Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 304

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“Get rid of those s****!” Ombuti shouted as he tactfully read the room.

Ibrahim and Mohammad dragged the priests out of the basement.

“We’ve gone through so much trouble for some worthless trash. Do you think Ahmad has located the lackey yet?” Black Mamba complained as he shook his hand.

He felt uncomfortable, as though sticky sewage had gotten on his hand. He spoke lightly of the matter, but once again, he felt the vastness of the world. While they lacked physical abilities, their mental abilities were commendable.

He felt spooked when his hands and feet were paralyzed. He would have been finished if he had come under concentrated fire at that very moment. The combination of spells and modern firepower was something that even his abilities couldn’t overcome. Although the wounds gained from the weapons thrown by the followers had healed, Black Mamba was still in an irritable mood. He’d just experienced true evil, which his teacher had spoken about.

“Wakil, come look at this,” Ombuti said while pointing at a golden box. It was a rather big shiny box.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know. I think it might be a safe.”

“A safe?”

“Money is as important, no, more important than God. That b*stard Barungo is the leader of those workers wearing armbands. He probably stole and took offerings from the workers, intending to expand the religion.”

“He wouldn’t have placed such shady money in the bank.”

“Of course. I can’t open it. The b*stards must have placed a spell on it or something. Should I drag Barungo over here?”

“That’s pointless. It just needs to be opened with a little more effort.”

Black Mamba sliced a circle out of the golden box with his Vajra.

“Ho, it’s full to the brim. They’ve gathered quite a lot, those damn b*stards!”

Ombuti was beaming. The more money there was, the better. Blind money was even better.

“People should get paid if they work for it. However, Barungo might not agree. Do you think it’s enough as payment?” Black Mamba smiled.

“It looks to be around 1,000,000 francs. It may not be enough for you, wakil, but it’s too much for us to receive.” Ombuti smiled along with him.

“You use it as you wish.”

“Yes, master. I’ll use it as Miss Edel’s dowry.”

Black Mamba’s face creased. The old man was more tenacious than the Boss-saurus’ tendon.

“Ombuti, seal the entrance. Actually, burn it all off.”

“Understood, wakil. Let’s head up.”

Ombuti didn’t understand the meaning behind his vague words. Well, Ombuti wouldn’t have even blinked had he known that his wakil wanted him to shut up.

A smile rose on Black Mamba’s face. He could see Sun WooHyun tied up like a silkworm in chains. His creased face that looked like a tissue paper after it had been used to wipe off number two was familiar and pitiful. There was a tired-looking white man, a healthy African whose face was as dark as coal, Aishe, and Jamal. Everyone was there.

“Wakil!” Sun WooHyun called out desperately. Black Mamba didn’t reply and turned to Ahmad.

“Good job, Ahmad. Where did you pick him up?”

“There is an underground prison in the communal village center. I couldn’t release him since I don’t have the key. The spellcasters can’t do it either since they’re like that.”


Barungo and Wadanka looked up at Black Mamba in their sorry state, their jaws still dislocated.

“Those b*stards’ spells are all fake.”

Black Mamba grabbed the iron chain with both hands and twisted it. The iron chain, which was as thick as his thumb, broke like rotten twine rope. Barungo looked hopeless.

“Uuuh, thanks!”

His mind seemed clearer now that he was free from the body bind.

“Shut up!” Black Mamba glared at him.

Stabbed with guilt, Sun WooHyun pushed the ground back with his heels and shuffled away. His survival instincts were still intact despite his weary mind.

“Lackey’s not looking good.”

That wasn’t the kind of action an arrogant person would take. Black Mamba looked at Ahmad, expecting an explanation.

“It seems like they forced him to take the yorunba. According to the prison wardens, they entered the zombie-making phase this noon. Most humans fall into a coma from a yorunba overdose. Sir lackey’s physical and mental fortitude is amazing, in that regard.”

“Zombie? Hahahaha!”

He burst into laughter at the thought of a North Korean officer turning into a zombie. The North Korean soldiers, including the citizens, lived like puppets oppressed by the system. Even the South Korean citizens, who were subjected to the oppression of free speech, could be considered zombies. Instead of the term “puppets,” the term “zombies” left his mouth easily.

“Lackey, do you recognize me?”

“Wakil, I don’t have an excuse,” Sun WooHyun murmured and lowered his head.

“It would have been strange if you did.”

“I tried imitating you and messed everything up. I have nothing to say!”

