Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 327

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A full chest, slightly lifted chin, a tiny waist, exposed arms and legs, and a little belly button—it was the arrival of a French Haute Couture[1] show model. The rock-filled desert turned into a red carpet when she walked, and the dark desert was filled with light.

“Ooh, que c’est-qui passe!”[2]

“Olla, ange! Ange!”[3]

The group of mercenaries, whose eyes were purified, roared and hollered and tossed their hats and tops. Those in military uniforms could mistake a pole with a skirt wrapped around it as a woman. They were bound to go mad at the sight of a woman they could only dream of. Of course, they behaved in such a pathetic manner because they had nowhere to release their sexual frustrations.

“That…that crazy b****! What kind of woman does-”

Aishe frothed at the mouth.

“Shut up! She’s Sir Ddu-bai-buru-pa’s woman!” Jamal shouted.

He had heard stories from Aklankuru Ombuti about his master’s woman, Edel, to the point that his ears almost bled. Although Aklankuru’s description of Edel’s dressing style was different, he could recognize her instantly.


Surprised, Aishe covered her mouth with both of her hands. She was more surprised by the appearance of her master’s woman than Jamal’s screams.


Samedi’s eyes flashed. He raised the shovel and rushed forward.



He shoveled the surface at a fearsome speed.


The rocks that scattered like peas were pushed aside, and the holes were filled. A spotless red carpet was created in the place where the human bulldozer passed.


Samedi placed the shovel over his shoulder and gave the cheering soldiers a sweeping glare. The faces of the airborne force instantly creased.

“No way! Is that really Edel?”

Black Mamba’s eyes widened like a bull’s. Although her face was hidden behind a wide-brimmed capeline, he could immediately tell it was Edel. No, he would have recognized her by her unique pheromones, even if she was wearing a niqab.

But recognizing her wasn’t the problem. Clothes that barely covered her chest and butt, the misbaha that hung off her thin neck, the gold bracelet on her left wrist, the earrings on her ears, and the high heels she wore—that was a style commonly seen on Nice’s beach. Was that woman really Edel! Surprised, Black Mamba stood still. He didn’t know that Edel had taken Bassel’s well-meaning advice to change.


A clear soprano voice echoed throughout Jipoon Dari. Edel fluttered over like a butterfly once she spotted Black Mamba. Her capeline was blown away by the wind. Her thick golden hair flowed with the Sahara wind. The sunlight beamed down like arrows scattered with golden dust.


When her face was revealed, the soldiers’ roars shook the desert.

“Hey, Shernion, is the treasure I’m seeing in front of me really a woman?”

“She’s a rare beauty. An ethereal woman to a supernormal man, I suppose?”

“Ugh, if only I was 30 years younger.”

“Why? You want to contest Dubai?”

“It’ll be hard, right?”

“Orifice, I don’t want to visit your grave with white chrysanthemums. Stop joking around and take good care of Isabelle. First wives are the best, no matter what the rest says.”

“But I get jealous when I see flawless people.”

Men were men despite their age. Professor Orifice and Professor Shernion couldn’t take their eyes off either.

That was Edel’s first time in high heels. She swayed as though she’d fall at any moment. If Samedi hadn’t smoothed out the road, she would have slipped a long time ago.


In the end, Edel stumbled as her ankles gave out.


Surprised, Black Mamba teleported in her direction.



Her narrow shoulders landed right on his broad chest.


Full breasts that her narrow shoulders couldn’t support crashed into his chest. Black Mamba’s mind was swarmed with thoughts. He unknowingly dragged Edel closer. A slight lavender scent filled his mind.

The cheering stopped. A strange silence enveloped Jipoon Dari.


Deep sighs escaped from the crowd of males. Their collective sighs seemed to have pushed back the Sahara wind. 600 eyes stared intently at the embracing couple.


Red eyes were directed at the soldiers.

“No, don’t!”

Surprised, Ahmad and Jamal grabbed Samedi’s waist. That was a guy who did whatever he was asked to do. They could almost visualize human eyes rolling on the ground.

