Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 299

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“Dubai, that’s a difficult question. When my heart shouts ‘revenge,’ my head responds with ‘how can I do that to my uncle?’ I can’t ask you to get rid of my uncle with my mouth. Although I hate the workers who hung my father on the cross, they’re pitiful people too. I want to give them a chance to repent,” Edel said while sighing and looking distraught.

The image of her father nailed to the cross remained vividly in her heart like a painting. She’d tried to overcome her resentment with love, but she was so happy when she received news that lackey had suppressed the rebellion. Her heart ached at the contradiction.

“Rudrey, when making a decision, you need to follow your heart. There’s a tradition in the Arab culture called qisas. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I don’t think it’s barbaric. No b*stard can go silent when they’ve sinned. Give them a chance to repent? Of course, you should. A b*stard who deserve to die should repent in hell, and a b*stard who deserve to live should repent in jail. Any unsettled emotions reveal your genuine heart,” Black Mamba said bluntly.

It wasn’t exactly the kind of words to say to a beautiful woman. Instead of consoling her, he was a heartless man who scratched at her aching heart.

“You’re right. I’m a selfish woman. I’m tired of the cotton fields. I ran away and couldn’t say a single word about the farm that my father raised with his blood and sweat. I didn’t want to be hurt. I didn’t want to hurt others, either. I’m a bad daughter. Hic!”

Edel burst into tears. Have you ever pictured a beautiful woman in tears, wrapping her hands around her face? There wasn’t a single man who wouldn’t crumble at the heartrending sight.

Aishe’s eyes grew hazy as she watched on. Edel’s gown was slightly raised, revealing her white thighs. Aishe was dazzled by her thin ankles that were the size of a fist and her slender calves connecting to her thick thighs, which called forth all kinds of thoughts.

There was a stark contrast between her tanned, muscular thighs and the ideal thighs that women pined after. Baseless anger swelled up within her. She found Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa’s cold expression mean and hateful.

Ugh, that idiot, hug her, hug her! Hug her and reassure her! Aishe protested internally.

“Rudrey, there’s a path for monsters and a path for humans. I’m a monster trying to walk on the path for humans. I’m Asura, who shoves humans into the wheel of animals after they abandon the conditions of being human. I’ll take care of the problem.”

Black Mamba simply ignored Aishe’s wishes. He patted Rudrey’s back and boarded the helicopter. Kind humans should live as kind humans. He couldn’t force a rabbit to tear apart pork belly.

Ugh, damn it.

Aishe shook her head as though she had lost. There was a beauty who was willing to take everything off for him. Still, there wasn’t a more stubborn man than him. Respect was respect, and hatefulness was hatefulness. She wanted to send a flying side-kick to his cold back.

The Gazelle SA 341 could transport one pilot and four people who were armed. Black Mamba and his self-proclaimed guards—Jamal, Ahmad, and Aishe—boarded number one. Ombuti, Mohammad, and Ibrahim boarded number two. The Gazelles left behind ear-deafening roars and flew away.

It was two hours before noon. The world became inevitable with coincidences, and when inevitability overlapped, it turned into fate. If Black Mamba decided to take the road, Sun WooHyun would have turned into a zombie.

Edel’s gaze refused to leave the two dots that grew further and further away. She couldn’t muster a single sweet word, and before she knew it, he’d already left.

I’m a monster trying to walk on the path for humans.

His words echoed in her ears. Was that the only desire of a man without greed? Her heart grew stuffy.

I don’t know who you are,

I don’t know, but you exist.

Like the cloud that falls to the ground at night,

Like the birds that fly in the sky during the day,

You cry without anyone knowing.

As if it can or cannot reach you,

Unfortunate hands wander in the emptiness,

But why can’t I leave you?

I want to heal your pain,

I want to stroke your wounds,

Can’t you allow a graze, at least?

Can’t you turn around once, at least?

Why can’t I catch you,

Like the sandstorms that pass the desert,

Like the lightning that passes the mountains,

You leave, just like so.

I want to know.

Who you are, where you’re from, and where you’re going.

“Hic, hic, Edel, please, stop. It’s too sad,” Bassel said, tearing up from listening to her song.

“Bassel, I love that man, but he doesn’t even look my way. Am I that hateful?”