Sun WooHyun couldn’t raise his head. He called himself Namir, but he had messed things up and even turned into a puppet. If Black Mamba hadn’t arrived on time, he would have turned into a zombie. While he was deep in his shame, the drug that Barungo had fed him silently robbed him of all of his strength. It was hard for him to move. The joy from barely surviving was the only thing that kept him on his feet.

“Idiot!” Ombuti clicked his tongue.

Ombuti had been determined to scold the arrogant brat, but the sight of Sun WooHyun in his fragile state pinched at his heart. No matter what anyone said, he was a comrade who had escaped death on the battlefield with him, and he was also wakil’s servant.

“What is that pig?” Black Mamba pointed at a fat white man.

“He is Nick Wayneright, brother to Sir Colton.”

“So he’s Rudrey’s f***ed up uncle.”

“I am a noble of the great British Empire! I am the owner of Samaria farm. You have no right to bind me. If you apologize for the humiliation and release me at once, I will spare you from standing in the great British court!” Nick shouted with his head held high.



Ombuti and the rest laughed their hearts out. A passing camel would have laughed at his attempt at threatening Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa.

“That idiot’s asking for it.”

Jamal slapped Nick with his thick hand.


Nick’s mouth closed up like a clam at the blow.

“That b*stard’s Enduma, Nick’s captain of guards. The other three guards locked up together with him are barely breathing. God guided them all.”

The moment Ahmad finished talking, Enduma rushed forward as though he was rolling and collapsed before Black Mamba’s feet.

“Pl…please. Save me.”

Enduma grabbed the hem of Black Mamba’s pants and begged. The demonic Arab b*stard’s words were lies. He’d sliced off his three subordinates’ necks after commenting that they were annoying. His neck was about to fly off with a single mistake.

“How dare you dirty wakil’s clothes, slave b*stard! Seek your mercy with Sir Colton.”


Ombuti pulled out his Glock all of a sudden and shot the man’s leg. For centuries, the Tuareg tribe enslaved people from the Anghel tribe. Human perspectives didn’t change that quickly.


Enduma grabbed his leg and rolled around on the ground.

“Aklankuru, there are no slaves in Novatopia. You are before Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa,” Ibrahim warned.

Ombuti pretended to be surprised.

“Oh! Thank you. Ahmad, silence this person.”

“Yes, sir!”


The shamshir, which flew in without hesitation, sliced Enduma’s neck. His head floated in the air. Ombuti quickly moved to stand in front of Black Mamba.

“Hehe!” Ombuti smiled, revealing his white teeth although he was showered with blood.

Silence filled the field that was before the church. Other subordinates, including Ibrahim, reflexively turned their heads toward Black Mamba. A slight smile was sighted on Black Mamba’s face. Ibrahim and the rest turned to look at each other and nodded their heads.

Barungo, Wadanka, and Nick Wayneright’s faces turned blue out of fear.

“God, protect your son from those devils!” Barungo prayed unknowingly.

Wadanka and Nick remained still with their mouths wide open. Even Sun WooHyun couldn’t hide his surprise.

His brain acts fast!

He could see through Ombuti’s intentions. Ombuti quickly figured Ahmad’s ignorant nature and Enduma’s worthlessness in that split second.

By ordering Ahmad without asking for his master’s permission, he had solidified his position as wakil’s representative. He instilled absolute fear to break Nick and the priests’ will to resist. He also showed the lackey who the real boss was. It was a single move that reaped four effects.

“Ombuti, I’ll judge them at the farm owner’s mansion.”

“Yes, wakil. Drag them!”

“Yes, Aklankuru!”

Mohammad and the rest moved quickly.

Damn, the old man’s gotten fiercer.

Sun WooHyun experienced the power of the servants, emphasized by Ombuti on various occasions. He was a servant, yes, but he was an undefeatable servant. His future looked bleak at the possibility of living under Ombuti’s watchful gaze.


Sun WooHyun gasped as he passed by the square. The area was filled with torn limbs and headless corpses. The ground had turned dark because of the dried blood. There was only one person on Earth who could cause such a scene.

A pile of corpses wouldn’t phase Sun WooHyun. However, he was surprised by Black Mamba’s cruelty. While he had killed 100s in Dombrey forest, he didn’t slice them into pieces. He glanced at Black Mamba. He was expressionless, as always.

Damn, I can’t even ask him.

He was curious as to what kind of weapon Black Mamba had used but huddled silently. Ombuti tapped Mohammad and Ibrahim, who flinched back.

“They’re Vodou followers. They received wakil’s wrath.”

Ibrahim and Mohammad nodded their heads silently. There was a presence on Earth one should never make enemies with. Ddu-bai-buru-pa was someone who leveled Kaparja Valley into flat land. Getting rid of several 100s of people wasn’t a problem.

