Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 306

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If Black Mamba had read Ombuti’s thoughts, he would have grabbed the back of his neck. He only reenacted the ventriloquism to shake away Akra’s ignorance. Ombuti’s overthinking had no end.

“Akra, although it wasn’t your intention, you fooled your master and harmed him. Namir almost lost his life and turned into a zombie because of you. Do you understand what you’ve done wrong?”

“I’m sorry. I love sir Namir. I’ll gladly receive any punishment since I harmed someone I love.”

Tears streamed down from Akra’s eyes when she realized the gravity of the situation.

Ugh, that damn b*stard who don’t even act his age!

He automatically let out a sigh. He found the girl and Sun WooHyun, who acted immaturely, not realizing a sinkhole was under their feet, which was rather pathetic.

“Lackey, a teenage girl, who isn’t even 15 years old, says she loves you to death. You’re so happy you’ll die, right? Very skilled, I must say,” Black Mamba said, emphasizing the important points of his sentence.

Aishe stifled her laughter, unable to hold back. The men looked at Akra with pity. Sun WooHyun’s face grew red. He’d turned into a lolita while he wasn’t looking. Madness flickered when he looked at Wadanka.

“F****** b*stard! I’m going to kill you.”

Sun WooHyun’s hand quickly reached for Ahmad’s knife. There was no way that Ahmad, who was the Circassian Mamluk heir, would let that pass. He tapped Sun WooHyun’s elbow away and raised his knee. Sun WooHyun instinctively tilted his head back.



An iron-like knee grazed the tip of his chin. Sun WooHyun immediately lost his balance. The stars of the night sky gathered before his eyes. That wasn’t some easy guy. Impulsively mad, Sun WooHyun tried to hit back, but a blade flashed past his eyes the moment he did. A few strands of his hair floated down.

“I’m sorry, sir. Even if you’re sir lackey, I can’t forgive you if you act out in front of Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa,” Ahmad said, lowering his head respectfully.

Namir’s pride was crushed.

“Fine, you b*stard. I’d rather die than be sick!”

Sun WooHyun could only sigh deeply from the lack of energy. A girl whose lower region had yet to grow any hair was talking about love. A dull-looking Arab boy had nearly beaten him up. Sun WooHyun was getting the brunt of misfortune everywhere.

“Akra, you have committed two sins. Firstly, you didn’t step forward even when I gave you a chance. That deserves 10 beatings. Secondly, it’s about your ignorance. Being ignorant is also a sin. I’m putting you up for public execution by fire.”


Akra’s face turned yellow. Surprised, Sun WooHyun, who was about to open his mouth, went silent at Ombuti’s intense glare.

“However, I’ll hold off the execution. You will not sleep more than eight hours until you turn 20. You will study for seven hours a day and care for the sick for three hours a day. The moment you go against these conditions, you’ll be executed. If you study hard and help others until you’re 20, your sins will be nullified. When you turn 20, you can love Namir.”

Black Mamba glanced at Sun WooHyun’s steadily creasing face. The ends of his mouth twitched from trying to hold back his laughter.

“Ohhh! Thank you! Thank you, Sir Azrael!”

Akra, the little girl who was spared from death, shouted her hoorays. Aishe’s eyes filled with tears. No one could hate on Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa.

“Ombuti, take this child to Dr. Edel.”

“What a wise decision, Wakil. This child will become an amazing nurse.”

Ombuti bowed deeply. Sun WooHyun smiled bitterly. His heart sank when Wakil mentioned an execution. If he acted out without thinking at that moment, he would have made a fool of himself again. That was the day Sun WooHyun, who acted like Namir, was shaken off his pedestal.

Sun WooHyun’s humiliation didn’t end there. He felt a pair of cold eyes looking at him.

“Lackey, you messed up the farm and almost became a zombie because you were obsessed with your heroism. Today’s calamity happened because of your worthless actions. When one becomes a leader and holds power, responsibility follows. Responsibility comes with rights, and control comes with power and authority. You gave the workers more without a second thought. Once people grow used to kindness and free things, they consider it their power.”

Black Mamba continued, “B*stards with armbands turned into the new people in power. They are ignorant people who cannot tell apart power, authority, and responsibility. If you didn’t consider the kind of chaos that would follow after giving them a rat’s tail of power, you’re the idiot. Power without control turns into a bat. The employees became modern slaves due to the armbands. You’re a foolish person who’s trying to pick up sesame oil after pouring it all over.”