“Edel, have faith. Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa is more loving than anybody else. He saved us all, just because we were pitiful. He shattered tanks and armored vehicles and even endured the danger of creating a path through a minefield. He had saved Ahmad’s lover purely because of the reason that a couple should marry.”

“What’s the point? He never looks at me.”

“There’s no tree that doesn’t fall after 10 hits. You didn’t even manage to land a hit out of the 10, right?”

“Mm, my mouth freezes when I’m before him. I have a mountain of things to say, but I went mute.”

“See? Men like sexy women. They prefer a slightly stupid woman to a smart woman. You’re too smart and unconcerned about appearances, Edel.”

“I saw him in his sadness. I couldn’t act cute before him.”

“Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa is sad? Impossible. He’s capable of swallowing the world. Even the strongest of men seek comfort in a woman’s arms. What’s the point of wearing a gown that smells like alcohol? Wear shorts next time. Spray some expensive perfume, and put on some makeup. Wear a pretty necklace and a low neck shirt.”

“Then, how will I treat the patients?”

Edel fiddled with the misbaha around her neck. That was the first time she had put on any accessories. The bracelet, which had hindered her hand movements, was now in her pocket. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t even know how to wear makeup. She was an idiot through and through.

“Edel, are patients the problem right now? There’s no one else like Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa in this world. Countless fox-like women are aiming for him. You need to set the mood. Light a red candle, order expensive food, and offer him strong wine. When everything’s just right, that’s when you—”

Bassel tried her best, but it was pointless.

“Is that what everyone does?”

“Of course. People say one must shoot the horse to catch the general. That man’s horse is the Aklankuru. Try talking to Mr. Ombuti. Mr. Ombuti is his first servant, after all.”

Bassel had even revealed her true intentions in the process. Edel, being the naive person that she was, nodded intently.


Two Gazelles crossed Chad’s northern region. The sun was high in the sky. A red wheel rotated in the sky without a single speck of cloud to be seen. The sky was blue, and the ground was blue. The helicopters snuck through the blue sky and quickly headed down south.

The southern region, which experienced the monsoon climate, had abundant rainfall and developed rivers, unlike the northern region. The cities were more developed, and the road networks were more advanced than in the north. It was paradise compared to the central and northern regions, where sandstorms rushed around.

It was so different from the northern regions. Blue was a difficult color to spot with the surrounding lush green lands, white rivers flowing across the green forests, and well-organized agricultural lands.

90 minutes into their departure from N’Djamena, the Gazelles crossed between Doba city’s high buildings. He could see the Pendé River, which twisted like a rattlesnake. A grand scenery appeared before him as they followed the river. The ground was entirely white as though the clouds had fallen.

“Huh, amazing. Did it snow, or did someone spray salt!”

The fields of white cotton flowers in bloom brought back his happiest memories. There was a cotton field at the foot of Wol Song San called Mi Young field. His mother used to sing when it was time to reap the cotton.

I won’t. I won’t. I won’t be able to take them all again.

Aiyo, Aiyo—

The fluffy cotton for my son’s clothes,

The thick cotton for my husband’s clothes,

Aiyo, Aiyo—

The sun is setting in the west.

Ssang will be hungry,

My poor husband so tired,

Aiyo, Aiyo—

The song that his mother used to hum played clearly in his mind. Would there ever be a woman who loved her husband as much as his mother? Would there ever be a man who loved his wife as much as his father?

“Is it that stunning? There’s a lot of cotton fields like this in Hatay. You’re like a child.”

Aishe giggled. Black Mamba broke out from his trance and smiled at her.

“It’s stunning. I’ve never seen such a huge cotton field like this.”

“I’m even more amazed by you, Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa. How can you be so cold?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Miss Edel.”

Aishe raised her voice as though she didn’t want to be overtaken by the sound of rotors. Black Mamba turned to look at Aishe in surprise. She was a smart Kurd woman. She didn’t find him difficult, unlike other people.

“Aishe, it’s said that people don’t know other people’s sizes unless they try on their shoes. You shouldn’t be worrying about Edel right now. You’re nearly 30. Until when are you going to run around with a gun? Shouldn’t you grab a frying pan before it’s too late?”

