Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 334

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Fashion went hand in hand with the increase of disposable income. In the 1970s, the Koreans’ disposable income, which was driven by industrialization, increased rapidly. The clothing market exploded when clothing gained recognition as fashion beyond the level of daily necessities.

Polyester cotton blends and corduroy (golden) produced by Good Heart Oil were products that couldn’t be found elsewhere. Wholesalers of Seomun Market would wait outside the factory doors from dawn to receive their supplies.

Madam Jang’s greed developed like fire as the company grew bigger. More than half of her family’s money had been used to start up Good Heart Transportation. Her husband had used the money he had earned from operating the lodgings to start the oil company. In the end, Good Heart Oil was Jang’s company, not Park’s. At least, that was so for Madam Jang.

“That’s good. Lawyer Lee, please push for the issuance of convertible bonds as soon as possible. My family will take all of it. Of course, we’ll have to borrow a few people’s names, so I’ll have to leave the title laundering to you, too.”

“Don’t worry, Madam. Boss Park’s already leaning toward CB.”

Madam Jang’s face brightened up at lawyer Lee’s words. She was an executive, at least by title. She knew how desperately they needed to expand their facilities. Due to the company’s rapid growth, there was a shortage of funds. They had no choice but to loan from a third party to construct their third factory. Her scrooge-like, short, sh**head husband had exhausted his mind over the possibility of his shares decreasing and the interest burden.

Hm, that old man’s planning to invite and feed that lowly thing, but I’ll never let that happen even if dirt gets in my eyes.

Madam Jang pressed her thin lips together. Her husband had changed ever since Mu Ssang left their house. He missed his brother’s son and pounded at his chest for doing unforgivable things to his nephew.

Madam Jang grew speechless at his actions. Exactly what did they do wrong? Mu Ssang was the ungrateful one. Even animals recognized their master when they were fed and given a roof to sleep under. Gratefulness should be engraved in that brat’s bones since she had fed and allowed him to live with them for five years. However, that ungrateful b*stard had cursed them out and left. Everyone had a station in life. If one was born poor, one had to lower their head and live quietly to survive.

It was clear his poor upbringing didn’t go anywhere when he glared and spoke back to his aunt. She was cursed at by the entire village because of his sudden disappearance. Just thinking about how she was pointed at made her boil with anger.

As the company flourished, her husband also became braver. He didn’t listen to her now, which was something he did in the past. They had been fighting over management rights for a long time. Whenever she mentioned her family when they were discussing Good Heart Lodgings and Good Heart Oil, a war broke out.

A few days ago, her husband said he’d rule out any full-time recruitment and practice open recruitment in the future. That decision had betrayed her family’s investment. He was a cold-blooded person who disregarded his wife’s opinion. What were her family members supposed to do? They already took bribes from other people who wanted a position in the company.

She didn’t know why the man was behaving so greedily when he didn’t have long to live. He wasn’t planning on handing over the company either. The entire Jang family was anxious regarding the matter.

The saying that blood was thicker than water was an irrefutable truth. She was Jang’s daughter, not Park’s family. It was the same for her husband. “An arm bends inwards.” The problem was her son. Wu Tak had no intention of learning how to run a company. He was too busy hanging out with gang members who rode motorbikes.

After Wu Tak was Mu Ssang. No matter how deep she had looked into her husband’s family tree, there wasn’t a single genius or any relative in good relations with her husband. Mu Ssang was smart and had a good personality. He was a brat with endless tenacity no matter how much she had stepped on him. The b*stard had left the house even before he could complete high school and went to study on his own. On top of that, he placed first in the region. No matter how highly she thought of her son, Wu Tak wasn’t better than Mu Ssang. There was no concrete evidence that proved her husband was considering Mu Ssang as his successor. Her husband’s regret for his past actions had simply triggered her sensitivity.

She had sent Mu Ssang to jail with a rape charge because she wanted to prepare for the future. Nipping the bud ensured fewer regrets. The deprivation of the soul’s permanent seal was also an extension of such contingency. In any case, that was an opportunity to make Good Heart Oil the Jang family’s lifeline.

Amid Madam Jang’s thoughts, lawyer Lee rose from his seat.

“I’ll have to leave now. Try meeting Boss Park sometime later, Madam.”

“Thank you. I’ve put one in for your petrol fee.”

Madam Jang pulled out an envelope from her handbag.

“Oh no, you shouldn’t have.”

Despite what he said, lawyer Lee received the envelope as though it was natural and shoved it in his suit’s inner pocket. That was the last time he would be earning a side income.

“There’s a Japanese word called ‘katazukeru.’ It means to wrap up your end well,” lawyer Lee offered his final advice.

