Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 257

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Black Mamba’s body stretched forward as though he was collapsing.


The back of his hair was ripped off by the black leopard’s front paws. He moved his foot using the elasticity of his falling motion. He performed a front kick in an unimaginable position with both hip and knee joints twisted at 90 degrees.



After getting kicked in the groin, the black leopard soared and twisted five meters into the air before landing. It was a heavy blow this time. He saw the black leopard’s hind legs trembling. Human or animal legs were bound to tremble as a result of being kicked in the groin.

“Hehehe, b*stard, you’re not the only one who knows how to fake a move.”

Black Mamba crackled in satisfaction. The fight’s momentum changed from time to time. There were times when martial arts masters were done in by street fighters because they didn’t know how to fight.

The black leopard was a b*stard that didn’t know the value of its strength. It wasn’t capable of fully demonstrating its superior physical abilities. Its flow of attacks broke off here and there, and there was no sequence. It was a young child with immense strength. One blow from the child could relocate him to the northern Mang Shan mountain[1].


The black leopard, which had been countering his attacks until now, leaped in for the first blow. No b*stard wouldn’t get mad from getting their bits kicked. It was also a part of Black Mamba’s plan. The more excited one was, the more their weaknesses were revealed.

Black Mamba threw down his Gorgon. Tools were just tools. It was a cumbersome obstacle in a fight that only flashed back and forth. While an equal amount of skill and instinct were necessary to fight the black leopard, he’d lose if he didn’t catch up to its speed. The more hesitant the b*stard got, the more advantageous close-range exchanges were for him.


The black leopard spurred off the ground and rushed forward in a terrifying momentum. Black Mamba avoided its attack by shaking his body with the water beetle steps before jumping onto the black leopard’s chest.



The monster that was unlike a monster, and the human, who was unlike a human, confronted each other again. The outfight in which both sought a chance to land a hit turned into a dog fight. A dog fight where one monster was entangled with another transpired.


Black Mamba delivered a quick uppercut. The black leopard, which was rushing in, stopped as though something had pulled it from behind. Black Mamba’s fist scraped under the black leopard’s chin. It was an unwarranted existence with the ability to suppress its own inertia despite having a large body.


The black leopard twisted its body to the right and flicked its tail.


It landed on his thigh without a miss. He’d condensed his muscles at the moment of impact, but his femur ended up cracking. It was no different from an iron rod. Among all animals, no predator would use its tail as a weapon except for tigers. The b*stard used its tail despite being a leopard. It was Black Mamba’s mistake for not thinking of a tail attack.

The black leopard hurled its body forward like a cannonball the moment Black Mamba faltered. Heads collided.


The strange sound of a car crashing head-on at full speed was heard.


The black leopard staggered back as though it was drunk. The black leopard had miscalculated. Black Mamba’s head was made out of iron, sturdy enough to survive a hammer.


Black Mamba also staggered. Stars sprang out of his eyes. His head rang. He blacked out for a second. The back of his neck, neck muscles, trapezius muscles, and pectoral muscles buffered the shock and spread the impact throughout his body. Shivers ran down to the tip of his toes.

A head-butting black leopard was bizarre, but it was a reality. He was puzzled by the stars jumping before his eyes. The black leopard’s head was unexpectedly weak. He could smash its head if the five-pointed spear couldn’t pierce through.


Air was vibrating from the center of the black leopard’s head. Black Mamba’s eyes sparkled. The b*stard had a unique skill it could use to defend its body. However, it couldn’t use the skill at will. It was comparable to a baby who just started walking.

The b*stard was certainly not used to fighting. A lion born and raised in the zoo would be eaten by hyenas when abandoned in the grasslands. It starved to death because it didn’t know how to hunt. Although he couldn’t explain, he was confident that the black leopard was a zoo predator. It had never experienced a deathly fight.

What set humans apart from animals was that they were determined and had a fighting spirit. Black Mamba was the Asura who fought countless battles. He suppressed the pain and stormed forward.

The eighteen beats of shock were carried out in grand motions. Hands, feet, head, arms, elbows, and knees rotated around like a water wheel. Like hail, it was a strong attack that produced 18 consecutive hits in a single breath. The black leopard was beaten like an old house that was getting robbed. The black leopard wasn’t so easily defeated. It slowly adapted to Black Mamba’s speed. Moving flexibly like a feline creature, it avoided and counter-attacked with its front paws and tail.