“Ha, what kind of man will be interested in a woman with these hands?”

Aishe spread her hands open at the counterattack, revealing her hands full of blisters. Those weren’t the hands of a woman but the paws of a bear. He understood what kind of life Aishe had led until now.

“Hehehe, when you have a ghutra on your head, you’re meant to fix it with the agal.” Black Mamba laughed.

The lackey, who had a rough face to the point that he was called a Tubilis, and Aishe, who had rough hands like a bear, seemed like the perfect match. If they don’t like it, then perhaps not.

On the second flood of Samaria farm’s main mansion, Barungo stood by the window and looked down at the cotton field spread in rows.

“Hehehe, thank you, sir Namir.”

He kept laughing. The large farm with the horizon view was now in his hands. He’d been able to spread his religion since Dr. Colten had left the farm. Although the situation turned out for the worst when the white pig called Nick stole the farm, the Damballa Wedo[1] had still come. A strong but stupid man named Namir appeared and wiped out the guards and vigilantes, which allowed him to expand his religion. Thanks to that, he finally achieved his goal that he’d kept to himself for 10 years.

If he could convince the Oriental governor, the farm’s annual revenue of 5,000,000 francs would be in his hands. As long as the farm was his, the financial issues encountered when expanding the religion would be resolved.

“Hehehe, Hissène Habré was a slave hunter. Since that commoner became president, this country’s done for. I, the head of rites who accepted the lwa, should be the leader of these lowly humans.”

Northern Chad was the land of the dead. The Vodou religion, alongside Christianity, could easily infiltrate the lives of the local northerners. There was no reason why he shouldn’t become Chad’s owner once he took control of all of the north. Barungo continuously got greedier.

What? Is it going to land on the farm?

Two helicopters that were quickly lowering their altitude came into sight. That was the first time since the civil war two years ago in which he’d seen a helicopter. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t come up with a reason why the helicopters would come to the farm.



A man jumped out from the door. He was an African Anghel tribesman with a slanted forehead and a wide nose.

“Yes, head priest!”

“Is there a reason for the helicopters to visit?”

“Not at all. Wouldn’t it be the tax advisor from our country?” Wadanka replied cautiously.

The Edel family was a British noble family. Their capitation, land, and excise taxes were paid to Chad’s government, while their income tax was paid to England. It was about time for the English tax advisor to visit.

“Damn, why now…”

Barungo punched the nearest wall with his fist. Today was the best day for a Vodun[2] ritual. There was no way that an evil lwa could interfere.

“Wadanka, is there a problem with the pa[3]?”

“I did my best. The palm tree that would receive the pa was prepared, with the third branch from the ground and the third branch from the sky tied together. I personally applied a virgin’s blood and offered it after rubbing it against the vulva of a woman who birthed three children. I also carefully selected hen, rice, milk, eggs, and cassava flour of the whitest kind.”

“Mm, there isn’t a problem with the offering. Damballa Wedo definitely gave us an answer, but why is this happening?”

Barungo closed his eyes for a moment and went over the Rada ritual. No matter how many times he went over it, there hadn’t been a single mistake.

Compared to the material world, the world of ghosts had a much more severe mindset in which only the strongest survives. The Damballa Wedo that Barungo served was no greater than an imp compared to Asura’s strength. There was no way for a mere imp to know about Asura’s movements.

“Ah, priest, the b*stards are trying to land!” Wadanka shouted.

“Damn, it’s a french military Gazelle. We should suppress it first. Move out the emergency unit and gather the Maroons and guards immediately.”

Barungo shouted in surprise after spotting the blunt accelerator burner attached to the back and the chain gun sticking out the front. He didn’t know what that was, but his instincts told him that it wasn’t good. His entire body grew stiff. His sixth sense clamored. Those b*stards were definitely not tax advisors.

“Yes, sir.”

The ritual helper and secretary, Wadanka, pressed the emergency button and ran upstairs toward the rooftop. There was a siren that announced emergencies on the rooftop.


The siren rang to alert the Maroons and the guards of an emergency.

[1] A spirit who grants power and material wealth.

[2] A fearsome and mystical power able to intervene in human affairs at any time.

[3] The spirit of prophecy in Vodou.
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