Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 317

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The chimera monster’s head was as strong as the stone monkey Sun Wukong’s, no, Black Mamba’s head.

Ha, what the f***?!

The unexpected revelation caused Black Mamba to go off balance.


Nails like blades grazed his lower body. Surprised, Black Mamba reflexively pushed it back with his billion’s water armor.


The sound of an explosion rang. No matter how strong a monster’s head was, it couldn’t defeat an ancient unique item like the billion’s water armor. The monster’s nails shattered like glass, and its fingers, which were as thick as cucumbers, crushed.


The monster that was about to pull itself out of the ground went back in.

The first monster managed to shake off the damage from getting shot in that brief exchange.


Bullets with crushed heads fell to the ground. The monster charged forward, swinging both of its arms.


Despite its 400-kilogram body, it moved like a rhinoceros. It was comparable to water pouring out of a dam.


Black Mamba’s body shot sideways as though he was wire-flying.


The monster then jumped out of the ground to chase after Black Mamba. It quickly caught up to Black Mamba’s speed. As soon as the monster got to its feet, the other monster joined in. It was the beginning of a physical battle between two monsters and a human.

When black and yellow met, the sound of impacts rang, and both sides fell back instantly. A total distance of 10 meters, followed by 20 meters, was overcome at once. A series of explosions rang again, causing dust to rise.

The audience tried to concentrate on the scene with bloodshot eyes but couldn’t get a clear view of their movements. If an impact rang, they knew someone had been hit, and when one fell back, they knew it was the monsters that had been hit. That was the limit of their ordinary eyesight.

Professor Shernion slowly raised his camera. Ahmad quietly pushed down his arm.

“Professor, you are one of Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa’s friends.”

“Since I’m his friend, I have to document this great scene.”

“My master doesn’t want to be exposed to the world.” Ahmad’s gaze grew cold.

He looked like he would confiscate Professor Shernion’s camera if he insisted.

“Sorry! It’s my curiosity talking.”

Professor Shernion’s face grew slightly red. No good would come of his friend’s abilities being made known to the world. Professor Orifice tried to break the awkward mood.

“Look at that. The dead guy came back to life. How is that creature still alive after getting shot? Am I dreaming?”

“Zombies created by Vodou priests won’t die after several rounds of bullet shots. My master destroyed dozens of them at the farm in Doba. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Oh, look at that!” Professor Orifice shouted.

The situation was escalating violently. The monster had used its friend’s shoulder as a springboard to flip in the air like an acrobat and kicked Black Mamba’s head. It looked like a lively bird despite its heavy body.


Black Mamba flinched back at the unexpected attack. Black Mamba’s head was about as strong as an Epidium’s. His sturdy neck muscles dismantled the shock. As the blow took effect, the two monsters rushed in, springing from the ground. A black line was drawn in the air.

Black Mamba’s body shook from side to side. With the fearless steps activated, his body swayed like a falling leaf.


Nails like blades grazed his chest. One of the monsters attacked from behind.


Black Mamba grabbed the monster’s head and turned to face its back. His fingers dug deep inside the monster’s skull. The billion’s water armor inflicted damage that seemed to imitate the effects of the Nine Yin White Bone Claw. The monster couldn’t bear the pain of its holed head.

As the first monster attempted to escape Black Mamba’s grasp, the other monster had rushed in from the other side and dug its claws into its friend’s chest.


A desperate cry sounded.

Black Mamba attached himself to the monster, tucked in his lower body, and swung the monster’s upper body around. Like a radish, the 400-kilogram body was lifted out of the ground and spun once in the air.


The large body landed on the ground like a nail being hammered in. It was a strong flip, enough to cause the ground to quake. The monster’s skull, which was in the grasp of his billion’s water armor, fell out with that impact.

There was one more to go.


An iron-like shoulder crashed into Black Mamba. It was an unyielding crash. Black Mamba rolled on the ground after being flung several meters away.

“No, we’re in trouble! Dubai’s been done in!” Professor Orifice shouted in surprise.

Blood drained from Professor Shernion’s face. Even Ahmad trembled in fear. Although he had turned one monster into a paste by flipping it onto the ground, he ended up becoming a paste in the process too.