When Black Mamba targeted its eyes with the talon attack, the black leopard leaped to avoid it. He stretched out his arm, and a variation of the circular long-range reach knocked on its head. The moment a crack sounded, he slapped both of its ears in turn with the crane wing’s movement. The head’s antler movement, the hundred circles of double attack, and the resonance of tiger’s hatred followed.




The black leopard’s front paws were entangled like logs, while the sound of bones breaking could be heard from Black Mamba’s arms and legs. The black leopard felt like dying after facing the eighteen beats of shock. Its soul was about to leave from avoiding and blocking the attacks of the other creature, whose rhythm and angles had changed with time.

The black leopard didn’t want to fight. It had never fought. The monsters that lived in the lake didn’t deserve to be its opponent. It didn’t need to kill them either as they were not its food. However, the black leopard had felt a familiarity with the foreign entity. It instinctively knew that the entity was very similar to itself. It had approached, wanting to gain knowledge. Alas, the entity was rather frightening.

The entity, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, got stronger as he fought. He attached himself like violets living at the bottom of the lake while causing it pain. He was like a leech. The black leopard continued to fight while mimicking the entity’s movements, but the damage had accumulated.

The large mammals living in the lake could be dealt with by a single tap of its paws. However, that entity didn’t die even after several attacks. The black leopard couldn’t die, but it didn’t like pain either. Why was that entity causing it pain?


The black leopard’s endless questions stopped with Black Mamba’s right angle of impact.


The black leopard received a powerful hit squarely on the chin. Its large head was thrown back into the air.


It received over 18 consecutive hits in a second.


The black leopard teleported, unable to endure the pain. It had volunteered to fight after observing Black Mamba’s every move. However, that wasn’t enough to overcome the dimensional sight. The dimensional sight could predict the behavior of living things. Despite its superior speed, that was the reason why the black leopard was continuously getting beaten up.

Now that he’d finished his warm-up, Black Mamba flew after the black leopard.



The black leopard’s head shook to the right and left as it was trapped in Black Mamba’s head’s antler movement. The black leopard teleported to avoid him, but Black Mamba gave chase.

The black leopard couldn’t form a proper defensive magnetic field in response to the flashing blows. Faint lights flickered all over its body, but it couldn’t reinforce the target point at the right time.



The human and animal crossed a distance of 10 to 20 meters in a flash. There was an explosion every time it happened. It was an extreme clash, reminiscent of an artillery tank war or a partisan warship war. Whenever an attack missed its target and landed on the bedrock, stone chips and dust scattered.

The consequences of the attacks weren’t as catastrophic as the clashing energy. If they’d been above ground, the entire ground would’ve shattered. There was nothing but rocks in the underground world. The floor was also a large bedrock. At most, stone chips and dust scattered.

The black leopard was ahead in terms of speed and impact, while Black Mamba was good at consecutive attacks and improvisation. The adaptability and agility of the human who had learned martial arts overpowered the superior physicality of the black leopard. Furthermore, his dimensional sight also puts him at an advantage.

Strange enough, the black leopard didn’t use its strongest teeth. Like a human wearing a leopard’s skin, it used its two front paws, hind legs, and sometimes its tail. On the other hand, Black Mamba’s entire body was a weapon. The black leopard had no choice but to be pushed back by the whirlwind of attacks.

To Black Mamba, the unfamiliar tail attack was his biggest threat. He was hit three times. His left femur had cracked, and a couple of his ribs had remained intact. His femur had accumulated enough damage that it would break with one more hit. That was all purely because of the b*stard’s tail attack. Every time there was an air vibration around his target point, his attack broke off as though he’d hit cotton. Every time that happened, he’d be done in by the b*stard’s counter-attack.

The black leopard was worse off. It had received 38 consecutive hits from the mad human’s relentless attacks. It suffered from a cracked skull and broken ribs. It had a hard time forming a magnetic field because of the muscle ruptures.

The human and animal jumped back at once, leaving a distance of 50 meters in between, and swore at each other. Both had instinctively created a distance too far for teleportation. Black Mamba feared the black leopard’s speed, while the black leopard feared Black Mamba’s consecutive attacks.

“You damn cat b*stard!”

This stubborn thing!

Or so, the conversation went.


The ground rang. His dimensional sight detected a whirlwind of frequency. The black leopard, which found a new attack approach, attempted its low-level ELF attack again. Black Mamba smiled. At first, he’d been done in due to ignorance, but he wasn’t going to be fooled again.