“I understand. Let’s have a meal together next week. The raw fish shop near Suseong Lake called ‘Moonlight Ship’ makes great sushi.”

“Of course. Companions are people who eat together.”

“Hohoho, lawyer Lee, you truly are the best man.”

“And you’re the best businesswoman in the world, Madam. Now, goodbye.”

There was a mocking smile on lawyer Lee’s face when he turned around.

He muttered as he left the large gate, “That idiot woman. Does she even know what best man means? The best man’s the friend chosen by the husband to assist him on his wedding day. He’s the man who blocks attacks from the bride’s side of the family during the era when kidnapping brides was common. Oh, now that I think about it, I’m the best man here.”

With that, he’d become Madam Jang’s enemy. He was the very person who had thrown money at the investigators four years ago when Park Mu Ssang was accused of rape. At Madam Jang’s request, he had intervened from the time when Park Mu Ssang was arrested by the police. While he had done the following for the money, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable throughout the case.

A b*stard with three stars on his record would feel intimidated in the interrogation room. However, Park Mu Ssang didn’t flinch even when the investigator had threatened him with a glare. He still managed to convey what he wanted to say despite getting beaten up. Park Mu Ssang’s sparkling eyes, straight back, and consistent answers made it obvious that he was special.

When he found out that Park Mu Ssang was the nephew who Boss Park had mentioned, he grew scared.

Jang Chi Soo, I’ll remember your name and face. I’ll make you regret what happened today.

He could still remember the young man’s words as he was sent to the prosecution.

“It’s said that nothing is predictable in this world. Turns out he is Boss Park’s nephew! I now have a secret to take to the grave. Hahaha!”

Lawyer Lee laughed helplessly. If Boss Park found out that he had been involved in Park Mu Ssang’s case, he would be in a difficult position. He had pocketed what he could behind Madam Jang and Boss Park’s backs in the past few years. The moment Boss Park named Park Mu Ssang as his successor, he completely jumped ship.

Lawyers met and dealt with people. The moment he met Park Mu Ssang, he realized the guy wasn’t someone he should make an enemy of.

Lawyer Lee was someone who betrayed according to the turn of the tide, earned what he could, and maintained loyalty in moderation. It was typical of someone who went around farting and had a sufficient position in society.


A burst of laughter that sounded like hyenas crying rang in the living room. Madam Jang, who was overflowing with serotonin, couldn’t stop laughing. It felt great luring the legal advisor on her side without her husband’s knowledge. High-quality information flowed in. Now, she could drag her husband down and hold Good Heart Oil in her hands. It would be Jang’s company, not Park’s. She could almost see her father’s smiling face.

The In-Dong Jang family was a noble family whose lineage traced back to the mid-Joseon dynasty. They were wealthy to the point that there was a saying, “None can wander in In-Dong without entering the Jang family’s land.” Madam Jang’s family was the main In-Dong Jang family. The main In-Dong Jang family’s farmland alone added up to 8,000 majigi. In the past, land indicated power in social circles. Jang’s father, Jang Kyung Ju, ruled the area like a king.

The moment industrialization was introduced, the world began to change. Factories started appearing everywhere, and the standard of wealth changed. The world became a world that landowners couldn’t rule.

The annual output of the main Jang family was 25,000 sacks (of rice). 7,500 sacks came in physically from the tenants because of the 7:3 division. Its market price was around 250,000,000 won. Combining the barley and field productions added up to 400,000,000 won. Good Heart Oil’s annual sale was 20,000,000,000 won. It was incomparable.

Her dwarf, s***head husband made excellent decisions and displayed astounding abilities. Madam Jang, who used to be the outcast in her family, was treated like a princess. For someone who was thrown out of the house and forced to marry Park In Bo because she had s*x with the family slave in her youth, it was a complete 180.

Now that she had a say in her family, she became greedy. She dreamed of transforming her family with her own hands. She dreamed of turning her family into owners of large corporations, moving away from the title of traditional landowners.

Madam Jang outperformed Park In Bo when it came to scheming, setting traps, and using one’s weakness to control them. As Laozi said, while smart and wise people didn’t fight, stupid people loved fighting, and while those who’re equipped with the highest morals didn’t have to show it, those with lower morals were obsessed with justifying it.

Plotting schemes and utilizing resources didn’t always bring about desired results. There were times when giving reaped greater rewards. Although Madam Jang’s schemes and money produced immediate results, she didn’t realize that all of her efforts would go down the drain in the presence of a larger scheme.

In early December 1984, a cold wave hit. There was no exception even with the national examinations taking place. A glossy foreign car stopped before the school gate. A man wearing a black Ray-Ban got out of the car. He was wearing a simple black suit and pants despite the harsh weather. The eyes of the people gathered in front of the school gate turned to look at the man.