Samedi shook his waist. Jamal and Ahmad were flung away like threshed straws. Samedi charged forward and stood behind Edel’s back, blocking her from the starved wolves’ sight.

“And who is this?”

Edel turned to look at Black Mamba.

“He’s Samedi. A new family member.”

Edel smiled when he said the word “family.” Dubai always seemed to attract unique people around him.

“Samedi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Edel!”

Edel bowed a little. Samedi’s mouth split into a wide smile.

“I-am-Samedi. I-protect-master’s-woman.”

“Thank you, Mr. Samedi.”

Edel’s face blossomed like a flower at noon in the middle of May. Although the people around Dubai were all of different races and ethnicities, they all had one thing in common. They were pure and loyal people.


Samedi twisted his body shyly.

“How did you get here?”

“Uncle Ombuti sent me.”

Ugh, that old man is overstepping boundaries again!

Black Mamba swallowed back a sigh. It meant he’d sent over Edel even when he knew Black Mamba was avoiding her. What was he supposed to do with her there! He was tired of Ombuti’s persistence.

“Edel, he sent you here alone, without a single guard?” Black Mamba’s voice was slightly raised.

“I argued my way over, so don’t blame uncle Ombuti. Mr. Lackey’s here anyway, so what could possibly happen?”

“Lackey’s here?”

“Yes. I came here to work. I brought Bassel with me.”


“There’s no doctor here.”

Black Mamba’s eyes turned to look at the man and woman getting off the cabin. A slender Arab beauty and a dark-skinned Asian man—they were Bassel and Sun WooHyun. Black Mamba’s brows were raised. Sun WooHyun ran over and lowered his head.

“Wakil, I really didn’t try to come. Aklankuru, no, Hadritak Ombuti sent me.”

Sun WooHyun was terrified of Black Mamba’s creased face ever since the beating he had received in Doba. Although he was brave, he was still human. One was not human if they remained fearless around someone who had sliced 100s of people with a wire, as though they were cutting radish.

“Whatever, just take good care of Edel. How’s your body?”

“I got better after you beat me up, wakil. I can knock out that guy with one punch.”

Sun WooHyun turned and looked arrogantly at Ahmad. Sun WooHyun was someone who held long grudges. There was no way he could forget about the time in Doba when Ahmad had beaten him up.

“Hehe, we can only tell what’s long or short once we compare. I’ll bury you in the sand.” Ahmad smiled as he stepped forward.

After receiving the Hanukudashu[4] from Ddu-bai-buru-pa, his body grew lighter. He even felt like he could fly. His hands were tingling anyway. Samedi pressed down on Ahmad’s shoulder with hands that were as thick as a pot lid.


Ahmad’s knees gave in. That guy wasn’t a human but a heavy weapon.


Ugh, this b*stard isn’t even human.

Ahmad quietly conceded. Zombie Samedi, who could still fight even after getting impaled with a dagger, was undefeatable.

These kids, they’ll be fighting soon. Hehe, these cute little b*stards!

Black Mamba smiled. Although they were people who’d cower before blacky, Sun WooHyun, Ahmad, and Samedi had long surpassed the limits of human bodies. Males were bound to fight once they gathered to organize ranks. Of course, he didn’t intend to interfere. Men grew closer through fistfights.

“So, what exactly are you wearing?”

“Isn’t it pretty?”

Edel made an expression as though she was about to cry.

“It’s pretty. It’s just not suitable for the desert. Can your skin handle the sun? You’ll get blisters.”

“Hmph, don’t pretend as though you care. I’m the doctor. I’m satisfied with just your compliments. I’m about to die of embarrassment. Bassel, can you hand me the clothes?”

Edel smiled as she glared sideways.


The Adam’s apples of the men in uniform bobbed in unison. According to a useless organization’s research, Italian men were renowned playboys in the world, followed by French men. The soldiers’ souls left their bodies at her glare.

