Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 337

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Ma Sam Shik pressed his thumb and forefinger together to mock a closing zipper.

“Don’t worry, boss. The rule for this line of work is to be quiet. Talking will just shove dirt down your mouth.”

“There’s no need to kill… Is there anyone suitable?”

The Jang family wasn’t just a regular noble family from the countryside. If any fist-using hooligan wandered around and got caught, there would be too much to lose.

“Sand Carp’s the best at ripping off real estate agencies.”

“Sand Carp? Do all of you have a grudge against fishes? Why are all of your kids named after fishes?”

The Sam Shik gang members were all named after fishes. The person in charge of communication between the boss’ company and themselves was Nupchi (halibut), and the team leader in charge of finding Mrs. Jae Soo at headquarters was Catfish.

“It’s a longtime tradition we started in Gyeongsang-do. Freshwater fishes are from Daegu, and saltwater fishes are from Busan. We can call the newbies however we like, and the actual nicknames are a symbol of the gang’s recognition given according to their experience. Nupchi means one who played around in Busan and came over to Daegu.”

“Ho, it’s like a family register. What’s your nickname?”

“Hehe, it’s Snakehead.” Ma Sam Shik laughed, slightly embarrassed.

His original nickname was Napjaru (T. lanceolata). However, since he became the boss, he grew embarrassed of his nickname and changed it to Snakehead instead.

“Whether you’re freshwater or saltwater fish, you just need to work well. Can Sand Carp be trusted?”

“He must have blindsided at least 100 real estate agencies, but he only got caught twice. He’s too smooth. He escapes easily and hides very well, which is why we call him Sand Carp. He’s someone I bring around, so you can trust him.”

“The Jang family isn’t easy. They have powerful people in executive roles and the judiciary on their side.”

“Don’t worry. All the real estate agencies in Gumi, Gimcheon, Daegu, Chilgok, and Seonsan will come to know. I’ll make sure that even the rich people hear the rumors too. By the time they realize, they’ll be too busy fixing the chaos that they won’t have time to look our way.”

“You guys make the necessary arrangements. I’ll send the expenses separately. This is for your members.”

Park In Bo placed a thick envelope on the table. Sam Shik’s mouth hung open once he checked the envelope’s contents. Boss Park was truly a giving person.


A wrinkled fist landed on the small table. The elegant paulownia wood table, which could be called a treasure, collapsed.

“What b*stard did this? What were you guys doing?”

The shout echoed in the room. The people gathered in the main house’s main room looked like they had eaten bugs. Jang Pil Nyuh, Jang Gi Su, Jang Sang Su, uncle Jang Kyeong Mo, cousin Jang Chul Su, first cousins once removed, Jang Kyung Tek and Jang Kyung Nam—they were the core members of the Jang family.

“Are you all deaf as a doorpost or doing a monthly service? Think of how many people there are in this household! Yet, you still can’t catch a few mice?”

A man in uniform, who had been kneeling in a corner, flinched. It was Jang Chi Soo, who Mu Ssang had vowed to get his revenge on. He shouldn’t have been there as a police sergeant, but he was still called over because he held a position with the police.

Jang Pil Nyuh and Jang Gi Su had seized the golden opportunity to secure Good Heart Oil’s ownership and management rights. The siblings even convinced their close relatives to contribute because there were insufficient funds. All the core members of the Jang family stepped up. Besides the grandson, Jang Kyung Ju, the brothers, the cousins, and the first cousins once removed were willing to sell them too.

They firmly believed in Jang Pil Nyuh and her siblings’ promise that acquiring shares was better than farming. They were getting sick and tired of the endless farmwork.

While being a landowner seemed great to others, it had long turned into all style and no substance. It would have been worth trying had the tenant farming remained 5:5 like the old days, but now, 7:3 was common. Rice farming had long turned into a front-profit, back-loss fickle monster.

The era where crops meant death was over. With the development of the Gumi industrial complex, most independent farmers sold their farmland and worked at factories. There were even instances when farmers presumptuously asked for seeds and fertilizers. Sparks could be seen in the Jang family’s eyes as they were used to throwing their weight around.

Jang Kyung Ju and the rest of the Jang family members carefully looked for buyers. Since they had a handful of land, they had to divide it before they looked for buyers. Small possessions were handled by real estate agencies. As for the large possessions, they would personally contact well-off people nearby. It was because their prices could drop if rumors of their willingness spread.

Although they had put out the land at the market price, there was not much response. Even the people who used to be greedy for their lands paid no heed. There were discussions for the small possessions that they had put up with real estate agencies but no sales.

Jang Kyung Ju had sent out people to resolve the unexpected situation. The rumors they returned with were enough to make someone cough blood and collapse.