“Shouldn’t we get rid of the bodies quickly?” Mohammad whispered.

“I’m planning to leave it like that for two days. There are two kinds of humans on Earth. There are people you can talk to and people you can’t talk to. Animals need to be ruled with fists and fear. I promise you, half of the workers will flee from the farm before the day ends.”

“Aklankuru, your words are accurate.” Mohammad nodded.

That person was a fast thinker. The title of a head servant wasn’t just for anyone.

Sun WooHyun was dragged away by Ombuti and scolded in one corner.

“Lackey, I’m going straight to the point. You didn’t meet wakil’s expectations and messed up the Samaria farm. Are you ready to receive your punishment?”

“I’ve nothing to say. I’ll treat you like my teacher, so pass along my apologies to wakil. I tried my best, you know?” Sun WooHyun said, admitting defeat.

Although Ombuti was someone he could defeat with a single punch, he finally realized that not everything in the world could be solved with a fist.

“Wakil has acknowledged us as a family, but we cannot forget our roles as servants. Servants are people who take care of their master’s troubles. There’s no point for servants if the master has to take care of their mess. Wakil has saved you, whose life is worth less than a grasshopper, and he even prepared for your future.”

Ombuti continued, “You think too much. You remain competitive after pledging loyalty to wakil. Stop acting like an idiot. You and wakil share the same ethnicity and are from the same country. You are a servant who can serve wakil better than I can. If you want to become a true servant, receive your punishment willingly, and if you can’t, leave immediately. I’ll give you enough money to live out the rest of your life in peace.”


Sun WooHyun felt a sensation in his head and heart. Those were words of loyalty, a piece of advice filled with sincerity toward another. Ombuti’s every word dug deep into his heart.

Tears poured down his face unknowingly. There was the time when he was almost beaten to death fighting back against Black Mamba, the time when he was allowed to live just because they shared the same ethnicity, the time when he fought through the Sahel with Black Mamba’s power backing him up, and the time when he was paid for his work even after they returned. Only after he had met Black Mamba did he grow to trust people and learn about love. Where could he go, and what could he do alone?

“Brother, I’ve wasted time doing things that I shouldn’t have done with this stupid head of mine. My legs are about to break trying to catch up to you, nonetheless, wakil. Don’t say anything to wakil. He wouldn’t go as far as to kill his lackey.”

“Good. Don’t find excuses and receive your punishment. Wakil is a scary person, but he is also someone who values life. He won’t go as far as killing you,” Ombuti said. It was unclear if those were words of consolation or a threat.

F***, how can I trust a man who sliced 100s of people into pieces like he was cutting vegetables? I’m about to piss here.

Sun WooHyun didn’t find Ombuti’s words reassuring at all. Ombuti looked at Sun WooHyun’s face and smiled. Wakil was a lonely person. As someone who shared the same ethnicity, the lackey could fill in the gaps that he couldn’t fill. Lackey’s power was also useful.

In the mansion’s large living room, Black Mamba sat on the chair, while the group who self-proclaimed that they were his servants spread on both sides like wings. Jamal and Ahmad kicked Barungo, Wadanka, and Nick Wayneright’s legs until they got into a kneeling position.

“Wakil, I’ll receive the punishment first.”

Sun WooHyun kneeled too. Black Mamba glared at Sun WooHyun without saying a word. Sun WooHyun felt chills down to his bones from the piercing glare.

Ughhh, Nimi Jotto, today will be the day I die.

“Lackey, do you feel happier recently and have the urge to be kinder to everyone? You signed on all the documents that the head overseer brought and gave money to the mansion employees without rhyme or reason, yes?”

“Huh, how did you know? I wasn’t tired even when I’ve lost months of sleep and gave them lots of bonuses since I was in a great mood.”

Black Mamba flipped lackey’s eyelid. The inside of his eyelid was red. White strands of thin veins popped out. His cells were moving abnormally and violently. In martial arts terms, it indicated that his core was leaking.

“Ibrahim, drag all of the mansion employees here.”

“Yes, sir!”

Ibrahim immediately started searching. The rumor of the arrival of Azrael, the Angel of Death, had already spread throughout the farm. The scared employees couldn’t even leave the mansion. The employees, who had been hiding in the corners of the mansion, were dragged out one by one. The cook, the maid, the cleaner, the gardener, and more were gathered—there were 18 people in total. The employees who were scared witless couldn’t retaliate, nonetheless move their bodies properly.
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