Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 305

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Namir was a fearful subject and a hero to the farm employees. Namir had wiped out the fearsome guards and vigilantes just a year ago. Now Namir’s master, Azrael, who was another fearful being, had shown up.

The Vodou followers and leaders with armbands who went against Azrael had their limbs and necks sliced off. Azrael didn’t even die after getting shot. Even the head supervisor and spellcaster, Wadanka, who used to display absolute strength, was dragged away by Azrael.

Rumors, which were a combination of truth and exaggeration told by the employees who had witnessed the horrifying scene at the square, began to spread. There was mention about a devil gathering as they sucked blood and devoured flesh from the 100s of dead humans in the square. Azrael was the supreme devil who sliced humans into pieces like chickens and ducks.

Shock and fear swept across the Samaria farm. The employees stopped working and gathered to talk. Since there was no leader to shout or whip them, there was no need for hesitation either. Black Mamba unknowingly turned into a devil lord who drank human blood and ate human flesh.

“I am Dong-bang-bull-pae, and I can see the truth with my eyes. Someone has drugged Namir a little at a time. Who is it?”

Although Black Mamba spoke calmly, his words reeked of blood.

Silence ensued.

“If you admit to your sins, I’ll forgive you.”


The overwhelming fear prompted a negative reaction instead. It was said that the great devil lured humans with sweet words before eating them. The employees only shivered. Azrael was someone who sliced humans into pieces. They didn’t dare speak up.

Black Mamba’s eyes grew cold. It hadn’t been 24 hours since lackey was disarmed. He was confident he could find evidence as long as there were traces of the drug.

“Aishe, bring the flower pot and the Boonie hat from the farm owner’s office upstairs. Bring other clothes and accessories that lackey comes into frequent contact with too.”

“Yes, Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa!”

Aishe dragged along one female employee to the second floor. Unlike his Tubilis title, Sun WooHyun liked flowers. On the other hand, he frequently wore the Boonie hat to hide his chickenpox scars.

“Who is the head cook?”

A man in his late 40s lowered his head.

“Sir Azrael, I swear I didn’t—”

“Shut up! Who makes the coffee that Namir drinks?”

“Akra tends to his needs.”

“And who is Akra?”

“That child, sir.”

The head cook pointed at an African girl who looked to be around 15 years old.

“Ahmad, take that girl with you and bring all the eating utensils that lackey uses. Bring the coffee plate too.”

“Yes, sir!”

Ahmad disappeared with Akra. To drug someone over a long period, one required a frequently used object. Lackey enjoyed coffee a lot. The coffee’s rich taste and its aroma was the perfect way to conceal a foreign substance.

A pot of cotton flowers and foxgloves, accessories, utensils, forks, and coffee plates were arranged before Black Mamba.

Damn, how did I end up behaving like a detective?

Black Mamba sighed and tasted the water from the suspicious flowerpot with his finger. He tried inhaling the scent of the flowers. His nose was better than a dog trained to sniff out drugs. There was a strange scent. It smelled fishy and spicy at the same time.

His coffee plates and eating utensils had the same scent. It was not the handkerchief. He also detected the same scent from his Boonie hat. His eyes, which gleamed in blue, swept across the employees’ faces.

“I’ll give you all one last chance. A b*stard added the drug into the ugali and coffee that Namir consumed, and another b*stard sprayed the drug over the flowers and hat. Who is it?”

The employees only glanced at one another. Sun WooHyun and Ombuti were the only ones taken aback.

“B*stards, who is it? I’ll break your skulls and pull out your intestines.” Sun WooHyun glared.

If wakil said so, then it was so. He had treated the employees so well. He tried hard to treat them better than wakil could. His heart broke at their betrayal. The circular chickenpox scars that covered his face turned red.

“Lackey, be quiet. Wakil is talking.”

“Ah, right.”

Sun WooHyun immediately put an end to Ombuti’s chidings.

“You, you, and you!”

Black Mamba pointed at the head cook, the gardener, and the girl who took care of Sun WooHyun’s needs. Those three were the only ones whose blood started rushing and had unstable brain waves. Jamal, Ahmad, and Aishe rushed in and dragged the three forward. Although he had sensed their unsteady emotions long ago, he still gave them a chance to confess their sins.

“Akra, you?”