The rumor that the Jang family was pro-Japanese was true to a degree, so it didn’t matter. He, too, had served as an officer in the Japanese military. He was loyal to them and had offered them his collection of brass basins and spoons. What else was he supposed to do? His family was about to fall apart.

The main problem was that the Jang family was rumored to be selling their land because of a debt guarantee gone wrong. No, a more specific rumor that refuted the main rumor started spreading around.

[The debt guarantee wasn’t the real reason why the Jang family’s secretly selling their land. It was because of something else. The Jang family was a secret backer to the Democratization Promotion Council led by Kim Young Sam. The Agency for National Security Planning, who had gotten wind of it, began investigating the Jang family. The Jang family requested help from influential figures and even offered their lands as bribes. If everyone waited a little longer, there would be quick sales from the Jang family.]

The little scenario spread rapidly around the region. They were the only ones who were unaware of the rumors. There were three points to the rumor. The Jang family was despised by those in the government, they needed money to bribe, and in time, they would urgently sell their land at cheaper prices.

Jang Kyung Ju himself thought it was a well-organized scenario. Rather, it was vicious. Firstly, their pro-Japanese history was mentioned to make everyone believe the rumor. Then, an unreliable rumor started circulating about them selling their land because of a debt guarantee gone wrong.

Then, a rumor with nuances of truth was released to refute the first one. It was a three-tier combination attack that cleverly played on human psychology. There was no reason for anyone not to believe it.

Rumors had their own lives. Once they started rolling, a woman would have given birth to a baby, and housewives would have 10 husbands. The stronger the denial, the more likely they were recognized as powerful truths.

“This is an attack. It’s not just rumors. Someone’s trying to drag our family into the gutter. We need to find out who’s behind this and beat the person to death.”



Jang Kyung Ju, who couldn’t hold back his temper, banged on the pillow. In 80 years of his life, he’d never felt that horrible.

“Brother, please. Calm down. We need to come up with a solution first. We can catch whoever did this in time.”

“We need to catch this person first to put out the flames. Damn it, we can only torture him after we catch him. Hoo!”

Jang Kyung Ju let out a deep sigh at his brother’s words. They were only left with 20 days until the payment was due. They had received a critical hit.

“Yes, what’s my cousin planning?”

“I’ve asked for cooperation from five police stations in Daegu and Gumi. We’ll mobilize the investigation department and investigate secretly,” Jang Chul Su, Deputy Governor of Gyeongbuk Provincial Office answered with a puzzled expression.

Even if they moved now, they were a step behind.

“Dear, do you think your husband…”

“Father!” Jang Pil Nyuh screamed.

“Husband Park isn’t the kind of person capable of spreading such rumors nor does he have any reason to. That person’s currently busy. What are you planning to do if husband Park hears this?”

“Ah, nothing. I was going to ask whether your husband could delay the payment,” Jang Kyung Ju immediately replied.

He had only said that out of frustration. There was no reason to doubt his son-in-law, but if he did hear what he had said, there would be trouble.

“I’ll try asking him, but it’ll be hard,” Jang Pil Nyuh said with uncertainty in her tone.

Jang Kyung Ju nodded his head. When it came to business, his son-in-law was someone who wouldn’t bleed even when poked.

“Ugh, so why weren’t you nice to him from the start?” uncle Jang Kyeong Mo nagged, but turned his head the other way at her glare.

Jang Pil Nyuh had placed both of his grandsons in Good Heart Oil. He was in no position to give a lecture.

“Um… If we give up the deal and the bonds-”

“What! Give up? Shut up.”

Jang Kyung Ju shouted before Jang Chi Soo could finish his sentence.

“Is 300,000,000 someone’s name? We need to strike while the iron is hot.”

Jang Pil Nyuh glared at her cousin through narrowed eyes. Jang Chi Soo immediately went silent, and his face creased. He’d lost face instead, trying to join in the adults’ conversation. The heated debates continued and the family’s meeting room lights didn’t go out until late at night.

Two weeks after it was issued, Sand Carp contacted Park In Bo.

“Boss, it’s Sand Carp. It’s reached the target.”

“Start bringing it back at 65 percent. I’ll send a lawyer over, so borrow your brothers’ names and take care of it.”

“Okay, but-”

“I’ll give you a one percent commission.”

“Geez, that much? I’ll run until you hear me roll.”

Hands and feet only grow slower if you save money.

A one percent commission was a large sum considering the huge purchase. It made sense for Sand Carp to bounce in joy. Park In Bo was someone who knew how to spend his money.

“Make sure your brothers don’t say anything. If word gets around, there will be nothing.”

“Of course. They’re easy to read. You get buried in this line of work if you talk too much.”

“It won’t just be a business burial. It’ll be a burial at Geumho River,” Park In Bo said coldly.