“Dear Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name-” Professor Orifice and Professor Shernion kneeled and prayed instead of yelling about that one solid blow in life like they always did.

Tigers were tigers, and cats were cats.

Ahmad raised the radio.

“Jamal, Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa has been-”

“I saw.”

“Can’t you shoot it with your Barrett?”

“Those b*stards are too fast. I can’t aim at it with my skills.”

“Should I go help?”

“With your toothpick-like shamshir? Don’t overstep your boundaries. Our master is Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa. Someone like him won’t even blink at that impact.

“Yes, sir.”

Ahmad shoved the radio, which he’d been holding, into his pocket. His nerves made it hard for him to relax his fingers. That monster remained fine even after receiving several rounds of bullets. His usually steady limbs trembled in fear. Even his trustworthy shamshir looked like a toothpick.

The amused monster started tittering to the point that rocks would have shattered. Black Mamba, who’d flown like a soccer ball, struggled to stand. If the Boss-saurus’ tendon hadn’t protected him, his spine would have already shattered.


The ends of the monster’s mouth curled up. It looked satisfied.

“You’re laughing? Oh, you’re dead!”


The rock, which received the damage, crumbled. A yellow line bolted toward the laughing monster’s hands.


The monster ended up being pushed back by the same shoulder crash it attempted. There was a distinct difference in force between one weighing 400 kilograms and 80 kilograms. Black Mamba followed the retreating monster like a shadow.


He grabbed the monster’s neck with his fingers. The billion’s water armor effortlessly sliced the tough neck as though he was slicing through water.


Blood poured out of its neck like a fountain. It was a neck thicker than that of a middle-aged woman who had given birth to several kids. By the time one-third of its neck had received damage, a bluish gel was excreted to seal the wound. The blood stopped gushing immediately.

“What kind of cheat ability is that?”

Angered, Black Mamba grabbed the monster’s head and flew into the air before whirling it around like a spinner. The monster’s neck twisted like churros.


An eerie sound rang. Its muscles twisted, and its cervical spine broke. The monster’s neck snapped like a ripe cucumber tip. The monster collapsed onto the ground.

Huh! This is really amazing.

He stared down at both of his hands. He’d never used the billion’s water armor properly in battle. Blacky was right when it said that the glove would increase his muscular strength by fivefold. His muscles were similar to a thoroughbred, a racing horse. With the strength of five horses, coupled with the five combined movement’s Fierce Retributive Turning Point, a monstrous strength was created. The Fierce Retributive Turning Point was a method that hawks utilized to end their prey’s life in the air. They grabbed their prey’s neck with one claw and spun its body around like a spinner.

It was against the rules to use his best weapon against a sparring competitor. He wouldn’t be able to estimate the monster’s actual battle capacity with that.

“I shouldn’t use my hands at all if possible.”


The monster that had turned into a lump of paste raised its head and howled. Did the monsters share a connection? Black Mamba felt the release of anger and sadness from its howl.

“Come on!”


The monster rushed in, jumping off the ground.


Bang bang—

The monster and human sparred. Although Black Mamba wasn’t short, when compared to the monster, it looked like a fight between an adult and a child.

Although the monster was pushed back, its body was at its strongest.


Black Mamba jerked back after receiving a blow of the monster’s front foot to his chest. He’d stolen its chance to counterattack by moving in quickly, but the impact was significant. There were two ways to reduce the impact. One was to move forward or backward to distract the opponent or twist the point of impact and let it sweep by. Talented people usually chose the latter. It was to save the sequence of movements.


The monster shoved its jaw forward like a cannon, excited from dealing with a blow. Black Mamba’s shoulder, which had become its target, dropped down. Teeth that couldn’t bite onto anything clattered.

“B*stard, your breath stinks.”


The Circular Elevation drummed on the monster. After receiving 19 blows, the monster swayed as though it was drunk. Black Mamba’s expression took a twist. That b*stard hadn’t received much damage. Its bones and hide were solid.

His feet ached from drumming on the monster. A grizzly bear’s spine would break with a single kick from him. How long could an elephant or a rhino last?


The monster shook off the damage instantly and ran forth again. It had an impressive recovery ability.

“I’ll dice you like garlic.”

He used the 18 beats of shock for the first time in a long while. His punch landed on its face, and his elbow landed on its head. His knees shot up to its chest, and the tip of his feet knocked its chin.