It was a harsh scolding. Sun WooHyun wanted to dig into the ground. His neck dug into his shoulders.

“I want you to listen to a detailed explanation of your mistakes from Ombuti first. Countless humans died because of the mistake you made as a leader. Your punishment is set for midnight.”

“I’ll receive it willingly,” Sun WooHyun said, lowering his head without a single protest.

Black Mamba turned to look at the employees.

“You must all be pretty surprised. Miss Edel has given authority to the farm to me, Dong-bang-bull-pae. I’m executing the evil spellcasters by fire at midnight. Tell all the farm employees to gather at the mansion by midnight. There will no longer be any blood shedding from now on. All of you are to carry out your tasks faithfully.”

“We thank the master for his generosity.”

“Hooray for Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa!”

The workers, who had felt chills and were breathless, finally cheered.

“Ombuti, I’m going to talk with Mr. Nick for a moment. Try to get as much as you can out of those spellcasters.”

“Wakil, you need to put their jaws back in place.” Ombuti pointed at the spellcasters who were drooling all over the place.

“Ahmad, the spellcasters’ mouths are their weapons. If they don’t speak the truth or act suspicious, cut off their fingers and toes. If that’s not enough, pull out their teeth, cut off their ears, and even their genitals if necessary.”

“Yes, sir! I’ll follow your orders.”

After hurling some hurtful words, Black Mamba fixed the spellcasters’ jaws by tapping on them.

“You should answer well unless you want to turn into zombies.”

Barungo and Wadanka’s faces turned pale. They were better off dead than turning into zombies.

“Nick Wayneright, you and I will have a private conversation.”

“Hurry up and stand, you white swine!”

Ahmad kicked Nick’s butt when he hesitated. Nick followed Black Mamba with a pained expression. Black Mamba climbed the stairs to the second floor but paused and turned.

“Priest, are there any zombies that managed to flee?”

“All the zombies I created were killed by you.”

Barungo glared. It had taken him three years to create those zombies. Just gathering over 10 materials for the drug alone took much effort and money. Without detailed drug concentrations and analyses of physical reactions, people turned into corpses. The 20 zombies he had created over 10 years were all dead. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Barungo, like all madmen, lacked enough logic to understand reality.

“You’re annoying. Do you think you’re invincible? Perhaps you are a chickenhead who lives outside of reality?”

Black Mamba grabbed Barungo’s pinky and twisted it.


His finger moved beyond the limit of the joint and touched his wrist.


His billion’s water armor effortlessly tore off Barungo’s pinky. White tendons drenched in blood and red muscles enveloped his shattered bones. The visual impact was horrifying.


Barungo trembled, unable to bear the pain. Tears and snot poured down his face.


The sound of an exploding watermelon rang. Barungo, who received a flick of Black Mamba’s fingers on his forehead, fainted with his eyes rolled back.

“You think I left you alone because I don’t know how to torture people? It’s because I want to create a normal zombie. You have nine more fingers left, and the Englishman has 10 left.”

Black Mamba turned to look at Nick with his cold eyes.


Where he was standing, Nick’s pants turned yellow.

“Oh, why would you, an adult, pee in your pants? Let’s end this since we’ve started it anyway.”

Black mamba grabbed Barungo’s ring finger.

“N…no, enough, please enough! Ugh!”

“No, let’s pull out just one more. You’ll still have eight left.”


His ring finger broke. Unlike his pinky finger, the broken bone tore through his skin and popped out.


Black Mamba grabbed his middle finger.

“Stop! Enough! The five zombies created by my teacher escaped 25 years ago. I managed to catch two but lost three,” Barungo replied immediately.

“And the lifespan of zombies?”

“It’s different depending on the ingredients and rank. The runaway zombies were of the highest rank. They can move for more than 100 years.”

“Can their hands turn into a crow’s feet?”

“Countless Vodun Houngans attempted to create a chimera, but no one succeeded. If you cut off a finger, the life force gathers around the remaining fingers. When the remaining fingers are treated with medicine, they become stronger. I wasn’t knowledgeable back then, so I don’t know my master’s works in detail.”

“See? It’s nice to answer properly. It was hard on you, right? Aishe, treat this person for me.”

Black Mamba’s expression turned warm like the spring wind after obtaining the information he wanted.