“What? Ok, I’ll make sure.”

“Is your boss Ma there?”

“Ya, he’s sucking at his soju bottle.”



Sounds of beatings and screams traveled down the phone.

“Sorry, boss. Someone can’t tell who’s up and who’s down over here. I’ll educate him.”

“That doesn’t matter. Is there anyone under you who used to play with private loans?”

“Private loans used to be my specialty. There are rough guys and smart guys.”

“Give it to Sand Carp. The Jang family won’t deny cash since they’re in a rush. The interest should be reasonable for the first month, slightly raised in the second month, and merciless in the third month. Do you understand? The collateral will be their land.”

“Got it. Those Jang pieces must have enough money to pay back in the third month, eh? With those conditions, they’ll bite immediately. Boss, you really are smart.”

“Shut up. Use a secured cash card to receive necessary funds.”


Park In Bo laughed until his teeth showed once he hung up the phone.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Jang family, this is a gift from your gutter dog. Try feeling the pain of an attack from both sides.”

Park In Bo’s face grew dim as he looked out the window. The city, which was covered in white, left his eyes dazed. He had been so happy when he built his building. It felt as though the entire Daegu city was his.

“Damn it, I’ve reincarnated as the evil character, haven’t I? I should drink since it’s snowing.”

Although the layer of snow was pretty now, the city was bound to become dirty and muddy once the sun was up. It was just like him.

A painted sign that read “Deok San’s” was hung haphazardly outside a run-down chicken gizzard eatery and bar located in the backstreets of Nowon road, on the outskirts of Daegu.

A man wearing a thick overcoat, hat, mask, and scarf stopped before the house. He took off his hat, brushed the snow off his shoulders, and pushed the door open.


Nobody turned to look despite the loud sound. It was a small eatery and bar with six old tables gathered around the heater. The unrefined tables had a stove in the center and attached to it was a cable drum core for electricity and a tin plate.

The place was empty since it was early evening. The man removed his scarf and mask and threw them on the table, before dragging his chair closer to the heater. With a white head that looked like snow had fallen, a dull complexion, and wide cheeks—that was Park In Bo.

The briquette stove embedded in the center of the table burned in red. Although the temperature outside was cold with the falling snow, the room was warm.

“Where did the owner go, leaving her business be?”

Park In Bo took out a Kumbokju from the showcase after shaking off the cold and rummaged the kitchen cabinet for a soju glass. His spontaneity made it clear that he was a regular customer.


Park In Bo shivered after shoving the soju down his throat. While his doctor had sung songs about how he shouldn’t drink, he wanted to get drunk, just for today. Park In Bo’s face darkened.


The entrance door screeched as it slid open. A plump woman walked in. Jung Ah Young walked in behind her.

“Gosh, boss, sir! You can’t drink soju! What to do?”

The owner turned to look at Jung Ah Young in surprise.

“Mrs. Deok San, just give me some more. You aren’t ignoring me because I didn’t visit much, are you?”

“What? No. Boss, you and all of your employees visit all the time, so why would I ignore you? Oh, wait, I need to bring out the snacks.”

Mrs. Deok San rushed toward the kitchen. The run-down eatery and bar managed by Mrs. Deok San was located in Nowon road, which was nearby Good Heart Lodgings and the car park.

Mrs. Deok San used to work as a housekeeper at the traditional house where Hae Young lived. When Hae Young left to study abroad, Hae Young’s mother, Madam Lee Min Ju, sold the house. Mrs. Deok San, who had nowhere to go, opened up a small chicken gizzard eatery and bar in an alley of the third industrial complex out of desperation.

Park In Bo filled the glass. Jung Ah Young pulled a chair across from Park In Bo and collapsed on it. The chair’s metal legs dragged loudly against the floor. Jung Ah Young was as laid back as a man.

“Boss, your insides will flip if you drink with an empty stomach.”

As soon as Jung Ah Young sat down, she snatched his soju bottle. Mrs. Deok San placed an iron cooking plate filled with chicken gizzards on the small stove, and gave them more soju glasses and dried pollack, before giving them space. The two looked on at the snow falling in the dark without saying a word.

Park In Bo recalled the first time he had met Mrs. Deok San.

[…so, I don’t know what happened, but he dropped out of school. He studied hard, was good at sports, handsome, and independent, overall an exemplary student, but I can’t figure out what made him…]

Park In Bo had freaked out. To think that he’d hear about his nephew leaving the house from the bar lady. Unfortunately, Mrs. Deok San didn’t know what happened to the boy after that.

Mu Ssang had left a good impression on Mrs. Deok San. The only flaws were that he didn’t show much expression, and he rarely spoke. Mrs. Deok San said that it made him look like a sincere and cool man.
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