His resonance eruption fixed the ground in place. The black leopard sent extremely-low frequencies through sound waves. No matter how strong it was, it was useless if the air, which acted as a medium for the grinding stone particles in frequency attacks, was immobilized.

“Hehehe! You’re dead now.”

Black Mamba furiously ran toward it.


The black leopard disappeared. The b*stard before him had simply disappeared.


He sent out his dimensional sight, but his dimensional net didn’t detect the b*stard. Had it become one with nature? No. It had to die to avoid becoming one with nature. An animal full of vitality couldn’t dodge his dimensional sight. How could a creature—the black leopard—immediately suppress its instincts to be all and one!


He sent out resonance waves. His brain analyzed the reflected active waves and formed a shape.

“What the hell?”

Surprised, Black Mamba shouted unknowingly. An object, which had not been there, was detected 70 meters ahead. The reflected image was absurd. It wasn’t the black leopard but the shape of a blanket placed on a clothesline. It was 20 meters in length and width.

He could guess what it was. Eyes could create optical illusions, but resonance waves had no errors. He intuitively knew that the shape of the blanket was the black leopard’s original form. Unable to endure the threshing, the black leopard had hidden using a stealth skill. It didn’t matter what had to be done.

He had a teacher who could hide his body in space. Any other methods had no reason to exist. It was quite abnormal to see anything ordinary in the Jurassic world.

“You need to shake the blanket after hanging it, right?”

He sneakily grabbed the Gorgon that he’d thrown away. The dimensional sight, which he’d spread out like a spider web, flickered.

“You damned cat, I’ll kill you.”


The Gorgon gained speed after one round in the air.


A part of the air shifted. The corners of Black Mamba’s mouth tilted up.



The Gorgon sliced through the air relentlessly. It was a movement that incorporated the all-torture technique.




The sound of impact lingered. It sounded like a blanket beaten with a stick. The Gorgon could shatter rocks and slice through bodies.


A painful scream echoed.

The black leopard was about to die. Nothing could recognize it if it removed its pigments and suppressed its life force. However, the absurd entity had easily caught onto its location. At this rate, the non-nuclear cells surrounding it would escape. It took time to recreate those. Unable to stand it any longer, the black leopard forcibly compressed some of the unstable non-nuclear cells.

The black leopard’s large paws appeared in the air.


Delighted, Black Mamba threw the Gorgon away and grabbed the black leopard’s paws with both of his hands. It was so thick that it couldn’t be held with just one hand.

Woosh woosh woosh—

He spun it around and threw it onto the ground.



A painful scream echoed. Its hind legs and tail slowly appeared.

“B*stard, you think I can’t see you if you hide?”

Black Mamba was very confident. He was the kind of person who saw things through to the end, and in this case, until his opponent was down. He gave up the black leopard’s leg since it was too thick and grabbed its tail instead. The black leopard’s torment began. Black Mamba swung it around by its tail, slamming the blanket onto the ground once, twice, and thrice.







Was it around the 20th hit? The black leopard, which had been fighting back, started drooping.


The black leopard’s body was revealed, but it was small. It was just a circumference larger than a common leopard. Its size was merely 20 percent larger. It was gray in color instead of black.

“Huh! Is this the same guy?”

Anyway, it was a peculiar creature. In military terms, the black leopard was out of combat. It was breathing, but all of its bones had shattered. No matter how persistent it was, it wouldn’t be fair if it remained fine.

He felt sorry for beating it up mercilessly. Frankly, he was the one who had invaded the black leopard’s peaceful space, right?

“Oi, blacky, sorry about that.”

He threw down a meaningless consolation and sank to the ground. Black Mamba himself was messed up. There were at least 10 broken and cracked bones. He was exhausted. His field combat abilities had progressed exponentially from when he’d roamed around in the Sahel. If he’d remained the same from back then, one of the black leopard’s low-level ELF attacks would have done him in.

Black Mamba glanced at the black leopard that had stretched out like a Mollusca, turned, and transitioned into a lotus position. He used his resonance waves to heal his organs and bones, then ruled over his internal damages with breathing exercises. He gradually entered a state of calmness through silent meditation.

Are you calling me blacky?

He didn’t know whether it was verbal or internal, but its message was conveyed. Black mamba wasn’t even surprised. He didn’t let external disturbances affect him during silent meditation. He could only hear one’s inner voice. There were instances when a good master was distracted by antics and ended up being a swindler. Black Mamba replied without hesitation.

Yes, b*stard, you’re blacky because you’re black in color.

[1] Graveyard.
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