the beginning. A black leopard that was capable of a low-level ELF attack! The damned Jurassic world was chaos itself.

What he couldn’t understand were the ELF attack’s direction and pressure. If he were forced to theorize, he would say that the creature vibrated the air and internal moisture in his body. That was the principle of an ultrasonic humidifier. The creature standing tall on the rock was a monster of all monsters.

He felt as though he could imitate it. Anything could be drilled through as long as the resonance waves could rotate and compress the water in the air into a specific level of gravity. Even if he couldn’t, he could vibrate the water molecules in its body and turn its organ into mush. It would be hard to execute immediately, but practice made perfect. That was how he lived until now. Asura’s real secret ability began to sprout in the Jurassic world 5,000 meters underground.


Like a human, the black leopard wrinkled its nose as it growled.

“That b*stard’s laughing at me!”

Sparks flew out of Black Mamba’s eyes. Dong-bang-bull-pae, Black Mamba, had been defeated by a cat’s roar. Even if he brought humiliation upon his teacher’s name, it’d gone too far. The effort and blood he’d poured into training along with his battle abilities were wasted. Moreover, instead of resuming the attack, the b*stard tilted its head around as though it was laughing its head off. His pride crumpled.

“Agh, you d*mn beast!”

The Paranthropus’ primal nature exploded. Kill! Tear it apart! A drumming sound rang across his head. Black Mamba’s eyes turned pink. An objectified bloodlust rushed forward. The stronger the opponent, the more powerful the Paranthropus’ competitive spirit exploded. The black leopard lowered its stance, sensing that something was off.


Small pieces of rocks scattered itself onto the bedrock that he was standing on.


He closed a distance of 20 meters in a flash. The Gorgon darted through the air at a fearsome speed. The black leopard teleported.


The whip shattered only a rock.

No, the back!

Black Mamba spun around like a spinning top. The b*stard didn’t use a brain-muscled method that exploded one’s muscles to cross space. It was an ignorant teleportation technique. No, like his teacher, it used a real dimensional teleportation technique that folded space.

The black leopard opened its mouth wide.

“Hmph, you think I’ll fall for it again?”

Black Mamba slid 10 meters to the right.


An insurmountable level of frequency reached across in a whirlwind. The ELF traveling through the air was sucked into a lake 100 meters away.


A large monster that he’d never seen or heard of jumped into the air and crashed back into the water. It was a large monster with armor all over its body—a creature called the Sarcosuchus. Its large body of 12 meters long had a hole in its middle. Blood poured out of its wound like a waterfall.

It was a gruesome alligator creature. It was like a dead shrimp amid a whales’ fight. It didn’t make sense for a Sarcosuchus to represent a shrimp since it could consume a Tyrannosaurus.


His mouth hung open. The monster didn’t show any sign of life. Water boiled up around the corpse. The creature, which could have been on the top level of the Jurassic lake’s food chain, died in a single blow.

The b*stard’s low-level ELF attack didn’t simply disarm the enemy. It could drill holes and turn their insides into mush. His heart sank. He realized that the black leopard had used the ELF attack on him in the form of a small jab.

The owner of the roaring sound, which he’d heard in Kaparja Valley, was the black leopard before him. Somehow, the creature might have been calling out for him. Of course, it wouldn’t have called him over to make friends. The b*stard was a natural destructive weapon.

If the black leopard was let free on the surface? Just thinking about it left his heart feeling cold. Even a Paranthropus couldn’t withstand the creature’s attack. It was a big world, after all. Cold sweat ran down his back.

The black leopard opened its mouth again.


He moved 10 meters to the right.


At that very moment, attacks poured down onto his landing point. He’d fallen for a false move. The black leopard had only opened its mouth to get him to respond before attacking his landing point with a low-level ELF attack. It had observed his habit of moving to the right when avoiding an attack.



Surprised, Black Mamba slammed the ground with his Gorgon and borrowed its rebound to use the four paced movement to its utmost.


By sheer luck, an air vibration swept past his side.


A drilling sound was heard from afar. There was stone dust. A solid crystal stone had gained a deep hole without much noise. He’d die immediately if it directly hit him. At the overwhelming power, cold sweat ran down all over his body.

The black leopard nodded its head. Surprised? It seemed to mock him. Black Mamba abandoned his assumption of it being a creature. The black leopard was as smart as him.

The black leopard opened its mouth again. Black Mamba’s body swayed from side to side. Water Beetle Steps was a technique that mimicked the movements of a water strider, which moved frantically on the water’s surface. He was trying to distract the creature from its target.

After experiencing it two or three times, he estimated the width of the low-level ELF attack to be at least three meters. He didn’t know its range, but as long as he avoided the width, it wasn’t that threatening.


A black line streaked down. Ah! He was done in again. Black Mamba turned his head 90 degrees to the side.


Although it had aimed for his head with its front paws, which was as big as pot lids, it only swept past his ear. It was too late to avoid. He sacrificed his arm and shoved the Gorgon’s handle forward.



Black Mamba, who was attacked on the shoulder, screamed. The black leopard also yelled when the Gorgon’s handle pierced its chest. The black leopard leaped back into the air but dropped onto the ground due to the impact on its chest.

Black Mamba rolled down the bedrock. He was held back by almost three times the difference in their weight. Even with a scrape, the impact was similar to getting shot by a 12.7-millimeter medium machine gun. His organs quivered, and his bones rang. They’d both exchanged blows.


His collarbone broke with a single front paws attack.


He dragged his collapsed collarbone back up to set it back into place. There was obviously no time to visit the hospital. No, he would end up at the Mang Shan mountain at this rate.


The black leopard roared. The Jurassic world vibrated. About 150 meters away, the lake water lapped. It was both a roar and a frequency attack. It was nearly 150 decibels.

The sound of car horns, nightclubs, and rock concert venues was approximately 110 decibels, and it caused temporary hearing loss. Without a silencer, the gunshot of his Dragunov reached 115 decibels.

In fact, 150 decibels was 100 times louder than the background noise of a nightclub in full swing. To counter the creature’s sound waves, Black Mamba compressed the air in his ear with resonance waves and blocked it. Still, his head rang.


This time, the human screamed. He gathered as many resonance waves as he could to lace into his frequency. The black leopard flinched. It worked. He could send out resonance waves through his voice. Black Mamba had copied the black leopard’s skill in a flash. One had to learn good things quickly.


Red sparks escaped the black leopard’s eyes. The b*stard was mad. The black leopard moved first. Black Mamba also moved after the black line was drawn.


A bloody explosion sounded. Both of the black leopard’s paws moved in the air like meteorites as it struck, scratched, and punched. The b*stard copied his moves too. Black Mamba’s body fluttered like the weeping willows near a stream. Evasion and defense skills were taught first in martial arts, followed by attack skills.

The black leopard had great physical strength. Like a hummingbird, it moved its claws five times in a stationary position. Its last attack targeted his chest. Black Mamba forced his chest to cave in. The moment the black leopard lost its balance, a hammer fist swung up to its chin.


His fist hesitated at the heaviness. The creature’s head snapped back.


His knees, which were heavy like weights, flew upward. The black leopard disappeared in a flash.

The black leopard appeared behind Black Mamba as he drew out the missed kick. Was it the Location Exchanging Shape Movement like those in martial arts novels?


Its front paws moved down like a shooting star. His cheeks trembled due to the air shift. If it landed, he would die.

[1] Extremely-low frequency.
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