Edel wore her gown and changed her heels to flats. Her white arms and legs disappeared, her full chest and stomach too. The rebellious and sexy woman turned into a neat doctor.


The airborne force collectively sighed in regret.

“Dubai, don’t misunderstand me. Bassel taught me that men only like women if they’re sexy. I heard what happened in Doba from uncle. I heard you organized the farm and even took care of the governor. You have the ability to handle a decade’s worth of issues immediately. How is this place? I see you’ve already developed the groundwater. It wouldn’t be difficult with your abilities.”

Her lips, which were like flower petals, fluttered endlessly. Black Mamba felt dizzy.

“Edel, I need to leave this place soon. I need to wander around Novatopia for a week to look for aquifers. I also need to return to my hometown to take care of urgent business.”

Edel grew resolute.

“Hmph, you’re busy as always. I’m not a stupid woman who will hold back the man I love. You concentrate on your work. I will focus on mine. You’re someone with a mind stronger than your body. Because you’re such a strong man, you don’t even consider yourself. I want you to enjoy your life. I will always be at the same place. You only need to think of me when you’re tired or when you need rest. A port exists because of boats, and a boat is bound to return to the port.”


Edel’s calm voice echoed in his mind. Could there be a nobler woman than her in this world! What man wouldn’t love such a woman? Just like ice cream, Black Mamba felt like his heart was melting. He carefully embraced her slim body.

“Edel, I can’t dare to speak of love, but I promise you one thing. When I’m tired, I’ll think of you. No, maybe always.”


Edel swayed. Although it wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear, Dubai had acknowledged her. Chills ran down her head to her toes. Her body melted like ice cream. Strong arms wrapped around her waist. Tears pooled in Edel’s eyes. She felt as though she had the whole world in her hands because of one man’s confession.

“You do know how to say sweet words to a woman. I don’t like it, but that’s so much like you. Who else could hear those words from you!”

Tears that had gathered in her eyes streamed down.

“Th…that’s, well!”

Black Mamba stuttered for a moment before he wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks with his rough hands. They moved carefully, as though they were touching flower petals. He was wearing the billion’s water armor, so he had to be careful lest he hurt her face.

“I won’t ask what you’re planning to do or where. You’re a just and gracious person. I told you that women desire men who can empathize. It’s true. I empathize with your soul and yearn for your body. I’m always on your side. So, I’ll take care of your followers and their health. You may think I’m very naive, but I have my own kind of determination.”

Edel rolled back her sleeve and shook her flexed arm.

You idiot, what are you doing!

Edel wanted to smack her own mouth. “I’ve missed you.” “I love you.” Those were words she had planned to say. However, her mouth had betrayed her instead. The moment she saw Dubai, she suddenly couldn’t remember the sweet words she had learned from Bassel. She wanted to pour out countless words like grains of sand, but she said tear-jerking lines instead. Her damn mouth!

“Mm, it’s strong. You could win Samedi in an arm wrestling fight.” Black Mamba smiled.

Apart from showing her muscles, her arms also exuded a fresh scent.

“Uncle’s gathering people. Professor Giz will be here too. If we build a hospital here and learn from the professor while treating people, you won’t have time to think about yourself. You’re young, and I’m young. We are both healthy, physically and mentally. You said the heavens gave us skills so that we can put them to use. You can do your work without any worries.”


Black Mamba felt sorry. She was a wise woman who could control her emotional outbursts and made others feel comfortable. She was a woman who smelled lovely without perfume. She was a woman who looked appealing even in a gown, a woman who glowed without makeup, and a woman who remained graceful even when she swore. She was a woman who fulfilled every requirement a man desired. Although, it would have been perfect if she was a good cook.

“Mr. Jamal!”

When Edel called, Jamal made his way over quickly.

“What is the name of this place?”

“Mahdi named it Jipoon Dari.”

“Dubai, is there any specific meaning behind Jipoon Dari?”

“It’s the name of my hometown.”