Sun WooHyun’s face creased. Akra was the girl whom Nick had forced to become his sex slave. Because he pitied her, Sun WooHyun treated and adored her like a younger sister. Akra also took care of him well. His insides collapsed painfully at the unbelievable betrayal.

The overseer and butler whom he trusted were Vodou priests. After raising their wages twofold and handing them armbands, they ended up being the ones who betrayed him. Now, even Akra, who was like his servant, turned out to be a traitor. He felt his strength give way.

Would wakil be betrayed like that? It was impossible.

What was the difference between him and wakil?

Wakil was cold. He had no interest in beautiful or kind women. He wasn’t even interested in Edel, who was like an angel. Still, women went crazy over him.

It was the same for men. All kinds of outcasts gathered around wakil. They offered their loyalty without earning any gains. There were five people like Ombuti who had appeared and spread the loyalty virus around. What did he do? He contributed a lot and poured out his affections but ended up being betrayed by the people around him.

Ugh, this is the dirty world where only affluent people get treated as individuals, and idiot women prefer bad boys.

Sun WooHyun comforted his aching heart with his single-minded simplicity.

“Spellcaster, are these the b*stards?”

With a dislocated jaw, Wadanka nodded his head. Azrael picked them out, not one less or one more. The b*stard was either the true incarnate of Baron Samedi or Abu l’hawl. He was in an entirely different realm when it came down to ability. Endless despair caused his jaw to drop.

“Pl…please, forgive me. I was threatened by Wadanka and got scared.”

The head cook and the gardener banged their heads on the ground. Akra only stared blankly at Sun WooHyun’s face.

“Keep talking!”

Bloodlust gathered in Ombuti’s hollow eyes. He knew lackey’s attitude was strange. Lackey often fought back, but he wasn’t the kind of person to get angry over a few pieces of advice. On the other hand, he felt sorry. If he had been a little more aware, he would have noticed Vodou spreading across the Samaria farm.

“I was instructed by sir Wadanka six months ago. So I mixed small amounts of yellow powder into sir Namir’s food. I had trusted Wadanka’s words that it was medicine beneficial for his health. I swear to God, I didn’t know it was yorunba.”

“You didn’t know it was yorunba?”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

Black Mamba’s eyes turned cold.

“B*stard, how do you know about yorunba? Are you a Vodou follower?”

“No, sir. I attend church religiously. I swear to God, I don’t know about the Vodou religion,” the head cook denied to the best of his ability.

Black Mamba grew irritated. He could detect the church basement’s rotten smell from the head cook’s body. He could fool the heavens but not his nose.

“You dirty b*stard, how many times did you visit the Vodou sanctuary under the church?”

“No, how do you know?

“You lied three times. You will be executed by fire. The execution will proceed this noon.”

“Agh, sir Azrael, please save me. I’m inno—”

Ahmad swung his knife-holder.


The head cook collapsed. Blood poured out of the back of his head. Ahmad dragged the unconscious head cook and threw him in a corner.


Black Mamba pointed at the gardener.

“Sir Azrael, I deserve whatever punishment you decide. I sprinkled yellow powder into the water that I used to spray the flowers in Namir’s room, despite knowing its effects. Wadanka has cursed my daughter. She suffers from pain under her swollen knees and cannot sleep. He told me that in three months, her legs need to be amputated, and if left alone, she will die. He told me he’d release the curse as long as I listened to him. Sir Namir, I thank you for treating us lowly people like humans. I’m really sorry. My wife and daughter know nothing. Sir Azrael, please execute me and me only.” The gardener cried.

“Lackey, this b*stard’s speaking the truth. What do you want to do?” Black Mamba looked at Sun WooHyun.

“Forgive him, I guess. He said his daughter is cursed, right? Damn, family is important after all.”

The corners of Black Mamba’s mouth curled up. He used to be violent, but his personality changed a lot.

“Gardener’s daughter, step forward!” Ombuti shouted.

A teenage girl around the age of 10 limped forward and collapsed. When Black Mamba touched her injury with his hand, the girl flinched in surprise. He could tell she suffered from great pain. Her skin had lost all elasticity due to the swelling. He could dent it if he pressed his finger.

“Ugh, f****** swindlers!”

The glare he briefly directed toward the spellcasters was filled with hatred. He could feel several life forces breathing under the inflamed skin. The symptoms were similar to the child he had treated in Ati, Kitoi, otherwise known as the infection of guinea worms or medina parasites.