Mu Ssang felt strange. After five years, he finally returned to that place after going through so much. He felt out of place, as though he didn’t belong. If universities were a stepping stone that guaranteed one social standing, it held no meaning for him.

He simply wanted to complete his studies. He could have entered France’s Grande École, but he still didn’t know why he ended up choosing a university in Korea. To be more precise, it was his longing that brought him back.

“Woah, Oppa!”

Five tall girls rushed over at once.

“Huh, what are you guys doing here?”

Yeon Soon glared at him.

“Of course. Oppa, you’re the worst.”

“Oppa, you’re a liar!”

When the five girls started speaking at the same time, he grew lightheaded. He looked at Jin Soon who was standing behind them like a shadow. She looked as though she was crying and smiling at the same time.



Jin Soon adjusted her pleated skirt which was flowing with the wind and approached. The scent of a mature woman carried over.

She…she’s all grown!

Her body had exceptional volume. Her chest size surpassed Edel’s. The old Jin Soon, who used to drag around a rickshaw around the bridge village while sticking out her tongue, was nowhere to be seen.

“Quiet down!”

The four sisters’ mouths shut like clams at the oldest sister’s words.

“Oppa, you didn’t study enough because of your work, right?”

She was calm to the point that it felt creepy. Mu Ssang felt the back of his head tense up. Her tone sounded like she wanted to fight after the examinations were over.

“Tests are completed using general skills, right? Hahaha!”

Mu Ssang forced out an empty laugh. Instead of studying for the examinations when he still had the time, he rolled around on battlefields. There were subjects he had barely skimmed over, let alone finish.

“What else would be expected of the top student in school? Calm down. You didn’t practice marking the OMR card either, did you? You need to pay attention to that. Did you prepare a marker?”

“Uh, I can buy one, I guess,” Mu Ssang stuttered, totally unprepared.

Jin Soon took out three markers from her handbag and clipped them onto his suit pocket.

“Don’t fool around and do well.”

Jin Soon had always been smart.

“Yeah, yeah, of course, I will. But, how did you know?”

“The monk called me yesterday.”

“Ugh, that old man, why does he always-”

“Anyway, good luck, Oppa!” Jin Soon said as she slapped his back.

“Cheers, Oppa!” The four sisters clenched their fists and shook them in the air.

“Ha. For goodness’ sake!”

Embarrassed, Mu Ssang glanced at his surroundings. There were 100s of jealous eyes concentrated on him.

“Ugh, taking the university entrance examinations at this age! I can’t mess up the OMR card.”

Mu Ssang’s shoulder sank as he entered the examination room. The five sisters kept cheering him on from behind the gates. Mu Ssang rushed in as though he was being chased. The nightmare of the battlefield, Black Mamba, also known as the Angel of Death, Azrael, was still a student who worried about marking the OMR card wrongly in the examination room. Korea’s entrance examinations were truly difficult.

In the Good Heart Oil office at Dongseong road, Park In Bo picked up the telephone. He turned the dial calmly unlike his usual self. His hands had stopped shaking, and his skin wasn’t inflamed like usual. The coughs that had disturbed his sleep also stopped. Although he looked better, it was a temporary phenomenon that indicated the progression of his illness.

“Lawyer Lee, have you taken care of it?”

The phlegmatic voice, which ran down the phone line, was returned with another person’s voice.

“There was nothing to take care of at all. She took the bait immediately.”

“She’s drowned in her own greed. She’s just like a cat dying from curiosity and a bird dying from its feed. She didn’t talk about the conversion rate and only cared about the issuance, right?”

“Well, the conversion rate is always fluctuating, right?”

“What did she say exactly?”

“It seems like she’s involving the entire Jang family.”

“Really? Well, that’s going back in their a**es again. We’ll talk more about this later and hold the conference tomorrow. Jang Gi Su’s going to flip. Hehehe.”

“There won’t be enough cash. If we raise the issuance rate and lower the interest rate, they’re going to burn themselves.”

“That’s three in the morning and four in the afternoon, or is it four in the morning and three in the afternoon instead? Hehehe!”

Park In Bo laughed, filled with glee.

Translator’s Note: Three in the morning and four in the afternoon, or four in the morning and three in the afternoon is based on a tale about a farmer who fed three acorns in the morning and four acorns in the afternoon to the monkeys because of the limited resources. When the monkeys protested, he gave them four acorns in the morning and three acorns in the afternoon instead. That satisfied them. The tale highlights how one can feel joy from immediate gains, not realizing that the results will remain the same in the long run. One is considered foolish for not being able to recognize this.
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