36 attacks were delivered in one breath. The monster moved back in a frenzy. There was no way the monster could stand a series of blows that Ocelot couldn’t. The monster that was diced like garlic collapsed like an empty sack of potatoes.


The audience’s mouths dropped open at the dogfight between man and monster. They could hear the impacts ringing 400 meters away from the scene.

“I feel sorry for the monster.”

“Which monster are you talking about? I feel like Dubai’s the monster here,” Professor Orifice replied sarcastically.

“One b*stard got its neck pulled out, and the other’s being beaten to death, don’t you think it’s pitiful?”

“It’s a little pitiful. Oh damn, look, that b*stard got completely wiped out. Dubai’s got no mercy.”

Professor Orifice and Professor Shernion entered spectator mode once more.

The monster struggled to raise itself. A blurry light poured out of its eyes.

“Ha, this is a b*stard with an extraordinary battle capacity!”

It must have broken at least a dozen bones. A metal stick wouldn’t have withstood it, and yet its brutality didn’t die down a bit. It was really a berserker.

“I’ve read your ability now. You fake s***s will die from blacky’s single attack.”

The monster’s physical abilities were exceptional but not as strong as Ocelot’s. They had similar speed, but the monster’s muscular strength was at 50 percent. It seemed as though five monsters rushing in together could measure up to Ocelot’s physical abilities or perhaps 10 since their brains weren’t as sharp?



It was a head butting from a mad bull. Black Mamba’s forehead, which launched like a cannonball, landed on the monster’s chest. Both of his hands swept past the monster’s neck like scissors when it flinched. The monster’s neck of more than a foot thick was sliced off.


Blood spewed up into the air. The headless monster spun in its place for a while before collapsing.

Like a mirage, the sound of the wind and whistling sand settled in the silence.

“You poor creature made of human greed, I apologize on behalf of those dirty humans,” Black Mamba recited a short prayer.


Black Mamba’s eyes widened. The monsters’ bodies began to melt. There were even blue flames licking around their edges like paper burning under a magnifying glass. Only their white bones remained in less than five minutes. It was the monster’s weakness that director Davis had mentioned—sunlight.

He roughly understood the chimera monster’s combat power. Their three strengths were: ELF attack, speed, and unimaginable strength. Without the billion’s water armor, it’d have taken him a while to fight those b*stards. Their ability to block bullets, especially, was nightmarish. What if those b*stards were released into the cities in hordes? The thought itself was daunting.

“Damn b*stards, I won’t forgive you.”

Black Mamba’s eyes glowed in blue. There was no way that such a creature could be born in nature. Those who mocked the lives of others deserved to have their own lives ridiculed in return.


He searched the lake with his dimensional sight. He didn’t detect any signs of life on his radar. All he could detect were fishes swimming in the water, insects, small underground crawlers, and more insects.

“Where did the zombie go?”

Although weak, zombies also left behind signs of human life. If it existed in his scan range, his radar would have detected it too.



The audience dispersed.

“You’ve worked hard, sir.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t of much help.” Mohammad and Ibrahim lowered their heads.

“Don’t worry. They aren’t monsters that you can suppress with your abilities.”

All that remained of the monsters were their bones and sticky substances. Professor Orifice, Professor Shernion, and the five Syrian individuals looked down at the monsters’ remnants with complicated expressions.

The monsters’ fearsome aura and battle abilities had turned their limbs to jelly. Tired gazes moved toward Black Mamba. They were looking at the original monster who could beat up all other monsters.

As a protector of the Christian Orthodoxes, Mohammad’s face grew dim. If such monsters appeared when Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa wasn’t there, Novatopia would cease to exist.

“Don’t we have to take care of their remains?”

“There’s something I’d like to talk to you about, personally.”

Black Mamba and Mohammad moved to a different location.

“Whether those are modified DNA creatures or transplantation subjects, they’re not ordinary beings. From my judgment, there’s someone behind their creation.”

Black Mamba nodded silently.

“Although it’s hard to guess who’s behind this, the person must be checking in on the monsters’ movements and gathering data.”

“The person who released such a monster is the true monster here. I intend to get rid of those controlling b*stards too.”
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