“You guys are priests, but you’re deceiving people too? You fed this child water contaminated with parasites, and you’re saying you can fix that, you b*stards?”

Barungo and Wadanka’s faces creased devilishly. While they did contaminate it, there was no way to treat the infection until the guinea worms climbed out of their own accord. Even if they did come out, nothing was solved. The wound must be burned with fire.

“There’s nothing to fear.”

He placed his hand on the scared girl’s leg and activated his resonance waves.


A strong resonance wave rushed out. The powerful vibration shattered the nerves of the guinea worms. The three insects that had been digging their way in the fat under her skin stopped moving. He had to kill them first to stop the pain.

The absorption emptied one side of his body and filled the other side in order to pull them out. The insects were drawn out, one by one. He scratched and pierced the girl’s skin with his nail to create an exit. A white substance floated out of her skin.


Ombuti smiled slightly, while Ibrahim and the rest exclaimed in pleasant surprise. The girl frowned. Pain multiplied during the parasite extraction.

“Hold on a little longer.”

Black Mamba pulled his hand back. A white parasite, which was at least two meters in length, was directly pulled out and stuck onto his palm. The visual playing out was beyond this world.


It was a revolting sight in which parasites were being extracted. There wasn’t a single woman who wouldn’t be surprised. The girl was about to faint.

“Ohhh, all praise Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa!”

“God, look at Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa. He’s creating miracles!” Ibrahim and the rest shouted.

“Quiet, it is but a small talent of wakil’s!” Ombuti shouted proudly.

Now, wakil would reach greater heights with the winged titles of savior and fear. Ombuti had actually recalled the time wakil treated the young girl in Ati when he heard the gardener’s story and worked his way around smoothly to grab the opportunity.

Wakil was someone affectionate. Of course, he would treat her. Once wakil released the spellcasters’ curse, the Vodou religion would be uprooted. Even Black Mamba didn’t notice Ombuti’s behavior.

Three disgusting parasites were dragged out one by one.

“Aishe, give this child some pain reliever and disinfect her wound.”

Black Mamba patted the girl’s head.

“The treatment is over. Your leg won’t hurt anymore. Remember to boil water before you drink it.”

“Sir Azrael, thank you, thank you so much.”

“Thank you, God. I praise the great one.”

The girl and the gardener kneeled before him and cried rivers of tears. Barungo and Wadanka couldn’t hide their astonishment. That wasn’t spellcasting or medical treatment. That was the unknown power of God. If they could learn that method, they would become great spellcasters too. They got excited at that moment, forgetting about their fates.

“The gardener will receive 20 beatings. Lackey, you can carry it out as his victim.”

“Oh, sir Azrael! Thank you so much.”

Ahmad dragged the sobbing gardener out.

“Akra, why did you betray Namir?”

“Oh, I didn’t betray sir Namir. I only wanted to become Namir’s woman. Sir Namir is such a great master, after all. However, he didn’t accept me. I prayed every day in church, and God replied one day. ‘If you ask Wadanka, your wish will be granted.’ I heard God’s voice two times. I asked Wadanka and received a magical powder. Since last month, I sprinkled the powder over the hat and knife that Namir frequently uses. I didn’t know anything. I thought God would grant my wish! I love Namir,” she sobbed.

“Ha, how can that be!”

“That evil b*stard of a spellcaster!”

“Not only did he trick someone, he even used an innocent child! He deserves to die!” Ombuti and the rest burst with anger.

Their teeth chattered at the two men’s extremity, manipulating a child and using her as a tool.

“Akra, you were fooled by the spellcaster. The words you heard weren’t God’s words but the spellcaster’s words.”

“No, I heard it from the heavens.”

“That’s a trick called ventriloquism.”

Disbelief spread across Akra’s face. Black Mamba added sound waves to his resonance. It was a method he had copied from blacky, an Adras.

“Akra!” A voice echoed in the air.

Surprised, Akra looked above her head, then at Black Mamba.

“Akra, do you believe me now!”

Akra’s face turned blue at Azrael’s voice as it echoed in the air once more. Her eyes widened. She glared at Wadanka as though she wanted to kill him.

Ombuti smiled in satisfaction. As expected of wakil, not only was he talented, but he also knew when to grab opportunities. The more ignorant a person was, the more likely they were to be deluded by supernatural occurrences. By showing Akra his ventriloquism, wakil wanted to reveal the spellcasters’ lies to the world.
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