“It’s the Janus devil!”

Nick instinctively quivered. How could a human behave that way! He had never seen an evil man like him in his entire 50 years of life. Barungo was an angel compared to that b*stard.

In the Samaria farm’s office, Black Mamba and Nick faced each other with a table in between them. Even with hot coffee served, the mood wasn’t that great.

Was this b*stard really locked up in jail?

Black Mamba glared at Nick, who was round and lumpy. He couldn’t believe that the man had been locked up in jail for over a year. His aunt and uncle’s faces overlapped with Nick’s. Nick was a madman who had killed his brother. He had also planned to turn his niece into his daughter-in-law. Black Mamba’s entire body squirmed just by the sight of him. It was as though a germ had spread.

Currently, the legal owner of the Samaria farm was Nick Wayneright. If he killed the b*stard, the farm’s ownership would become a problem. Nick paid his dues to England and paid the employees’ taxes and maintenance to Chad. He had to legally change the farm’s ownership so that no trouble would appear later on.

Nick felt as though his brain was about to be drilled through. He was tired of the other person’s glare. For 10 minutes, he didn’t even blink once. Nick didn’t dare touch the coffee. Although he was an evil man who had killed his brother and stolen his wealth, devils were not his kind of opponents, considering the type of evil work he did.

“Nick Wayneright Edel, you are the second son born to the Wayneright Edel family and Dr. Colton Nick Wayneright Edel’s brother by blood, am I right?”


“Nick, I only respect people who deserve to be respected. Unfortunately, you do not meet the criteria. I will not ask you twice. If you answer wrongly or slowly, I will pull your finger. If you run out of fingers, I will pull your toes. If there aren’t enough arms and legs, I will pull out your head. If our conversation proceeds well, we will part on good terms.”

“Wh…what kind of barbaric situation is this! I am Great Britain’s noble, a completely different tier from that b*stard Barungo. If you’re a gentleman, you should treat me like one,” Nick strongly protested.

The Great British Empire was behind him. The Great British Empire wasn’t a pushover country that ignored the safety of the nobles. That b*stard’s subordinate, Namir, hadn’t been able to hurt him and locked him up instead.

“I’m not a gentleman. I’m Asura, who climbed out of the dark and damp hell. If you do not answer my questions properly, you will come to understand why I’m Asura.”

Nick’s heart quivered at the eerie smile that was plastered on the devil’s face.


Unable to retaliate, he could only breathe.

“You worked with Barungo to start a rebellion, do you agree?”

“Why would I work with Barungo, who’s a station lower than me? He’s an evil Vodou spellcaster. Barungo betrayed me when Namir appeared and immediately sided with him. If he was on the same side as me, why did he do that?” Nick disagreed quickly.

He had to feign ignorance of his brother’s death until the end. If not, he would lose the trial, and Edel would gain all of his wealth.

“This is not the Great British court. As you can see, my subordinates are rough. Barungo is bound to name the number of grains he ate a year ago. What do you think I’ll do once I discover your lies? Why did you kill your brother?”

Nick’s face creased devilishly. He had only been thinking of the dead Enduma and not Barungo. Nick mumbled for a while before opening his mouth.

“I didn’t kill my brother. Barungo used me. My brother spent most of his farm profits on those useless N*gros. He built them houses, built a hospital, and provided them food using 70 percent of the farm’s profit. I invested in this farm. I was only trying to protect the wealth that seemed to disappear as though it was water being poured into a bottomless hole. Enduma worked with Barungo to kill my brother. I didn’t know. I’m speaking the truth. I can swear to God.”

“Ha! You’ll be speaking the truth soon.” Black Mamba snorted.

Edel had been hiding under a cotton tree back then. She said that through her uncle’s monologue, she discovered that her uncle had orchestrated the entire murder. The Turkish MIT agent, Havuç, was right. Like a stereotype, liars always swore to God.

“Who are the current shareholders?”

“I own 90 percent, and the Oriental governor owns 10 percent.”

“You bribed the governor with 10 percent of the shares?”

“You need to hold hands with powerful people in Africa to operate. Bribes are essentials.”

“Nick, what was your original share?”

“50 percent.”

Black Mamba’s left hand moved at the speed of light.



He bent Nick’s finger and returned to his seat. It was as though Nick’s finger had broken on its own.
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