“Ah! Then, my hometown is Jipoon Dari from today onward. Mr. Jamal, please build a hospital. People will be gathering here soon. I think that hilltop would make a wonderful spot.”

“Yes, we’ll get started on it immediately. Lieutenant colonel, we have a more urgent construction at hand other than the airfield.”

Jamal dragged lieutenant colonel Sirbang away.

“Dubai, you won’t be leaving immediately, right?”


Black Mamba looked at the aquifer scouting team, who were prepared to set out. All 20 members of the scouting team on standby shook their hands and heads frantically. It was a strong gesture of refusal. Edel’s face blossomed like a rose at noon in the middle of May.

“You’re robbed of your will for today.”

Edel attached herself by Black Mamba’s side and linked her arm with his. Although she had forgotten most of Bassel’s teachings, she didn’t forget one thing. There had to be a push-and-pull between a man and a woman. She had to pull whenever she had the opportunity.

Black Mamba was helplessly dragged away by the determined Edel. Samedi’s eyes widened as his scary master was dragged away by the fragile-looking woman.


Afwerki, who was lying down on the field bed, started laughing.

“Of course. Even the strongest men are born and raised by women.”

Although there were countless records of national treasure Ddu-bai-buru-pa’s activities, nothing from that day remained.

Black Mamba traveled around Ennedi for a week with the terrain analysis team. They found 10 sites for excavation. There was barely a month left until the national examinations. Ombuti could accomplish the rest by leading the professional team.

The Dassault Falcon flew toward the Red Sea from Fada Airport. Samedi was added to the passenger list.

On November 18, 1984, Black Mamba boarded a plane to Korea from de Gaulle Airport. He refused to take his personal jet and decided to travel with an airline instead. He disliked using his personal jet unless it was for urgent matters. The countryside boy from the bridge wasn’t used to the VVIP treatment. He would never get used to it. Another reason was because of the security at Gimpo Airport. His quiet life would become noisy if he gained the attention of the CIA hounds.

“Was there a Peanut Airline?”

Black Mamba tilted his head once he got off the jet bridge at Singapore Airport. The sign on the transit flight stated “Groundnut Airline.”

“Well, there’s a company called Rice Electronics, so why not a Peanut Airline?”

After settling beside Samedi in the first-class seat, a stewardess approached and served Black Mamba peanuts on a silver plate.

“Sir, this is a seven-hour flight. Groundnut Airline serves premium peanut maca paste to first-class passengers as snacks. They’re the finest peanuts grown by the CEO in Hawaii.”

“The peanuts from our country are sweet, so is there a reason why he farmed them all the way in Hawaii?”

“The peanuts from Korea are distributed to the military.”

Did Jeon Du Hwan’s lackeys supply rotten peanuts to the military?

Black Mamba grew confused at the unexpected words. It seemed as though many things had happened while he was out of the country.

“But is there a reason why you have to serve them on a silver plate? I like eating them out of a bag, like the popcorn you eat while watching a movie in the theater.”

“Th…you can’t do that,” the stewardess firmly denied.

It seemed as though her life would end if she gave him a bag.

“No, I want the bag.”

Surprised, the stewardess glanced back at the rear cabin.

“Sir, please! I’ll get fired if the boss finds out.”

“Huh, are you joking? What kind of company fires an employee for giving a bag of peanuts to a passenger?”

“Please, you don’t understand. There’s already been an incident. I’ll even give you a plane model and calendar as gifts, so please, take the plate.” The stewardess cried as she kneeled on the floor.

“Huh, I can’t let a pretty girl cry. Fine. Just give me the plate.”

After the stewardess returned to the waiting area, Black Mamba complained.

“Damn, what’s this about overseas farming? What’s maca paste? This company’s boss is the Kanma. Samedi, you eat all of this.”

[1] The creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing.

[2] “Ooh, God, what is this!”

[3] “Olla, angel! Angel”

[4] Soul-Returning Pain Administration in Korean transliteration.
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